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  1. Never seems like a bit of a strong word. What would you have me do? lynch him every time he plays simply cause I see things in a different way?
  2. If you guys want to kill him, I wont stop you. I would just really be surprised if he's scum. But like I said, im not going to throw myself on a sword for him. I'm not immuned to being wrong so...
  3. Everyone knows you only self protect. Lol If they're smart they'll kill me. Not holding my breath though.
  4. unvote I want kdels and dice to weigh in. We're in no hurry.
  5. Not a bad look for JiF and Barry. Scum would be looking for a quick lynch here. Especially if there's just one left. Don't like that kdels and dice aren't voting.
  6. @JiFapono Can you organize your suss list from most suspect to less and explain?
  7. @kdels62 Would be nice if you started to contribute some
  8. @Dicetosser If you're fooling me I'm gonna be pissed. I really need you to towntell to the rest AND help me find the remaining scum. If you could shoot someone rn who would it be and why?
  9. Lets recap for a minute. We got 14 players. If we go by the standard 1:4 ratio, we're prolly looking at 3-4 none town. We haven't seen any indication of a SK via NKs. The night where we had 3 deaths I'm guessing they used the factional kill on spoot and the strongman kill on Crusher cause they figured he'd be protected. And seeing how powerful 80 was I think it's more likely they are 3, just from a balance point of view. We did have a vig but he was a 1xvig. And we have masons, someone giving gifts and a tracker. So I'm guessing the remaining scum has some role otherwise it feels like we're a bit overpowered in comparison. Who was the player that was considering kdles and beaver were scummates and that kdles was protecting him? GS?
  10. If It's barry, I'm gonna kick myself for not seeing it through lol
  11. Yes it's weird. I ISOed him and 95% of his posts are about you (LOL) so there isn't a lot to go on, honestly. He intervened some in the whole GS's "she's not VT" comment. And he went into the whole 80 argument deal irt Spoot being the momentum vote for lynching beaver. A lot of busy work. Now I suddenly lay off of you and he does too. Don't see much in the sense of scumhunting. Now he has you, jif and kdles in the clear, along with JC. And the poe is basically the rest. Did GS and after his reveal moved to dice.
  12. Too many, honestly. Not a good game for me. Why do you ask?
  13. vote stark I'll keep reading jif... he has a lot of back and forth with 80. Wondering if they'd really work this hard to distance cause it's like legit overkill...
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