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  1. 14 minutes ago, Integrity28 said:

    I’m at the lake. I fell behind. Will need to find some time later to catch up. 

    I see Stark flipped town. I’m okay with that. It tells me a few things - one the first few people that jumped on me D1 for moving from beaver to Stark knew Stark was town. Additionally, looking back to pressuring Stark it was Nyn who just kept feeding my pursuit with confirmation and echoing.

    I cannot see a scenario where I don’t vote Nyn the rest of the way. Based on first reaction to Stark flip. 

    That said I’m still going to re-read while I drink this coffee.

    Just wow

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  2. Lets recap for a minute.

    We got 14 players. If we go by the standard 1:4 ratio, we're prolly looking at 3-4 none town.

    We haven't seen any indication of a SK via NKs. The night where we had 3 deaths I'm guessing they used the factional kill on spoot and the strongman kill on Crusher cause they figured he'd be protected. And seeing how powerful 80 was I think it's more likely they are 3, just from a balance point of view.

    We did have a vig but he was a 1xvig. And we have masons, someone giving gifts and a tracker. So I'm guessing the remaining scum has some role otherwise it feels like we're a bit overpowered in comparison.


    Who was the player that was considering kdles and beaver were scummates and that kdles was protecting him? GS?

  3. 17 hours ago, Stark said:

    yup... I do agree. saying "im going to do a re-read" or anything to that effect should produce some post that stands out and I agree it is scummy to say something along those lines and not come back with anything... my timing may be off but was that in the night phase? and has she really been around? I thought I remembered her changing her stance on 1 player.

    @Nynaeve would you care to speak on your "going to recalibrate" or whatever wording you used? 



    Why ask me this i you got a town peek on me?

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  4. 17 hours ago, Stark said:

    not sure what happened to you to focus on me but you wrong..

    Just going off of 80's play and his reads... we all know he makes a list and busses at least 1 or 2 scum to give him town credit.. his top 3 were you, spoot, and Barry.... he said toss in JC at some point. so it wouldn't be horrible to look there except you can probably leave out JC unless you just don't read the game. of all those people, spoot is confirmed town, Barry was defending spoot to 80, which could just be scum team playing it up, and then theirs you. 

    sometimes you make plays to get reactions, right? sometimes I do as well... my poking the last few hours of D2 were to see if anyone would bite on anything with the nyn/spoot case. at that point the entire game was basically dead, no posting or anything. I had spoot as a town read so its not as if I was just being a "moron" taking the easy case. I was trying to get people to play/see if anyone moved or said anything dumb.

    believe it if you want, but ffs you gotta chill and let people do some sh*t their way because there isn't just one way to play this game

    NOlder/Dice was 80s first vote out the gate which is meta for him to place a vote on his teammate right away and then move. does that mean he did so in this case, no. however dice was on something at the end of the last day so its worth the votes..



    this is how I would have it right now... in that order. 


    This was after you got the peek result?

  5. 15 minutes ago, Integrity28 said:


    You were sniffing Barry D1, on D2 you came at me, and he followed right behind you…

    Hiw you feeling about that now?

    Yes it's weird. I ISOed him and 95% of his posts are about you (LOL) so there isn't a lot to go on, honestly. He intervened some in the whole GS's  "she's not VT" comment. And he went into the whole 80 argument deal irt Spoot being the momentum vote for lynching beaver. A lot of busy work.

    Now I suddenly lay off of you and he does too.

    Don't see much in the sense of scumhunting. Now he has you, jif and kdles in the clear, along with JC. And the poe is basically the rest. Did GS and after his reveal moved to dice.

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