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  1. Mavericknyc1980

    I like Bart Scott on SNY he hates the Pats* too.

    If you go to the any web page the clips on their for you to listen too.
  2. Mavericknyc1980

    Big game for Mac’s picks

    Williams and Nickerson played well as well.
  3. Mavericknyc1980

    JN League B - Draft Sunday 7pm CST

    Yahoo, money league?
  4. Mavericknyc1980

    KRL Camp Notes (7/27/18)

    Don’t forget McGuire hopefully he is not out long.
  5. Let’s see what the kid has.
  6. Mavericknyc1980

    Previewing the Jets O L

    Invest in line and in pass rush.
  7. Don’t get the problem, we didn’t use a draft pick. We picked up a freak athlete who can play special teams and can play the rover.
  8. Mavericknyc1980

    That buzz you hear is all about Darnold

    Love that two young players are working together.
  9. Mavericknyc1980

    Chad Hansen WR2

    Can’t wait to see how this works out
  10. Mavericknyc1980

    Impressions of week 2 of OTA’s and what’s ahead

    Hansen taking over
  11. Mavericknyc1980

    Scouting Antonio Garcia

    Gotta develop him
  12. Mavericknyc1980

    Jets OTA’s Day 1

    Really pulling for Devin Smith
  13. Kid played well on. Terrible team. He will have an Ivory like impact

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