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  1. Because GS could track. Posed a greater threat imo. Plus if there's a doc out there, he'd be protecting him.
  2. Arent we going to wait for kdles to at least show? @Dicetosser might want to claim
  3. Though I gotta admit, it's flattering to get stalked by GS
  4. Id be scared too. Mostly cause of the stalking tho.
  5. @Barry McCockinner I still like you tho Be good and we'll talk around xmas
  6. I prefer a taking charge kind of guy, myself. That's why you did't get a pressie.
  7. Now watch Ape spin it so I'm somehow scum and should die a horrible death LOL
  8. I gave Crusher his BPV but it was too late... and wouldn't have worked anyhow with the strongman kill. But it is what it is.
  9. I ran out... that's why I felt it was time to claim lol sorry not sorry
  10. If GS was scum they would have smoked me long ago. Which is why I backed off once he claimed.
  11. Figures that I give Stark a view that he ends up using on me lol
  12. That's simply not true. I have busted dice in the past as scum.
  13. I read dice differently because we have a lot of history. as far as kdels, I unvoted stark because I wanted him to chime in. I also prodded him to take a more active role. So I'm not sure what's your complaint. Who's stopping you from pressuring them?
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