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  1. You say that and yet you have town lean on someone like kdles based on anything but pro town play.
  2. I disagree. Some players play scummy. If you don't incorporate other factors they'll always get mislynched and that's not really ideal either.
  3. @Dicetosser I ain't even mad. @JiFapono I had a whole speech prepared on how amazingly you played as scum LOL
  4. I'm amused that dice wanted to take JiF with him to the grave though lol
  5. Jvill, if you're not ending this game I'm gonna lose my sh*t lol
  6. JC, we both knows what happens if dice is full of it. Right?
  7. Feels like I made you all super paranoid irt me which is satisfactory in general but highly annoying in practice LOL
  8. I should be flattered, really, You're making me out to be an evil mastermind.
  9. Oh ok. I'm a gifter who got viewed as town but i'm actually a scum gift giver doppleganger playing against my wincon. Cool.
  10. I gifted Stark cause I was afraid to give it to scum and he seemed the cleanest after d1 what with being the first voter on a scum train. That's about it. I had some other town leans, sort of, but I didn't trust them with the presents. Like Nolder, for instance.
  11. Yes because I'm clairvoyant and I knew who he'd use it on lol I would so be lynching you right now if it wasn't for spoot. You're legit playing badly this game.
  12. Sure I'd want me and my scummates to be viewed or give townies bpvs >.> Sounds like a solid plan
  13. Are you for real? I was giving out cop view and vests to townies. Why on earth would I do that as scum?
  14. Not really. My role specifically, for example worked so if I gift someone, they can only really use it in the following night. Plus I could have just as easily given it to scum by accident... it's like a vig shot.. it can be anti town in the wrong hands
  15. If there's no doc or cop in play it could make sense.
  16. If he was fake claiming right now he would give out NAs that make sense. Not a tracking of a player who already fessed up to being scum... and then say he confused the PRs. He's telling the truth.
  17. If we really do have one last scum left, this is pretty much game over anyhow cause we have days to spare. So I'm not like super worried here.
  18. he could have said he tracked any dead player as a cover. He's not lying.
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