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  1. no I did get mad however that you viewed me cause I really needed some insight lol
  2. I guess there's more than one way to make a fella happy
  3. I don't hide as scum behind a statement I made before the game started.
  4. I'm mostly glad I didn't gift scum, cause that was my main concern.
  5. Giving a fair warning before the rand is fine. Pointing back to it as scum to try to garner favor is not.
  6. He did a good fake claim, imo. You guys prolly won't agree with me but it's the imperfection that usually sells better than the ones that sounds too good. Plus I'm not great at reading JiF so it was a mix of both things.
  7. Fact of the matter is I can say what I want and think what I want. Last time I checked I didn't point a gun on anyone to follow me on the notion. I simply said that I didn't think he was scum. At the end of the day I didn't gift him anything at any point. I did consider it but I didn't. So to me that means that I did develop some reservations about it along the way which is why I was taking a back seat this last phase up until his claim.
  8. and FYI there have been games he scum read me too so... like I said... your "facts" are anything but.
  9. I don't always clear him though. You saying that repeatedly doesn't make it so. But keep saying it if you think it helps you make your point.
  10. The thing we should have stuck to is lynch dice while he's sleeping. It's a classic for a reason.
  11. You say that and yet you have town lean on someone like kdles based on anything but pro town play.
  12. I disagree. Some players play scummy. If you don't incorporate other factors they'll always get mislynched and that's not really ideal either.
  13. @Dicetosser I ain't even mad. @JiFapono I had a whole speech prepared on how amazingly you played as scum LOL
  14. I'm amused that dice wanted to take JiF with him to the grave though lol
  15. Jvill, if you're not ending this game I'm gonna lose my sh*t lol
  16. JC, we both knows what happens if dice is full of it. Right?
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