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  1. Chase Claypool is a guy I think can be talked about.
  2. Thanks KRL, what did you think of Jeff Smith? Heard he had a good day
  3. The Eagles already stated that if they were asked in January then they would not have granted him permission to interview. Also the guys we hired would not have been allowed to leave in January, onlyafter the draft.
  4. I think their is some truth to this theory. One big fault of Macc is that he did not collaborate with his staff.
  5. 100 percent right, in order to get a strong long lasting franchise we need to have a strong front office. Fortunately Gase made sure Macc didnt go crazy and we will bear the fruit.
  6. Thats a great point that I did not even think of.
  7. I agree to some extent. But this staff is definitely different.
  8. This is the post of the year. Forget the week. If they did this in January then they would not have any of this FO. Props to CJ and Gase and Woody.
  9. 100 percent agree. I wanted Rhule and when they hired Gase I stated that it would be a terrible move. Plus Gase press conference did not help him. But once they fired Macc I had a little hope. Now we have what appears to be a premier FO. Plus watching the Video's of Gase is that he is connecting well with his players. Hopefully some of the mess in Miami he has learned from. One thing he has learned from Miami is you cant higher a terrible staff. Here he has a really good staff and all he wants to do is win. Im on board.
  10. Each day im loving Gase more and more.
  11. Thank god, this came to fruitation and he followed through. Our FO was our weakest link.
  12. One thing that was a huge problem with the Jets is that they never resigned their players early to cap space. It will cost us, But now, JD comes from a team who does it all the time, I expect to see that happen here, and I think Robby will be the first guy.

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