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  1. "The fish stinks from the head" "sh*t rolls down hill" The problem with this team starts at the top. Woody owes tons of dough on his new palace. The PSL auction was a disaster and he's not gotten even close the amount of $ his bean counters told him he would get and he can't even sell out the upper deck that has no PSL's. The Jets are # 32 in the NFL in the amount of real dollars spent on salary for 2014, not cap spent, because that includes dead money, but actual cash outlay. He knew the Jets would not win the super bowl this year, it was going to be a transition year no matter what. So why not save $20 million this year and spend more down the road when it could make a difference. Problem is he did not count on what has happen. Crappy draft the last 2 years, guys who gave us one good season last year sucking ( Colon, Pace, Nelson), FA and UFA that suck or over the hill (CJ) and horrible coaching from top to bottom. And now, with the possibility of the Jets going 4-12 and being one of the worst teams in the NFL, Woody gambled and lost. End of season he's going to have to fire Rex and get a big name coach to get everyone excited and he will decide who's the next coach, not the GM. And the GM will be in the same position Rex is in. And so it goes.... over and over. The place will be empty next year.
  2. http://deadspin.com/chiefs-fan-celebrates-by-faux-face-*******-nearby-patri-1640728164
  3. Coming out of the 2 min, warning up 21-9, ball on the pack 27, why in the hell are u throwing it there, even if you get 7 on that play, the pack get the ball back with Timeouts. Why not run it twice and throw a safe bubble screen so at least you make them use all 3 timeouts, take the three and at worst say you give back the 3, its 24-12. Interception, pack TD and a swing of 10 points. Game over right there. That's where Rex is gotta tell the coordinator what he wants. All he does is manage the defense and do post game press conferences. Herm might have managed the game better. We will never win a championship with a coordinator as our head coach.
  4. Really, really embarassing. It just goes to show, the Jets are clueless on who there fans are. Is this a Net game? Stop telling us what to do and when. The fans created the chant without your help and we will recreate it or we will not. Just not with a stupid contest by the gayist fans we have. Whoever wins is going to be boo'ed mercifully so that should be good for a laugh. Oh BTW, Woody, could you make the music louder in the upper deck, only one of the two ear drumbs busted the other night. Great job driving people to their HDTV's Jets
  5. Enjoy the game. If i did not live in NY, I would do the same thing. NO INJURIES
  6. We have an excellent DL coach, is that why Rex is an assistant? Maybe you could make Rex assistant DB coach also, come on, give the guy a little more responsbility. Seriously, you don't give Rex credit/blame for running this defense? Wow. Deep hate
  7. gonna listen to the show this morning. Where is Tom, stuck in the Catskills for another night?
  8. So your saying Tom's for real, its not an act. Aliens have landed. Yo, GoJets, you need attitude adjustment real quick my friend: Vick is overrated but hopefully he's our backup and never touches the ball. Its not like we are building our team around him and signed him to a 5 year contract. We have a bad offensive line run blocking? We were # 6 in the NFL last year and that's with Winters who has to be better. CJ was figured out?. 1K yards minimum on a crappy offense the last few years and still had 1K yards with a torn meniscus last year. And now he can share the load so he will be nice and fresh as he runs up and down the field. Forget our WR going from Peyton to Gino, Gino is going from Gates to Decker. Glass is half full, every great receiver does it because of the QB. Graham lead the NFL in TD's the over the last 2 years ( Decker # 3). Do you think Brees and Payton had anything to do with it. Would Graham lead the league in TD's behind Christian Ponder? Everyone knows rookie WR's never make a real impact, but Safety, never heard that one. Dude's gonna take over that defense cause he's got a tude, something we have needed since Bart stopped making plays.
  9. Typical Jets right here, lose when they are suppose to win and win when they are suppose to lose. Who can argue at this point? So so many question marks at this point. We could have 2 good QB's or 2 crappy QB's by the middle of September.
  10. Nice work Tom taking all that time to put this together. Its to early to have any idea what kind of team we are going to have but hats off for the effort. Hope you are wrong.
