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  1. For those of you that just watch ESPN highlights and haven’t watched any of his games , I expect you’ll slam me like you do to anyone who disagrees with your shallow opinions. ESPN showed a 3 minute version of the PUNK today. For those who haven’t seen him in action , I suggest you watch NFL Live or Sports Center today. I saw him act like a JackAss in games, some call it LEADERSHIP. It is what it is . A True Representation of what he is and will always be. “A PUNK”. Not the face of an NFL Franchise. Certainly if I was the owner. This has nothing to do with color, it has to do with Character. Every year we are one of the Leagues Laughing Stocks. To think we gave up 3 second round draft picks ,and potential starters, to move up for a chance to draft a PUNK disgusts me ! And it should you. It is just a matter of time when he plays poorly that you will again see the Jets PUNK Quarterback’s true side. And we will watch highlights of who we should have , could have, and didn’t Draft. The GM and Coach will be fired and rightly so. You will whine about why do we Suck again. It is because character is very important in Life and to athletes.
  2. Maybe because Clavin has always been a True Professional and this is his best shot at being the "go to guy" again. And if it works, he ends his career on a positive note.
  3. I agree with you and came up with an idea for Mac to bring in Calvin Johnson for a visit. Read my post today.
  4. I thought the same thing when I saw him . But sometimes a GM has to be a good salesman. I don't know what the price would be in a draft pick. Can't be much since he is retired and the preseason has started.
  5. I saw Retired WR Calvin Johnson on TV last week and he hinted he might be interested in playing another year . Didn't sound Happy with the way Detroit handled his situation. How about doing that GM stuff and making a personal call to him to gauge his interest and invite him in for a Visit and Phsical. He was a "BEAST" and the JETS are in dire need of a #1 Receiver. He could be a good mentor to the young WRs and provide a useful target for the development of the QBs. He could be a good 2 year fill in .
  6. Can't believe Jamal Adams fell to us . He has to be the Leader of our Defense !
  7. Apparently the old scrub thinks his time sitting on the bench is worth an unrealistic amount. Glad to see Mac won't overpay like he did last year with Fitz. Time to bring Culer in for a visit and see where his head is . That is really the only option this year. It is an incredible reach to draft a Quarterback early this year. They are simply not ready . Draft the best player available and don't reach. Take Wr Williams or the best defensive back.
  8. Rotoworld World has posted that Mallet has resigned with the Ravens.
  9. I grew up in NJ , now I live in ATlL and watched all of his games at UGA . He was labeled a Sure 1st round talent , and deservedly so, until his last game when he suffered a torn ACL. If my memory is correct, he even came in form a series or two, because his Team needed him, after suffering the injury. All the press written about him was he was a good teammate and a Very Coachable talent. He is the opposite of Geno "the Bumm" Smith. So please do not mention him again ever on any future posts again. He had an average arm with very good accuracy on passes of 50 yards or less. He had no trouble throwing the out route. Similar to Chad Pennington , but with a better arm and quicker release. Getting drafted by and Playing for the overrated Andy Reid hasn't helped his development. Now that he is healthy it is time to sure what he's got. This young is the "Steal of Free Agency" if he goes to the right team with Good Coaching and a good/not great team around him. If MAC oo anybody on his staff reads of of these posts , do your home all look at his college and preseason tape. It will confirm this. If we miss this opportunity and don't sign him, they should Fire this Whole Staff,. Because all they are is arrogant Impersonators. They break our hearts after every loss , with excuse after excuse. So don't let him leave without a 3 - 4 year contract and just Do your Dam Job or step aside for someone more competent to lead this Team. Enough is Enough , "Sign Aaron Murray" NOW !!!
  10. NFL channel is speculating that Mac and Fitz's agent are probably making one last attempt to get a deal done today. I don't expect Foles would demand 10 million this late free agency and just wants a fair chance to compete for a starting job. Even with Geno being familiar with this system, Foles should beat him out for the starting QB spot. Pressure on Fitz, bet he stays unrealistic in his worth and we sign Foles, who is better than Fitz anyway too.
  11. We just signed our 1st round #20th overall pick LB Darron Lee. The holdup was the guarantee for the 4th yr if he was cut. Better known as "offset language". I'm hearing it is the JETS who gave in.
  12. Like most of you , I didn't see this deal getting done either. Apparently , the Jets are sending a message that they are committed to keeping their good players. This also gives them leverage and security with dealing with Sheldon (head case) Richardson. Who is probably one incident away from a long league suspension. Maybe they trade him before that happens. But, Good for him, the Jets , and for us fans watching him make plays each week. J..E..T..S.....Jets....Jets...Jets !!!!
  13. Living in the southeast I have watched many SEC games on Saturdays. I have always been a fan of former UGA QB Aaron Murray who has an accurate average arm ( similar to Drew Brees). But , when I watched LSU play Georgia , I was quite impresses with the arm strength, velocity, and accuracy of Mettenberger. In my opinion he is a Much Better product than Geno will ever be. So . place a claim and then cut Geno. Let Ryan stay in his retired/on hold status. And let the competition begin. YOU WOULD LIKE THIS PICKUP !!!!
  14. Like many of you Jet Fans I am concerned about our Quarterback situation, so I watched his Pro day just now on the NFL network. The analysts and I came away with the following: 1. He has worked on his footwork since the combine and has shown improvement in his drops . 2. In spite of a windy day ( 25 mph with occasional 40 mph gust) he was fairly accurate . 3. Quick release and strong arm and you can see that the ball flies out of his hand , effortless motion. He could be still there when we pick 20th, should they make him our pick. Much more talented prospect than Geno and better than the weak armed Ryan Fitz. I would love to have him and Bryce for the next decade. Wondering if anyone else watched this and wants to share an opinion.
  15. Mettenberger had a terrible game with a weak supporting cast and might be available. I still like Aaron Murray from KC. Average arm with really good accuracy. Mallott burned bridges and has a gun for an arm. Glennon plays stiff. You guys chime in with an opinion.

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