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  1. I think I speak for a lot of Jets fans in general... No one cares about your mock drafts anymore, no one cares about the trade rumors anymore, no one cares about the possibly “leaked” possibly fake information anymore, and certainly no one cares what QB you like over the other one... its pretty simple at this point. Us Jet fans have waited so many years for our QB to finally be picked in a draft with potentially really good QBs and it’s finally here. This whole process is coming to the finish line and I’m pretty spent at this point with the bs. I just want draft day to come so we can all
  2. By all accounts everything they are doing is right for a team ready to compete in 2 years by building through the draft ...... like they said they were going to do...
  3. So why was it bad how they did it ? Please do explain. How the hell do you know the coach makes bad decisions? It's such a generic thing to say. Some people in here are more like Manish Mehta then they care to think....
  4. Didn't we all want our organization to be more like the Patriots??? Didn't we all want better leadership at the top??? Woody to let the football people do their jobs ??? Everything every Jet fan wanted is happening organizationally. You can't say you want our organization to make sound football decisions, but then get all pissy eyed when they let a fan favorite go. 1) You are getting a total rebuild 2) probably going to have 100 mil in cap space 3) probably going to have a top 5 pick and fighting for #1 4) we already have a few young players with potenti
  5. I have season tickets.... so there's that. Shocking, you pre judged me.... exactly my point.
  6. I will preface this with the simple fact the Jets winning Super Bowls has not done us any favors lately... But, the problem with all NY Jets fans is they think they know everything before it happens, and there is this trickle down effect to booing at games, putting up billboards, complaining about trivial things... Lets talk quarterbacks. Ok you have an opinion about Hack or Petty or Watson or Kiser or Trubisky. Great, we all get an opinion. But these players are pre judged by you supposed "fans", spit out 2 games later, and left for dead. We have not seen Hack take the field once, b
  7. I'll be watching Ryan Fitzpatrick. With all that money and years he held out all summer for, I hope it doesn't go to his head...
  8. We have not heard one word from anyone on anything today. Not one update with RG3. With Fitz. From any beat reporter or nationally credited jets informationalist. This only can mean one thing. The jets are being super quite about all of this. They had a player in for 2 days straight. The jets brought in rg3 to scare Fitz, to kick tires, etc. but what happened was is they fell in love with rg3. Only thing that possibly could have happened. It's there chance at a franchise qb for the next 10 years, and what started as a leverage thing has turned into a something more....
  9. Does Fitz have an agreement in principle with the Rams??? LA radio has breaking news he does. Is this fake or real?
  10. With certain people on these message boards. The obvious sometimes needs to be explained.
  11. People in this forum can't complain (for the second year in a row) McCags has basically done everything in this forum that the jet masses have wanted. He signed a dual threat RB for cheaper then the going rates this year. He cut Kerley and Cumberland. Which everyone wanted at jet nation. Possibly Breno. Maybe restructure Brick is the two things you all called for too Didnt overpay for Snacks. Retained Mo. Resigned Bilal. Now he he may not be doing things at the pace you all want. (It's day 2 of the lea
  12. It's the first day of the "legal tampering" period and the jets have done sh*t so far. What are they doing! I can't believe this team. Same old jets. When are they going to make moves? I can't take this team anymore.
  13. Marcus Coleman. DB #42 because he was the intensity of the secondary in the early 2000s David Barrett. DB #36 because he had 2 ints in a playoff game vs Pitt Jim Leonhard. DB. #36 because he was the glue to the secondary in 2 Afc championship runs Brandon Marshall is slowly taking the current thrown. He hasn't just taken it. He's grabbed it and ran away with it. Nothing but good things to ever say about him. Scary to say but the Jets got the good Brandon. A mentally healthy Brandon. The best he's ever played in his career.
  14. Plus I don't care what they decide to add. After this season they earned some benefit of the doubt. And some they know better then us As far as I'm concerned. At least for a year.
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