  11. Figured its worth posting since its NOT from ESPN or Peter " I love Brady" King. I think its a fairly intelligent article except I would give us a B grade because of the Chris Johnson signing at the end of Free Agecny. Tom, do you have anything intelligent to say? Stop with the schtick and give me one Jet fan post, not Shecky Greene http://www.si.com/nfl/2014/06/20/new-york-jets-nfl-offseason-report-card In Rex Ryan’s first two seasons as head coach, the New York Jets went to two AFC championship games and established a toughness and multiplicity on defense that was the envy of the league. In the three seasons since, Ryan’s Jets have not been able to crack the .500 barrier, mostly because of a series of moribound offenses that couldn’t survive Mark Sanchez’s mediocrity and whatever it was that Tim Tebow was expected to do. While Ryan’s defenses still shine (it could be argued that the current iteration has the best front seven to date), the Jets’ inability to hit on a quarterback has set them far behind in a league that is more and more about the passing game — unless you’re the Seahawks or 49ers and have everything else on the ball. The Jets once subscribed to and personified that ideal, but now, they’re merely a half-built team with issues where their assets should be. Over the last two years, Ryan and general manager John Idzik have at least tried to deal with the obvious issues. Letting Darrelle Revis depart in a trade over a contract squabble was an early black mark on Idzik’s record, but that’s because Alabama’s Dee Milliner, the cornerback they selected in the 2013 draft to replace him, didn’t exactly light it up in his rookie campaign. However, the first-round pick the Jets got in the Revis trade became Missouri defensive tackle Sheldon Richardson, who had an absolutely marvelous inaugural campaign. In the second round of the 2013 draft, the Jets took West Virginia quarterback Geno Smith, who threw for over 300 yards just once and managed just 12 touchdown passes to 21 interceptions. Tight end Jeff Cumberland led the team with four touchdown receptions, which would be an impressive stat … if he played for the 1940 Chicago Bears. MORE COVERAGE: Buy/Sell 2014 win projections| Power Rankings | 2015 Mock Draft In the 2014 offseason, the Jets redoubled their efforts to jumpstart the passing game, acquiring quarterback Michael Vick and receiver Eric Decker in free agency, and one tight end (Texas Tech’s Jace Amaro) and three receivers (Oklahoma’s Jalen Saunders, UCLA’s Shaq Evans and Nebraska’s Quincy Enunwa) in the draft. Whether it will all come together is still in question, but Ryan remains optimistic as always. “I’m going to be honest with you,” Ryan said in May, “I’m not so sure there would be too many people that want to play us. And that’s the truth … I’m not going to say how many wins we’re going to have, or whatever, but we are going to play a brand of football that I think our fans will be proud of.” Not quite the same bravado-filled sell jobs Ryan has entertained us with in the past, but it’s time for the Jets to walk it more than they talk it anyway. Grade: B- Best acquisition: Eric Decker, WR. Decker has been one of the league’s most prolific receivers over the last two seasons, amassing 172 catches for 2,352 yards and 24 touchdowns. Those who would claim that he’s merely a product of a Peyton Manning offense are correct to a degree, but this is still a guy who caught eight touchdown passes in 2011, when his quarterbacks were Kyle Orton and Mr. Tebow. Decker isn’t a sure-fire No. 1 receiver; more like a 2A player who needs a great quarterback and a complementary target to make things go the best way. He doesn’t yet have either of those things with the Jets, but he’ll be a major improvement over what this team trotted out at the receiver position last year. Expect a downturn in the numbers and questions about whether five years and $36.5 million was too much to give a player who isn’t top-tier, but it won’t necessarily be Decker’s fault if this doesn’t work out. He’s certainly not the first person to tie himself to an embryonic offense with money on his mind. Audibles Audibles Podcast: Examining burning offseason questions in AFC East by SI.com Staff Biggest loss: Antonio Cromartie, CB. Cromartie has always been inconsistent, and he was downright awful in 2013, allowing seven touchdowns and a 100.3 opponent passer rating. The Cardinals gave Cromartie a one-year veteran contract, hoping that his downturn was related to a hip injury. That leaves the Jets with Milliner and Dimitri Patterson projected as starting cornerbacks, and it should be somewhat distressing that the team would stand pat there. Underrated draft pick: Trevor Reilly, OLB, Utah (Seventh round, 233rd overall pick). Reilly had minor knee surgery in January, and he enters the NFL at age 26 after two years on a Mormon mission. Still, I would say that his dropping to the seventh round was one of the big surprises of this draft. Even a cursory look at his Utah tape shows a guy with impressive speed for his size (6-foot-5, 245) and the numbers to back it up — in 2013, he totaled 100 tackles, 16.5 tackles for loss, nine sacks, an interception and a forced fumble. Ryan will likely find a way to use him as a situational pass rusher, and Reilly could make a lot of teams look foolish for passing on him. Looming question for training camp: Where will the quarterback competition land? Given Smith’s first-year struggles, and the fact that the Jets signed Vick to a one-year, $5 million deal, it’s easy to assume that the quarterback position is very much up for grabs. Ryan could be in win-now mode, with Idzik not far behind, and that could inform the process to a large extent. Certainly, Vick has proven that when he’s healthy, he can still create the kinds of explosive plays that have been in short supply with the Jets. “I think we’ll let it play out a little bit,” Ryan said with a laugh in late May. “It’s the second day of OTAs. It’s not closed competition … it’s competition. And I don’t mean to make light of it, but in a way I think I should. It’s the second day of OTAs and here we have these questions. But again, let’s let it play out. One thing we know for certain … rest assured, the guy that we think will give us the best opportunity to win will be the guy.” In the short term, there’s no question that Vick does that. Would pushing Smith back on the depth chart further stunt his growth, leading the team to have to start this process all over again next year? We can only wait and see.
