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  1. Correct you draft them to pressure & sack the QB and tackling runners behind the LOS. So what exactly are you complaining about? He can’t also clog the lanes?🤔
  2. That in comparison to Idzik drafting Milner at #9 ; Pryor #18; McDougle #80! Unreal 🤢🤮😱🤯🤬
  3. Donald 2.0 or BUST!!! 🙏 5 sacks 20 TFL and 20 hurries would be acceptable year 1. Clogging the inside lanes must also be S. O. P.
  4. He was running 60 yards from LOS with 20 different east/west jukes which adds another 10 yards. Remember that the CB's had the angles also. Not a 4.2 guy but that vision and those moves are what set him apart!
  5. Was watching a football life about Thurman Thomas. He was an Oklahoma State player and Barry Sanders was behind him. Talk about two great running back’s coming out of that school. Sanders was a class act
  6. So look 👀 to 2021 and tell us if we reach the promised land! “What say you”?
  7. Break out the old “if you cut him he will be picked up by the Pats and become All Pro” threads.
  8. Listen, we’re all pulling for Sam and this offense to flourish in season 2. He will need multiple players to step up... I hope Burnett is one of them. Nothing would make me happier than an UDFA become a big time contributor for years to come
  9. Herndon and Anderson should have his trust more than Burnette. I understand you bleed red and gold but c’mon. Burnette needs to break into the starting lineup to elevate him so. Nice development player but has a way to go before he gets consistent snaps
  10. After playing 13 games, I would hope Sam is familiar with all our starting WR and TE
  11. Great info..... I just think the speculation train is running low on fuel so early in the summer. You wait.... come early August, someone is going to "Copy & Paste" your list and there will 100+ posts in 2 days. Nice list of players to keep an eye on after camp begins. Douglas will be scouring the wire and making calls for CB's and OL..... at least he better be!
  12. Yes, you are correct. Found this from NBC Sports. Assistant general manager Eric DeCosta, who joined the franchise during their maiden season as a entry-level employee in 1996, will transition in the general manager role. Bisciotti said this transition has been the plan in place when they restructured Newsome's contract a couple years ago. He will remain a consultant with the organization after the 2018 season.
  13. Hoping Douglass brings in Ozzie as a special adviser leading up to the draft. There's a LOT of information to sort through. Draft strategies and trade offers to review in REAL TIME on the day of the draft can be overwhelming for a guy who has not been the "point man" before.

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