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  1. How defense has been played in the nfl has changed. They have moved to more of a 3 safety alignment and allows Jamal to play closer to the line and disrupt the O.
  2. Perimeter might not have tested well athletically but on tape he is really athletic. Hall is just a blessing who could very well bea starter.
  3. He has to keep working, can’t be complacent.
  4. Silly pick?, nah it just makes it better. Gives Morgan time to develop for the future. While Flacco is a solid backup.
  5. He looked at the whole picture not just instant gratification. He was mastering chess, while everyone plays checkers.
  6. It is going to be a attle. He has the talent to atleast contribute.
  7. Ok so let’s say, Hall was taken in the 4th and Morgan the fifth would we be happy the ? Cause if you are then you should be excited how it turns out. JD got the algorithm of how this played out perfectly. Cause they were able to take Morgan and block other teams from taking him and still got Hall in rd 5.
  8. As long as he sticks to his training physically he will be fine.
  9. Combine this guy with GWs defense, we will be tough to score on.
  10. I will say this again don’t sleep on Cager/Campbell and Huff could fill those needs.
  11. The kid is not only big, fast but mean as a mofo. During clutch time he got Sam’s back and like JD says hates losing more then like winning.
  12. I Am slowly Watching all this film. I loved the pick when it happened I’m even more pumped now. Zuniga is explosive off the edge, explosive inside and he sets the edge really well.
  13. It’s only the beginning boys, best draft since Tangin.

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