  12. Glad to see you don't take this crap seriously, until its game time dude, then don't F with me Tommy Boy!!!!! Then Rex is like my great unlce and Geno is the adopted kid of my older sister who marched with Farakhan in the 80's. Its all in the family.
  13. I am starting to get it with your posts. You are trying to be Tom the outrageous, the dumbo, look at me I am the crazy poster. You don't mean anything you say. You are just charachter, playing a poster that everyone thinks is crazy. Being crazy would be at least original, you ACT is not entertaining, you suck and you ruin this site and the Podcast. BIg dummy.
  14. Jets are at 7. Miami at 8 as is the Jints. Thoughts? I just don't get how the Dolphins can be picked over the Jets with the coaching staff we have over them and what each time did in the off season. People mock the Jets as a joke but they rarely mention anymore what went on over there last year. Plus they lost there pro-bowl Center and 1st rd choice was suspended for drugs. I guess my hate for the Dolphins is coming out, don't even care what # they gave us, just be better then Miami and buff. I think 7 is about right for the Jets. Could be 6, could be 10, so many questions to be answered in the next 8 weeks. http://www.cbssports.com/nfl/eye-on-football/24569924/nfl-season-overunder-win-totals-afc-picks New England Patriots, 10.5 Over (-135)/Under (+115) No shocker to see the Pats with one of the four highest lines this year. They win a lot of games every season. In fact, they've only won less than 11 games twice since 2003 and in each instance they won 10. Tom Brady is very good. His weapons get another year working with him. Six of their games are against vastly inferior competition in the division. Assuming no major injury for Brady, worst case is 10 wins. VERDICT: OVER*** Miami Dolphins, 8 Over (+110) / Under (-130) Really like the Dolphins more this year than last. Ryan Tannehill could take a leap, Mike Wallace could redeem his contract and the offensive line has to be better. They'll likely be on the roster for most of the season, so that should help. Knowshon Moreno and Branden Albert were good adds in free agency who should help the offense right away. But looking at their schedule and even an optimistic viewpoint gets me to eight wins max. Just don't see the over happening here. VERDICT: UNDER New York Jets, 7 Over (-125) / Under (+105) Am I the only one getting a little excited about the Jets offense? It's mostly name value, but Michael Vick, Chris Johnson, Eric Decker and Jace Amaro automatically mean this unit's better than we've seen under Rex Ryan. RIGHT? I feel like I'm taking crazy pills when people don't agree. There's no Darrelle Revis and no Antonio Cromartie but all Rex does is coach up defense. With a decent offense on the other side, I'm having a hard time not seeing him get this squad to .500. Rex's 2013 was Coach of the Year worthy. VERDICT: OVER Buffalo Bills, 6.5 Over (-130) / Under (+110) The addition of Sammy Watkins is a great one, even if I don't think giving up the 2015 first-round pick was worth it. Will they get the 1.5-game bump because of it? The offense looks dangerous. C.J. Spiller is still a potent feature back and Watkins, Robert Woods, T.J. Graham and Marquise Goodwin is some serious speed at wideout. The defensive line -- with Mario Williams, Kyle Williams and Marcell Dareus -- is very good. Stephon Gilmore remains underrated. I think they're close to a .500 team, but it all hinges on EJ Manuel's development. It also might hinge on beating the Raiders in Oakland late in the season. *gulp* VERDICT: OVER AFC South Indianapolis Colts, 9.5 Over (+130) / Under (-150) Will the Colts ever regress? Betting against Andrew Luck is foolish, but their offseason leads me to believe they don't win double digit wins again. Trusting Trent Richardson (without Donald Brown) to step up? No thanks. I do like the weapons for Luck though: Reggie Wayne, Hakeem Nicks, T.Y. Hilton, Da'Rick Rogers, Dwayne Allen and Coby Fleener is stout. The Robert Mathis suspension is particularly concerning because of the games he misses (at Denver, vs. Philadelphia, at Jacksonville, vs. Tennessee). I'm going against my gut because I believe ultimately they beat up on other teams in this division and sneak out double-digit wins under Luck again. VERDICT: OVER Houston