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  1. Beautiful concept. I wanted to bring your ideas to life, so i followed your instructions as best as i could: What do you think?
  2. Careful, I have started training legs now.
  3. Get your ass to a tanning salon, you pinkskin!!!!!!!
  4. This is the most publicity this crappy franchise will ever get for a long, long time!!
  5. Well, these days...people don't feel 'represented' by billionaires and there is a real anti-establishment, anti-elite sentiment across demographics. People don't feel like they're being heard. It's probably transient, but it's there.
  6. Snyder is a complete scumbag though. He won't move an inch unless sponsors or investors force him to.
  7. 'America' hasn't decided anything. Opportunistic corporations and politicians are making all the noise. Corporations have turned the cause into a glorified PR campaign, and politicians are out to #GetOutTheVote. After COVID, most Americans are struggling just to get on with their lives. I'm not sure this issue is of any concern to the many that lost their jobs and are worried about their future.
  8. - A small lead after several failed drives. - Points that weren't enough.
  9. All of the genocided native non-americans will be crying tears of joy. Finally, America delivers justice...after 300+ years...by changing the name...of an NFL team. Brilliant. A great day, i'm sure, for the 5 surviving natives in the United states. By the way, has #cancel culture hit the kansas city chiefs' tomahawk chop yet? This seems awfully stereotypical:
  10. What was he doing before those plays happened? Coulda, shoulda, woulda. Fact is, brees has underperformed massively in the playoffs. Which is why he's overrated. Great QB, a legend, but overrated all the same. Baker and prescott aren't really 'rated' that highly to begin with, are they? Baker's barely had a career in the NFL.
  11. Russell wilson and pete carroll double up as pseudo-psychologist christian whackjobs, so they probably have a little more patience for Antonio. But the jets, with no-nonsense Joey D, aren't even gonna look at him. And i for one, am happy about that.
  12. Vyncint, Ashtyn, Kayelee, Kourtnee, Raechel and Maddisyn.
  13. I don't know if they were unprepared. I'd say they were underperforming in a big game. They weren't used to playing those big games like the steelers were. The steelers made a few more plays, and fewer mistakes. That's experience. You lose a few when you're learning how to win. Unfortunately, the team never got another chance to play in the post-season.
  14. Normally i'd pick brady, but i'll go with Drew brees. Beats up on crappy teams during the regular season and consistently loses to underdogs at home during the playoffs. The last 2 big playoff losses - against the rams and the vikings - were awful. Overall, he's lost to some really, really bad QBs: - Rex Grossman - Matt Hasselbeck - Alex Smith - Case Keenum - Jared Goff - Kirk Cousins That's quite a list. Most of those guys couldn't tie Drew brees' shoelaces on a regular week, yet they've won against his team
  15. Why not? They improved their roster from last year. Got 2 quality linebackers and some decent wide receivers. If Lamar continues to improve as a passer, they're pretty much a lock for the AFC championship game.
  16. Honestly, i don't think 2020 is the year. 2021 will be the year. We'll have a full off-season, all the cancerous elements gone (bye bye Jamal), a year of solid experience for this year's rookies, and some quality off-season additions (draft, WR in FA). 2020 is all about laying groundwork for the inevitable playoff push in 2021.
  17. I don't know about untradeable, but he certainly was and still is a great player. But his value as a player is irrelevant if he doesn't wanna be here. It doesn't make sense for either side. I sympathize with the fanbase, we're irrational by nature because we have no control over anything. But the players shouldn't be so inconsiderate. I guess that's asking for too much in the era of social media; when brain-farts are publically documented. If he handled this with a bit of class, going through his agent - instead of having it all play out in public - myself and many other posters would be lot less vindictive.
  18. You could pump in fake crowd noise. The falcons were doing it before COVID...🤣
  19. Nah. I think we're past the point of fair compensation, and we're walking to the pawn shop.
  20. If a member of your family was exhibiting disruptive, narcissistic behavior, would you not be concerned?

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