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  1. Right, you can get by with basic math. Doubly so when just playing casually. Really if you know pot odds and card odds (basic probability) you're set for a long time.
  2. I was actually confused at first since it was a cult game and I had no ideas how balance is done here. But when I'd come home to catch up I'd just laugh at all the crazy interactions. Good times. I'll probably take a short break due to bad timing unless a mod really, really needs to fill up a game. I'll stick around for sure though.
  3. gg all. That Halia lynch screwed all other factions badly.
  4. AVM is cult and Ape is the last scum. So unless Ape misfires tonight we are boned.
  5. yea seriously. I've only broken my right ring finger and right ankle.
  6. Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Ape...how's it going dude?
  7. Ape I never said I voted you because you are a wolf. But now that you've admitted you are Dan is certified scum. unvote vote Dan
  8. Ape here let me do the thinking for you: go look at the Final Vote Count for that day. I'll wait for you to slap yourself.
  10. Told you Nyn was a naive cop. We're lynching Hess tomorrow. Jesus ******* christ though why did she get mad? That interaction with Hess was harmless (and funny). Someone saying you suck at mafia should happen at least 4 times a game anyway. Shrug it off.
  11. It's actually pretty difficult to keep up with who you think is non-Town. You're voting for Verbal (???), but think myself, Halia, Dan, aren't Town, CTM is scummy, and threw dirt at Nyn. This isn't making sense. At the very least, it doesn't seem like you even considered Hess could be CL with CTM as the Town player on the Dan wagon I got results from. Also, the King doesn't concern himself with the opinions of a peasant. But yea, go go Tywin. Noted. He's arguing with you but voting Verbal. Then he complains about people not sacking up to push through a lynch when it would
  12. I was ready to reveal, re-read that day. I wasn't even close to being lynched so there wasn't really a push. Stop misrepping the situation.
  13. Ok then I misunderstood, I thought you had both of us as cult. Do you have a solid, non-wifom explanation for me or Hallia being cult? You've just dismissed that analysis of her voting train as bussing or a gambit as if it's the likeliest play without explaining why it would happen.
  14. Here let's make this extremely simple: If you believe I'm in the Cult, then I voted off my recruit in Wombat, Lilly died, and I'm defending my only other cult member Hallia when she wasn't up for lynch by throwing pressure on you and Hess. Even though you admitted that A.) one of you or Hess isn't Town and B.) voted for Hallia as Cult Leader. You also thought I am "some sort of evil" but not Cult, but I think you've let this idea go. If you are Town, then Hess is Scum/non-cult in your eyes and you should be wary of his agenda. This doesn't seem to be the case. You also think there is some
  15. CTM stop flailing. I made a large post up there addressing some of your logical inconsistencies and even asked you how I could have picked a better spot to use my role. If you're Town stop lobbing WIFOM grenades and respond to that stuff.
  16. I'm suggesting I wouldn't vote to kill my own cult member herp derp. What gambit am I pulling there, and if I was bussing Wombat, as one of his earliest voters why wouldn't I just take my vote off and gain cred? You can't be this dumb.
  17. ok Nyn, you're allowed to sit on my lap again. Hess smells so disgusting right now.
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