Texans, 7.5 Over (-145) / Under (+125) The price on the over sure does scream "bounce back" huh? Vegas thinks the Texans will improve and they almost have to. Such is the nature of two wins. Arian Foster will be better and the J.J. Watt/Jadeveon Clowney combo is terrifying. But who's the quarterback here? I love Bill O'Brien's history succeeding with lesser quarterbacks but Ryan Fitzpatrick/Tom Savage/Case Keenum/T.J. Yates are dragging you to a .500 record? Not so sure about that. VERDICT: UNDER Tennessee Titans, 7 Over (-130) / Under (+110) This is a surprising amount of faith being put into the Titans. There's a new coaching staff in town and I really like what Ken Whisenhunt and Ray Horton will do ... eventually. But is Jake Locker the guy here? And do they have the personnel on defense to fit around Horton's 3-4 scheme? Not entirely sure. Their first-round pick, Taylor Lewan, doesn't really have a place to play. It's possible everyone's wrong on them but right now, even giving them a few generous wins, they don't look like a .500 team at all. VERDICT: UNDER Jacksonville Jaguars, 4.5 Over (-150) / Under (+130) Anyone else high on #DUVAL? This is the lowest over/under total released by the LVH sports book and it's basically priced like it's 5 wins at -150. Which is a shame because I love the over here. Jacksonville says they'll start Chad Henne over Blake Bortles, but come on. Marqise Lee and Allen Robinson will make an impact on the passing game and Toby Gerhart's a sleeper for 1,000 yards this season. The defense is full of youth and is only getting better with guys like Dwayne Gratz and Johnathan Cyprien. The Jags are a long way from being a Super Bowl contender but they're better than a five-win team next year. VERDICT: OVER*** AFC North Cincinnati Bengals, 9 Over (-135) / Under (+115) The Bengals don't get enough credit for their success. A lack of playoff wins under Marvin Lewis ignores their three-straight postseason appearances and three-straight years of 9+ wins. Jay Gruden is gone to the Redskins ... but is that necessarily a bad thing? Hue Jackson remains controversial from his days in Oakland, but the guy can coach up an offense. Andy Dalton, A.J. Green and Giovani Bernard could all see career years. The weapons are there and Dalton wants to prove he deserves to be paid. Geno Atkins will be back on defense and while some concerns exist with respect to replacing Michael Johnson, losing Mike Zimmer and fixing the secondary, this is still a good unit. Tough schedule for them this year but still prefer their chances of going over instead of under. VERDICT: OVER Pittsburgh Steelers, 8.5 Over (-120) / Under (even) 2013's Steelers team is largely forgettable because of their 8-8 record and no playoff appearance. But they were the one team you did NOT want to play in the postseason, and they only missed because Kansas City kicker Ryan Succop couldn't hit a borderline chip shot against San Diego late. Ben Roethlisberger can carry a team, Antonio Brown remains underrated, they're high on Markus Wheaton and Le'Veon Bell is a feature back in waiting. Ryan Shazier should be an impact rookie on defensive and the front seven can alleviate some of the secondary concerns. The Steelers lost a pair of games last year (against Oakland and Tennessee!) they shouldn't have. Ten wins was doable and could be doable this year as well. VERDICT: OVER Baltimore Ravens, 8.5 Over (-120) / Under (even) Kills me that the Steelers and Ravens have identical odds. Kind of a "one of these teams HAS to bounce back in 2014" thing. A lot can hinge on their matchups, which means winning or losing on these totals will basically boil down to six points. I liked what the Ravens did in free agency (adding Steve Smith and Owen Daniels as weapons for Joe Flacco) and the draft (C.J. Mosley and Timmy Jernigan will improve the defense). Credit Ozzie Newsome for reworking things on the fly following an unsuccessful Super Bowl defense. Not completely sold on whether Gary Kubiak's offense will translate to the run and pass game in Baltimore but this is a CUSHY looking schedule for the Ravens to start. VERDICT: OVER Cleveland Browns, 6.5 Over (-150) / Under (+130) Before you ask, it's not unprecedented for three of four AFC North teams to win 8-plus games. It happened in 2009, 2011, 2012 and 2013 in fact. Of course, that