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  1. Mavericknyc1980

    Anthony "Champ" Kelly quick profile

    Both are solid candidates, just hire one of the 2
  2. ATM it does not seem like a big deal. A coach should have a say in what he wants his roster to be. NON ISSUE ATM
  3. Mavericknyc1980

    Joe Douglas is the guy

    Im caustiosly excited. With us, its ill believe it when I see ti.
  4. Mavericknyc1980

    Joe Douglas is the guy

    I hope this is true.
  5. It might not work, but Im always ok with trying to get the team better.
  6. Mavericknyc1980

    Joe Douglas is the guy

    Whose Alex Marvez.
  7. Mavericknyc1980

    Breer On GM Search

    One out of the many good moves they made. Sure let’s focus on that one thing.
  8. Mavericknyc1980

    Breer On GM Search

    Champ Kelly should be on this list as well.
  9. Mavericknyc1980

    Rumor: Peyton Manning To The Jets?

    Not as GM, if we could get the trifecta of Douglas, DJ and Manning, that would be strong.
  10. Lets look at this again.... KC and Carolina did this. Where is the outcry. Just get it right.
  11. Wasnt there a guy here who said it was a done deal.
  12. How come every team talks bad about the Jets but if its any other team then its not a problem?

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