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  1. Wasn't this dude supposed to be a generational talent? What the hell happened to him? I still remember his hit on some scrub while playing for South carolina:
  2. You got the date right, its from 2007-8. Good times. This pic was actually featured on guidofistpump.com, which means my credentials are beyond doubt.
  3. JD shouldn't have said anything. And if he HAD to make a public statement, it had to be a fire extinguisher, not an extra gallon of gas. You can't deny that this makes for bad PR. I'm disappointed with how this whole thing was handled. It spiraled into a lengthy, on-going drama. I'm not sure if someone had a word with Adams or not, my guess is the organization has kept him at an arm's length. Somebody needs to tap him on the shoulder and tell him to STFU.
  4. The jets didn't have to publicly declare that they were 'listening to offers'. They could have had trade talks behind closed doors. All i'm saying is, it could have been more discrete. Joe douglas could have simply said, 'Jamal adams is not available. He is one of our best players, and he'll be a Jet for life'. Case closed. But the organization chose to take the 'we'll see what happens' line, and this will obviously invite speculation. This is what created the conditions for the crappy soap opera we're seeing today. Jamal is a disgruntled player, but he's finding sympathy in the current situation. Now, i don't give a sh*t about Jamal adams either way. But my feeling is, Joe douglas doesn't really like him, nor does he see him as a fit for his long-term vision. Whether its character or salary-related, i don't know.
  5. On second thought, i take back what i said. This prick knows EXACTLY what he's doing. He's basically flirting with other teams, intimating contact in public view. Maybe he sees this as a way of 'getting back' at the team when they publicly announced that they're willing to 'listen to offers'. If you look at it from his point of view, he has a good reason. But that doesn't excuse him - he's the team's best player, a leader. It's irresponsible, and it makes him look petty. I wish all of this could happen behind closed doors, but the Jets aren't competent enough to keep all their dirty laundry indoors anyway
  6. Fans are fans, we're supposed to follow our team and react to whatever our players do. Maybe i'm giving jamal too much credit - he might be doing all this unknowingly - but when you put private conversations on a public platform, you're not doing your team any favors. Everything could be misinterpreted, context and nuance could be lost, and people will look for motive and angles that don't really exist. He should know better. It's irresponsible on his part.
  7. Wonder how [poorly] this compares with the league average?
  8. A bust can be defined as under-performance in relation to draft position (or draft grade). Draft position is indicative of potential, not necessarily expectation. The question we ask when assessing a prospect is: what is the player likely to become? The potential is what you're assessing; your expectations are to be aligned with what you think is possible. 1st round draft pick: elite talent, guaranteed to become a foundational player, lengthy career w/ multiple pro-bowl seasons. 2nd round: exceptional talent, with less guaranteed longevity and upside, but a bankable professional profile. 3rd round: above-average talent, capable of becoming a solid professional with marginal upside. 4th-7th: average talent and indiscernible profile, potential upside must be weighed against noticeable flaws/question marks. Generally speaking, if a player fails to realize his potential, he can safely be termed a bust. In this context, most players are almost certain to 'bust'. Which makes sense, because very few can be 'good' in a purely competitive, somewhat meritocratic environment. The terms 'good' or 'great' are used far too liberally, and the benchmarks are superficially lower [than they should be]. Now the degree of 'bust-ness'...is a different subject altogether. This is what the industry refers to as 'ceilings' and 'floors'. Bryan thomas is unquestionably a bust. He under-performed in relation to draft position, he fell short of all 1st round benchmarks, he failed to realize his potential. He was an average NFL professional, and in hindsight - he was incorrectly given a first round grade. He was a 'failed evaluation'. In the interest of fairness, a failed evaluation is not the fault of the player. The coaches, GM, scouting department have to be held accountable for the misses. Players can only play their best - their success largely depends on external factors. A player - of any draft grade - needs the right environment and circumstances to realize his potential. A lot of it..really comes down to luck.
  9. The jets aren't hated, they're irrelevant. If anything, we're lucky to get as much attention as we do, given how sh*t we've been historically.
  10. This year is not the year. Contemplate the possibility when its time to give Sam darnold an extension.
  11. Oh yeah, its on him, but what i mean is that its not actually him. So giving him credit for looking 'cool' makes no sense, they are misrepresenting his degree of wit and charm. It's the PR version of window-dressing @southparkcpa I don't think any public figure - politician, entertainer, pro athlete - writes their own tweets nowadays, those days are long gone. Trump is an exception. My guess is, he'll be releasing some sh*tty 'self help' book at some point in the future. He didn't actually write it. He hasn't written 500 words since sophomore year of college. Ghost written, probably by somebody he doesn't even know.
  12. His social media probably isn't managed by him. It's a PR firm. You're reading some ghost writer's tweets and thinking that its Brady

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