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  1. If he does get traded, it'd have to be before the beginning of offseason. Both the Texans and Watsons new team will need a month or two to break-in their new QB, have him acclimatise to his new surroundings (get a house, settle in). Last minute trades aren't to the liking of either side.
  2. These quotes, in total, demonstrate why the Jets have been a colossal failure. Empty, elementary school level statements with little to no thought or strategy behind them. Forever a bunch of wannabes and pretenders, the NFL's class clowns. Joe Namath can get a pass, he actually won something and played worth a damn. But the fact that his quotes stand out in relation to everyone else's, are a sad indictment of how the team has failed to produce anything remotely interesting since his time.
  3. I don't think he'll get a big contract either way. He's played himself out of a big contract. The Jets hold all the leverage; they can lowball him if he plays well - getting themselves a solid starting QB at a good price - or they can cut him loose if he fails to improve. This isn't a big concern. BTW, i firmly believe the team drafts Fields at 1.02. All this trade down/trade for Watson nonsense is just off-season water cooler talk. We're all bored, with nothing to else to talk about. Darnold will most likely play the season as a back-up, or he'll be traded cheaply before the season begins.
  4. Darnold's 2nd contract - assuming he gets one somewhere - has shrunk from what it could have been, so i'd say the accountability part is taken care of. Sports, and the NFL in particular, is about as close to a meritocracy as you can get. So it's not for me, as a fan, to hold anyone accountable. Having said that, the desire to believe that a competent new head coach, an innovative new offensive coordinator, and a qualified quarterbacks coach can restore Sam Darnold to the high standard all the experts had for him in late 2017 and during and after the 2018 season definitely makes sense to me. I don't think Darnold is a bad QB, i'd lean towards saying he was mismanaged on a terrible team. Let's see if i'm right.
  5. I can't stand this guy. Remember him and Revis fighting each other on twitter? Two annoying prima donnas. Revis was better. Sherm is just a mouth.
  6. If he's that good, then he's not leaving Houston. He's just agitating for greater influence within the organization.
  7. Neither deserves to go in the HoF. But Rivers has a much stronger case than Eli.
  8. It's like the nerdy looking chick getting a compliment from a jock right before prom. "Oooooooh, he likes me!!! ME!!!" Terrible state of affairs.
  9. What's he ever done with Houston? Other than rack up meaningless stats. I don't get the love for Watson. I get it, the Jets are like the desperate schlub at the bar, looking for some girl to go home with at 3 AM before closing time. But let's be honest, Watson isn't worth it. You're taking on a big contract and postponing a much needed rebuild so you can bust a quick nut
  10. Marty was a great coach that caught a sh*tload of bad breaks. Check his record; his win % is excellent but he's got little to no post-season success. His teams were snakebit. Cleveland, KC and the Chargers, all really good in regular season but perennial losers in the playoffs.
  11. Cro didn't pump his kids out with the same woman though, did he? Rivers' wife is a trooper
  12. I watched that live, It was heart-breaking. The number of lucky breaks those bastards got.
  13. 7-9 is a massive improvement on 2-14. If Darnold shows improvement, and the team is a few close losses away from 9-7...the team will have a strong season to build on.

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