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  1. Kids got the talent, he has to work and develop.
  2. Kid has the best arm in the draft, is a workaholic and has a level head. Can’t wait
  3. Yeah I can, that reason is Rex Hogan. He had to have vouched for him. If he ever meets the potential then we solved a position of need. Now on Cager the hands and the health are alarming but, the kid make Fromm like a legit qb
  4. I rather have Cager and Quincy then having DPJ. DPJ has terrible hands. Was labeled a bad guy.
  5. Can’t wait to see Cager, wanted him with our last pick. But JD who plays chess not checkers traded it for a talented cab and still got Cager
  6. There was even a rumor that the Jets had a deal done with Thuney. They will sign him next year
  7. Not only is the kid a tough runner with game day speed,he cAn also catch the rock.
  8. True but the limited time they got they gotta ball out. Smith and Berrios both did. Just got to keep playing.
  9. Excited about a fast talented WR putting in work on his weakness and that’s route running.
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