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  1. RT @FraserInstitute: BLOG: Interest payments are Ontario’s fastest growing expense—faster than health & education spending growth https://t…

  2. @cayal_3 @TennessyXO @scarecrow1309 @win_essee @JCBRAVE Racist

  3. @Blazingcatfur Finland trying to teach migrants how to treat women Teaching migrants how to behave - https://t.co/U8TjcdYkB4

  4. @nflnetwork https://t.co/cEFDkGohEM

  5. @TennessyXO @win_essee @JCBRAVE Site down for you guys?

  6. @PaulKuharskyNFL @Titans @TennessyXO does this mean Mularky will be rehired?

  7. RT @ShipleyPhoto: @Titans - JUST SAY NO to CHIP KELLY. #nochipintn

  8. @Emmahdorable You play GTA 5?

  9. @People4Alondra You are the very deffinition of the world Bully. You must also hate democracy given they way you treat people who disagree

  10. @scarecrow1309 @win_essee @TennessyXO @JCBRAVE @DeletedElite @branbish no, up at least for now lol

  11. @TennessyXO @JCBRAVE @branbish @win_essee @DeletedElite Site down again. Cody, what did you do now?

  12. @TennessyXO @branbish @JCBRAVE @win_essee @DeletedElite Maybe Cobb will be good

  13. @win_essee @cayal_3 @TennessyXO @creepingcruds me and Gunny can't have one

  14. @TennessyXO @win_essee he so loved punting and field goals

  15. @TennessyXO but but but Mariota is anti-clutch and can't juke

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