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  1. American life is largely based on puritanical Christian principles. Even those that aren't card carrying Christians live their lives according to 'Judeo Christian' values. The NFL is basically just a reflection of American society. Keep in mind that a lot of these players are from the south and Midwest, this is what they grew up up with.
  2. Or...brees is wearing a tighter shirt, and looks leaner against better lighting that creates shadows. I used to photoshop my MySpace&Facebook pics to look #ripped in the pre-filter era, so I'm an expert on both bro-science and image embellishment.
  3. In these tumultuous times, when there's little to no distinction between private and public, when PR agencies are running amok on behalf of special interest groups... @Mogglez is the only man I trust. He will be our guiding light, and our most trusted informant. In in all seriousness, the more I watch of fields, the more I'm convinced that he's the right man for the jets. Least likely to bust, with an upside that is almost locked-in.
  4. What if Brees actually is a midget this whole time, and television's image alteration led us to believe that he's 6 ft? That would make the 'Mormon twink' about 5'7.
  5. Can't see his feet. He could be wearing those AIR MAX sneakers that add 2" of height
  6. His trade value is low. Really low Douglas is gonna take the garage sale price, 'take it or leave it'.
  7. They were in the Stafford sweepstakes, I believe they offered two 2nds and a conditional pick. Theyre definitely in the market, and darnold would probably be comfortable back home in California, wouldn't take much convincing. I doubt they'll overpay though. Both Douglas and the 49ers are gonna wait it out.
  8. I liked Thomas jones Ok, A 12 year old could have had 1000 yards behind that offensive line. But he was pretty good and had the numbers to justify ground n pound
  9. It's pathetic. No respect for his family's privacy. Just a time-filling sob story for the media
  10. If the jets don't take him, I get th pe the feeling fields is gonna be the Watson of this draft class, he'll inexplicably fall down the order and some other team will get a steal.
  11. *raises hand Fields could be just as good as Watson. I'd rather take fields on a cheap rookie deal and build around him, splash the cash on Allen Robinson and Aaron Jones in FA, draft Kyle Pitts, etc. maybe it's not as "sexy" as owning an established franchise QB but you're getting better value in the long term.
  12. God, you guys are so easily flattered. He's a guy doing his first ever HC gig.
  13. Playing hard to get. Wait until Watson punches the mascot, then it's on.
  14. Word on the street is, Colts offered a first round pick. 9ers offered two seconds and a third (or something like that). That was their limit. Rams overpaid to lose goff rather than acquire Stafford.
  15. Ill play the field on this one, and say the 1.02 isn't worth as much as people think. There's no consensus pick, and this years draft class has some good depth in important positions.
  16. Just look at how desperate the Rams were to trade goff. 2 firsts and a 3rd. Overpaying, but they went 10-6 and are contending for a Super Bowl
  17. I disagree. Goff is mediocre, and he's exposed as mediocre when he fails to take advantage of the favourable matchups that are schemed for him. This is what annoys mcvay more than anything. It wasn't an issue when they had a strong run game, but having goff carry your offense isn't ideal. He isn't that kind of QB. The roster has elite individuals in crucial positions, but they have their fair share of weak links. It's a very uneven distribution of talent.
  18. How so? I'd argue he's one of the better coaches in the league. play calling, clock management, organisation....all very good. I'm not sure how much authority he has on roster construction, but he's certainly overachieved with that roster. Goff is a frustrating QB. He consistently makes mistakes in big moments and relies a little too much on instruction. Mcvay probably realises that he won't go any further with Goff at QB.
  19. Goff without mcvay is holding a clipboard somewhere.
  20. DaQuan isn't gonna play for the jets. Just give up, fellas. These thousand page threads aren't healthy.
  21. We're spectators. What else are we supposed to comment on? comunication is important. You'd expect an NFL coach to be media trained, it's part of the brief.
  22. The celebrations in this thread are premature. Half the teams in the NFL are scratching their heads and considering far fetched trade scenarios. Franchise QB on the block, anything is possible. Some GMs are including their wives and daughters in these trades, that's how big this opportunity is. Thr jets, and joey D, gotta make their move quickly. You snooze, u looze.
  23. They'd have to give up on Tua, who was drafted to be their franchise QB. Seems a little premature. But then, Watson is a superior QB. It's really on the jets to make this happen. It's like a reversal of the Jamaal Adams situation, as Watson tries to run himself out of town.
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