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  1. Does reefer help grow facial hair? Because Zach doesn’t even have a whisker!
  2. I thought you already have been renting space inside this guy's head!
  3. Too funny. I posted how Zach looks like Stabler before reading your post.
  4. Zach becoming the right handed version of Kenny "The Snake" Stabler!
  5. I wonder if Phil has a Potty Mouth as well? You wouldn’t think so with the whole farm boy persona
  6. Remember Beauregard Bechton! Don’t be THAT GUY!
  7. There is ONLY 1 MAN who knows what Zach Wilson thinks and what Zach Wilson is capable of as a professional Football player. @T0mShane
  8. I would think when you have two #1 draft picks going head-to-head things even out. Remember that the offensive player is learning the playbook and not playing as fast as Gardner who is probably being told to "Man Up" for the time being. I would expect Wilson to win some battles as he better understands the routes and verbiage (if there is any at this point)
  9. Off day today. OTA starts back up Thursday. Their 10 permitted practices will take place on the following dates: Monday-Tuesday, May 23-24. Thursday, May 26. Tuesday-Wednesday, May 31-June 1. Friday, June 3. Tuesday-Friday, June 7-10.
  10. Hall & Carter are going to light it up catching passes out of the backfield!
  11. Yeah..... but it doesn't count 'cause Zach wasn't "Thicc" then!! New rules.
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