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  1. LoL, sharp elbows & pull pork sliders! Sounds great!! I'll have to tell my brother about it.. I checked out your Youtube videos & oh man do those dishes look good!! As Bart Scott would say, "CANT WAIT!!!"
  2. I heard about L7 from podcasts and other Tweets.. Guess we gotta stop by. Thanx for the help!
  3. Ok, so my badass brother from upstate New York just bought us some NYJ tickets for the Chicago vs. NY Jets Monday night Football game... Who's of who is going & where are the best most welcoming Jet Tailgate partys going to be at!!??!!.......??? (We would like to join and to make this 1st home game for me the best one EVER!
  4. I say the Jets D gives pressure during a run play by Maurice Jones-Drew re-directing his motion right into Pryor, knocking him down with a forced fumble...
  5. When hasent he looked "poised" in the pocket? Everything I have been preaching since Idzik has gotten on board.. Jet community come together because its time to see these pieces mold into a true pro football team.. Have faith Jet Nation were breakin through the jet factor of disorder!!
  6. Wow! Everything I have been preaching since Idzik has gotten on board.. Jet community come together because its time to see these pieces mold into a true pro football team.. Have faith Jet Nation were breakin through the jet factor of disorder!!
  7. We have to bribe Fireman Ed to come back! We will look forever & by the time the right guy comes around we will have won our 2nd Super Bowl!!! (Big-Rex 10' comes out)
  8. Happy 2.5 Million everybody! Go Jets!!! Go Jets!!! Go Jets!!!
  9. You agree with this main post and in defense you ask these 2 mind boggling questions: 1.) Can Marty save Rex's job, LOL if this isn’t the ignorance of a fan that needs to pay attention to last year! Marty has been and continues to praise REX & his Defense for saving his offense on many games which they had to lean on them to win.. Marty needed Rex & now Rex is going to get a nice compliment offense to go with his stout Defense! 2.) Will Geno suck is a question raised but it’s not that simple with a year under his belt, experience in the same offense with increase in depth and with players he had time to build cemetery with. Geno will have his moments but I foresee great things we never saw last year because of the talent he possess now doesn’t indicate a worse or even close season as last year. (A wise man once told me that experience and talent comes best without so much help just proper guidence...Geno is growing and perfecting his talents and his offensive core.. Their plan is opposite of what they did wrong with Sanchez.. They are truly building sustainable success!)
  10. Really!?!.. bro you will be asking for forgiveness by the middle of the season.. Have faith in a team that you so-call your own, the JETS!!!
  11. My most memorable game wasn't any time from the far past but from the near present.... Taken down the Brady special during the 2010 payoffs at their home turf!!! I don’t care what you all say this to show the ones in their own castle is more retribution than most can get! I loved EVERY minute of it! Own & to start a new convo.. who here thinks the Jets are going to make the 2014 Playoffs?
  12. 1st off: Rex shouldnt have gave out the playbook but in another sense maybe he really did to see who the mole was; in any case that 2012 year was bad all the way around... 2nd off: This makes the Patz look even worse than before being catch cheating because now it seems they have been secretly gaining plays from teams from other coaches 3rd off: Rex is so awesome to not only defend the Jets but also to tell Pettine to SHUT UP & that theres no true gain to stiring the NFL pot! Pettine seems like by doing this he's being big headed and all up on his new coaching job forgetting what Rex taught him.. Dont you know not to bite the hand that feeds you!
  13. That beast corner with 6 years of experience should be a JET no doubt about it!!
  14. I am liking all of the Jet fans having some sort of faith in Geno.. I say and agree with the same statements, last year was a back and forth year but now it’s a different story with his experience from before benching him won’t necessarily improve his mistakes. I say let him fly like a Jet & the rest of this new & improved offense will help him & the team reach their goals... As always:
  15. Just meant that towards a member & you... nuttin special
  16. Your cool in my book as a Jet fan.. But really we all need to get more positive.. Remember all Jet Fans, "the Sanchez experiment is over!" We are moving on so please have faith.. (Im not directing that last comment to you Klecho73)
  17. Excuse me if what’s being read isn’t what’s being meant.. It sometimes hard to tell especially when I can’t tell who’s a fan or who just plainly has lost faith.. Being a Jet fan isn’t easy but damn some of these so calls have me doubting their loyalty! (Just an observation)
  18. It was a "simple" system of "simple" routes that our new TE has been doing in the past at Tech.. If he is being critized, this is why from the facts but as I stated before, have faith he will be fine!
  19. "Am I for real he asks".. LOL!! Does a bear sh*t in the woods?... Don’t sit & type there without agreeing that the media loves to trample the Jets every chance they get more than any other team.. Hell the Jets have been more successful than the Jags & the Panthers before Cam and we still are treated worse! We have finally learned how to muzzle the media due to Idzik's complete "PLAN".. As I said before.. Have the media report on something substantial such as reporting about the racist Finz, the murderers Patz, & the Billz cheerleader scandals. . . . Leave the Jets out of it unless you can do some really reporting PFF!! (Did I stutter??)
  20. Yup, & that should all of us football fans especially Jet fans that if you dont train a QB by building around him instead of the other way like what happened to Sanchez then you ultimately have a recipe for disaster.. Lesson learned from Rex in company by having another go at it & to be honest Im glad Geno had no one to throw to last season.. It built his character, technique, & most of all it taught him what its like without a proper offense so when hes in a tight jam in the future, he'll be able to bail the team out!
  21. I totally agree.. He loves the JETS.. He wants nothing but the best for the team & honestly as fans you WANT a defensive head coach because thats what wins Super Bowls & the running game worked out great for the Seahawks.. Rex must of been smiling to see that defenses are the backbone of the NFL!! God I love Football.... Go JETS!!
  22. PFF. . . . Go report about the racist Finz, the murderers Patz, & cheerlearder scandles. . . . Leave the Jets out of it unless you can do some really reporting, jeez
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