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  1. 32EBoozer

    ESPN-NYJ 73% chance at Top 5 pick?

    With our OL???!!! Look at Conner vs. Le'veon Bell. I could run behind that OL and look OK! I'd be all over a stud WR or 10 year plug at LT. Gives Sam a "GO TO" WR (Think Odell or Hopkins or AB) which will open up the run game. All in my own humble opinion.
  2. Lil’ Bill didn’t want forever to be in the shadow of Parcels. That’s why he jumped at the opportunity to leave! Bill was moving up to President of Football Operations and Lil’ Bill would have to get his marching orders from Tuna Have to give Bellicheat credit for that
  3. Like Adam Thielen!!!! Have him in Fantasy.... what a stud! Catches everything!
  4. 32EBoozer

    Adam Theilen will have 300 yards on NYJ

    I'm 5-1 with Theilen, and facing a tough matchup. My opponent hung a 30 pt. Denver Defense on me Thursday. I'm willing to take one for the team, but if we are getting our ass kicked early, I hope you will allow me rooting for Theilen
  5. 32EBoozer

    classless cousins

    Classless Lith!
  6. And the Giants and Browns office are popping Viagra in the beers of their fans, to prevent a revolt!! I do feel that Mayfield will be a top 20 QB moving forward.... I have Darnold pegged as a top 5-10
  7. 32EBoozer

    This is 100% Sick

    The real question for Jets fans is....................................... Can we convert it to a banner being flown over the Jets Facility with Bowles contract counting down instead of Gruden's??
  8. Ease up there Dr! The Jets have been blessed with having Mangold for a decade..... you've been spoiled. Long definitely better than the STIFF we had last year! I give long a grade of "C" so far with the expectation that as the unit jells, he will rise to a "B" grade.
  9. He really was a huge help to Cousins...... could he be the guy to take Sammy to the next level?? Only question is do you hire as an OC or HC?? Not sure if he would take an OC position if there are HC offers elsewhere. https://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2018/oct/10/jay-gruden-era-sees-its-clock-ticking/
  10. 32EBoozer

    Colts to be without Ty Hilton and Jack Doyle

    You're here in Hershey?? Awesome show! I work at the Medical Center a mile away. Boozer
  11. Dude.... Anytime a statement regarding female hotness must include either a photo, GIF or link in the post!!! Don't let it happen again!
  12. Dude.... Anytime a statement regarding female hotness must include either a photo, GIF or link in the post!!! Don't let it happen again!
  13. 32EBoozer

    Quarter Pole Observations

    After reviewing the first four games of the Jet season one phrase comes to mind, "defensive regression". I've never been one to play the "fire the coach" social media game when a team loses. Changing coaches frequently (CLE) doesn't allow an organization to progress and breeds instability. But if the nonsense on the defensive side of the ball continues, I'm all for a change at the end of the year. It's the fourth year of Todd Bowles installing his defense with a ton of premium picks (rounds 1-3) and big money free agents: Leonard Williams (#1) Nathan Shepherd (#3) Jordan Jenkins (#3) Darron Lee (#1) Avery Williamson ($$$) Jamal Adams (#1) Marcus Maye (#2) Mo Claiborne ($$$) Trumaine Johnson ($$$) Buster Skrine ($$$) And that collection of talent allowed Bortles to morph into Joe Montana??? Carving them up for 400 yards on simple crossing patterns to Jerry Rice (Westbrook) and John Taylor (Moncrief)??? How is that possible??? With Sam Darnold leading the offense struggles were to be expected on that side of the ball. But this defense has no excuse!!! They should be carrying the team with a ton of three and outs, turnovers and short fields that make it easier for Darnold to move the ball. But other than the DET game they have failed repeatedly: - Against MIA they didn't adjust to the designed QB runs Tannehill killed them with. And they allowed MIA to run out the clock after the team cut the deficit to 20-12 - Against CLE they should've been relentless in attacking Mayfield. Hoping to speed him up and force him into turnovers, but they played coverage and Mayfield picked them apart. And after the offense scored to give the team a 17-14 lead they allowed CLE to eat 6 minutes off the clock and score the winning TD - Against JAX as stated before they got shredded by Montana, Rice and Taylor on the most innovative route concept of all time. I'm sure the '85 Bears would've had no answer for those crossing patterns Unless Bowles does something drastic to get his defense playing well and carrying the team over the final 12 games I'm ready to move on
  14. 32EBoozer

    Game Observations (MIA)

    jets= Monday-Sun.-Thurs. Browns=Sunday-Sunday-Thurs. Jets= 2 short weeks in a row Browns= 1 short week Still..... no excuse for the Jets. Coaching sucked, discipline sucked, 2nd half OL sucked, play calling sucked, 2nd half Def. sucked.

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