means someone suffers as a result. Ladies and gentlemen, yooooour Cleveland Browns. I was really high on their draft, the lack of wide receivers aside, and think ultimately Johnny Manziel will help save this franchise. But he's not doing it if Josh Gordon's out for the season and it's not happening if Brian Hoyer's winging the rock to Miles Austin all year. Jordan Cameron's a nice weapon and the defense has a sick pair of cornerbacks in Joe Haden and Justin Gilbert. Someone has to lose games in this division though. VERDICT: UNDER*** AFC West Denver Broncos, 11 Over (-140) / Under (+120) Since 2003, when he's the full-time starting quarterback, Peyton Manning has won less than 11 games ONE TIME in a season (2010, when he won 10 with the Colts). This may be his toughest test yet, with a brutal schedule that include a strip to New England and matchups against the NFC West. But he's prepared: Montee Ball can be (will be?) a feature back soon and he's tossing to Demaryius Thomas, Emmanuel Sanders and Julius Thomas. The Eric Decker loss will be negligible. Ryan Clady is healthy. The defense is improved with Aqib Talib, Bradley Roby, T.J. Ward and Chris Harris returning. Von Miller comes back at some point. 11 won't be a cakewalk but betting against is betting on Peyton to get hurt, basically. VERDICT: OVER Chiefs, 8 Over (-120) / Under (even) An easy, easy choice from 2013, the Chiefs crushed the over on their win total before their bye thanks to a 9-0 start. They weren't scaring the '72 Dolphins or anything, but they were a vastly improved unit from the two-win team that took the field before. There's reason to be cautious this season. The loss of Branden Albert, Jon Asamoah and Geoff Schwartz should be a concern looking at Jamaal Charles and the rushing attack. Dee Ford was drafted because Tamba Hali is reportedly showing up overweight. And there's no secondary receiver behind Dwayne Bowe. They're somewhere between a seven- and nine-win team, so this number is right. Just not sure I trust the lack of moves. VERDICT: UNDER Chargers, 8 Over (-120) / Under (even) The opposite of KC, the Bolts were the biggest surprise maybe of the entire 2013 NFL season. How Mike McCoy and Ken Whisenhunt nearly coerced 4,500 yards and 70 percent completions from Philip Rivers while essentially throwing to no one is beyond me. That's not to disrespect Keenan Allen: he looks like a stud, but you don't bank on your third-round rookie developing into a Pro Bowl player out of the blue when everyone else is hurt. The addition of Donald Brown is nice and I LOVE Jason Verrett via the draft. The schedule down the stretch -- Ravens, Pats, Broncos, 49ers, Chiefs -- is absolutely brutal. Cardinals-Seahawks to open is much better. But there's a meaty spot in the middle and if San Diego steals some wins again, well, they'll hit .500. Don't bank on them not overachieving. VERDICT: OVER Oakland Raiders, 5 Over (+150) / Under (-150) Not the best odds for betting against the Raiders, which is a shame because betting against the Raiders can be a fruitful endeavor. I like what Reggie McKenzie did once he recovered from the Rodger Saffold nightmare during free agency and this Raiders team should be frisky. A lot can hinge on whether Derek Carr is "the guy" (I don't think he is, but if McKenzie likes him, he got a steal). Khalil Mack is going to dominate at the NFL level. Matt Schaub-James Jones-Maurice Jones-Drew is at least something that's worth talking about. I think. Maybe. The defense is old but it's at least better. My problem is the schedule. If they surprise the Chiefs and Chargers then maybe this over happens, but I just see a four-win schedule with their division and the NFC West involved as well. VERDICT: UNDER
  15. I am getting less optimisitic as time goes on and reality sets in. We have so many question marks there is no way they all can be solved this year.Never mind not having a decent QB what about OL,pass rush, LB, CB and Punter. I am lowering my expectations and going into the season hoping we can solve half the issues we have. Nobody could fix this team in one off season, especially being so cautious.. Great, looking forward to 2015 already. It gets old after awhile. And if we fire Rex, its another wasted year in 2015 getting used to new coaches.
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