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  1. I'm always a PR? feels like I've almost always been scum lately but okay lol
  2. But seriously, things are getting bad with covid and I'm swamped at work. Otherwise I would have
  3. First I get put down and then crushluv? I guess they have something against sexy thangs
  4. The fun part is that it won't necessarily be intentional
  5. The last couple of games make me feel semi stalked and semi special
  6. Nolder if you need help with VCs, lmk. Pretty sure I can distinguish bolded words well. Cursive though is a toughy...
  7. Throw in a Pikachu reference somewhere in there to really draw him in.
  8. I said nothing lol It is however somewhat alarming that you know exactly what I meant xD
  9. But now seriously... One of jvill or crusher really is scum.
  10. I chose two random players and winged it You're welcome! Lol
  11. Hi guys, Had to put down my dog yesterday so I apologize beforehand if I'm extra emo this game... it is what it is. vote 80
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