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  1. 7 minutes ago, Barry McCockinner said:

    just poe in this order dice/ape/kdels/gs 

    could swap kdels and gs, they're close

    • nyn & you confirmed town
    • jif uncontested doc claim
    • gs confirmed tracker - not confirmed town but unlikely he's out like this as scum tracker
    • kdels end of D1 doesn't look like something scum would do but he's useless
    • dice was in my lynch pile yesterday and putting stark at L1 on a Saturday after he said he was going to self hammer doesn't help.
    • ape seems scummy AF all game except he and jif basically smoked out a super scum role. 

    Going into D3 I had removed ape from my scum pile due to his role in the 80 lynch. nyn, dice, stark and gs were my scum list based on POE. 

    fwiw I would have hammered stark if it was a weekday. he's been pretty clear about how he feels about weekend play so running him up Saturday afternoon was just ass.


    You actually took that as jif claiming doc? lol

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  2. 10 minutes ago, Jetscode1 said:

    I do not know.  Maybe stop giving him the auto-town tell.  You seem to enjoy pressuring most people when they are reticent or unwilling to play with purpose.  It is without a doubt one of you're stronger skills (holding players accountable).  With Dice, you seem patient to the point of protecting him when others point out his scummy (lack of engagement/low-volume content) play.  You convince yourself and others that he'll turn out to be town.  When he's town that's cool but when he isn't it, he ends up in late game with little evidence to prosecute a case against.  Both @Dicetosserand @kdels62 needs pressure, not because their scum, per se, because they have little commentary. 

    I read dice differently because we have a lot of history.

    as far as kdels, I unvoted stark because I wanted him to chime in. I also prodded him to take a more active role. So I'm not sure what's your complaint. 

    Who's stopping you from pressuring them?

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