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    I was in a coma at the time.
  1. "The fish stinks from the head" "sh*t rolls down hill" The problem with this team starts at the top. Woody owes tons of dough on his new palace. The PSL auction was a disaster and he's not gotten even close the amount of $ his bean counters told him he would get and he can't even sell out the upper deck that has no PSL's. The Jets are # 32 in the NFL in the amount of real dollars spent on salary for 2014, not cap spent, because that includes dead money, but actual cash outlay. He knew the Jets would not win the super bowl this year, it was going to be a transition year no matter what. So why
  2. http://deadspin.com/chiefs-fan-celebrates-by-faux-face-*******-nearby-patri-1640728164
  3. Coming out of the 2 min, warning up 21-9, ball on the pack 27, why in the hell are u throwing it there, even if you get 7 on that play, the pack get the ball back with Timeouts. Why not run it twice and throw a safe bubble screen so at least you make them use all 3 timeouts, take the three and at worst say you give back the 3, its 24-12. Interception, pack TD and a swing of 10 points. Game over right there. That's where Rex is gotta tell the coordinator what he wants. All he does is manage the defense and do post game press conferences. Herm might have managed the game better. We will never w
  4. Really, really embarassing. It just goes to show, the Jets are clueless on who there fans are. Is this a Net game? Stop telling us what to do and when. The fans created the chant without your help and we will recreate it or we will not. Just not with a stupid contest by the gayist fans we have. Whoever wins is going to be boo'ed mercifully so that should be good for a laugh. Oh BTW, Woody, could you make the music louder in the upper deck, only one of the two ear drumbs busted the other night. Great job driving people to their HDTV's Jets
  5. Enjoy the game. If i did not live in NY, I would do the same thing. NO INJURIES
  6. We have an excellent DL coach, is that why Rex is an assistant? Maybe you could make Rex assistant DB coach also, come on, give the guy a little more responsbility. Seriously, you don't give Rex credit/blame for running this defense? Wow. Deep hate
  7. gonna listen to the show this morning. Where is Tom, stuck in the Catskills for another night?
  8. So your saying Tom's for real, its not an act. Aliens have landed. Yo, GoJets, you need attitude adjustment real quick my friend: Vick is overrated but hopefully he's our backup and never touches the ball. Its not like we are building our team around him and signed him to a 5 year contract. We have a bad offensive line run blocking? We were # 6 in the NFL last year and that's with Winters who has to be better. CJ was figured out?. 1K yards minimum on a crappy offense the last few years and still had 1K yards with a torn meniscus last year. And now he can share the load so he wi
  9. Typical Jets right here, lose when they are suppose to win and win when they are suppose to lose. Who can argue at this point? So so many question marks at this point. We could have 2 good QB's or 2 crappy QB's by the middle of September.
  10. Nice work Tom taking all that time to put this together. Its to early to have any idea what kind of team we are going to have but hats off for the effort. Hope you are wrong.
  11. Figured its worth posting since its NOT from ESPN or Peter " I love Brady" King. I think its a fairly intelligent article except I would give us a B grade because of the Chris Johnson signing at the end of Free Agecny. Tom, do you have anything intelligent to say? Stop with the schtick and give me one Jet fan post, not Shecky Greene http://www.si.com/nfl/2014/06/20/new-york-jets-nfl-offseason-report-card In Rex Ryan’s first two seasons as head coach, the New York Jets went to two AFC championship games and established a toughness and multiplicity on defense that was the envy of t
  12. Glad to see you don't take this crap seriously, until its game time dude, then don't F with me Tommy Boy!!!!! Then Rex is like my great unlce and Geno is the adopted kid of my older sister who marched with Farakhan in the 80's. Its all in the family.
  13. I am starting to get it with your posts. You are trying to be Tom the outrageous, the dumbo, look at me I am the crazy poster. You don't mean anything you say. You are just charachter, playing a poster that everyone thinks is crazy. Being crazy would be at least original, you ACT is not entertaining, you suck and you ruin this site and the Podcast. BIg dummy.
  14. Jets are at 7. Miami at 8 as is the Jints. Thoughts? I just don't get how the Dolphins can be picked over the Jets with the coaching staff we have over them and what each time did in the off season. People mock the Jets as a joke but they rarely mention anymore what went on over there last year. Plus they lost there pro-bowl Center and 1st rd choice was suspended for drugs. I guess my hate for the Dolphins is coming out, don't even care what # they gave us, just be better then Miami and buff. I think 7 is about right for the Jets. Could be 6, could be 10, so many questions to be answered in th
  15. I am getting less optimisitic as time goes on and reality sets in. We have so many question marks there is no way they all can be solved this year.Never mind not having a decent QB what about OL,pass rush, LB, CB and Punter. I am lowering my expectations and going into the season hoping we can solve half the issues we have. Nobody could fix this team in one off season, especially being so cautious.. Great, looking forward to 2015 already. It gets old after awhile. And if we fire Rex, its another wasted year in 2015 getting used to new coaches.
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