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  1. I'm going through JiF's posts. Came across prodding at Spoot for picking 80 out of the last three voters on beaver's train
  2. Don't worry, I won't make it till end game. But thanks for worrying
  3. Funny that you're raising this as an option but not regarding at all the source itself. Just because Stark got a view doesn't make him town. He could still very easily be scum. That's the point I would have expected you to make vs this. I'm the least of anyone's worries, except for scum.
  4. You can make conjectures mostly on the person doing the visiting. Less so about the person getting visited. You tie that off with NA results to and reach your conclusions.
  5. Whatever, I'm done wasting my studying time on something this pointless. Have fun. I'm gonna go study. See'ya whenever.
  6. What game play of 80 towards me? JC cleared spoot? how so? just because he said he thinks he's town doesn't make it so. After all that's the reason you decided to view me, no? because I said I thought dice is town? What a waste
  7. If my defense on him was off why not view dice? Especially if you think his no lynch deal is suss?
  8. @Stark I legit don't get why I was your pick to view
  9. I dont really think he should reveal anything atm. Why didnt you come forward with the result on me?
  10. It's not something i have any kind of confirmation on
  11. Here's the thing about ape. I legit think he's been scummy. He's been shooting in all directions. And when he started getting heavy handed with how he talked to me I really felt like it confirmed my suspicion. With that said... what gives me pause is that he feels confused by me. Same with Barry. And as scum I would have expected a hard push on me during the day or a shot between the eyes at night. Makes me feel like I'm being kept alive to take him out. Or vice versa.
  12. The rest of his content he's going at jif mainly and also spoot and jc. Some snide remarks intermittently about ape.
  13. p3 of 80 iso he's doing a lot of back and forth with jif and ape. No vote though. The way he's regarding jif is a good look for him imo
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