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  1. 32EBoozer

    Update on Justin Houston

    😂Sources? Since when has anyone used sources on this board?
  2. @kelly I thought we should bring HIM in on the conversation 🥰
  3. 32EBoozer

    Vontaze Burfict released by Bengals

    Him and CJ... call them the “Black’n’ Blue Brothers”! They both hit visciously.
  4. If he has a life in the Philly area, setting up camp in NJ might be the way to go. Leave the kids in their current school, don't have to give up the friends you made or find a new house. Keeps the wife happy. If the money is in the ballpark you stay close to home
  5. 32EBoozer

    Just Joined the Forum

    76 games within our own division.... Braves, Nats, Phils and Marlins....... I'd be happy if we went .500 AL Central= Indians, Royals, White Sox, Twins &Tigers = (10-10) + Yanks (1-3) as a kick in the balls! We'd better hope Conforto, Nimo and Rosario bloom this yr. while Cano & Lowrie find their glory days. Staff ERA needs to be below 3.0 to have a chance for a WC.
  6. If this is your thinking, then heck... Then " BRING-BACK-THE-HACK!!!"
  7. I drove my car off a bridge on purpose..... I survived
  8. 32EBoozer

    Just Joined the Forum

    That pitching staff, if Matz can freaking get it together, could take them deep into the playoffs..... I just don't think we have the offensive talent to win 90+ especially in a deep[ NL East with stacked Phillies, young & talented braves and a Marlins team giving us fits in spring training. Need to get deGrom, Thor and Wheeler signed moving forward.
  9. 32EBoozer

    Just Joined the Forum

    Mets, Jets, Knicks, Rangers fan since '68 (age 5). Born in Hempstead NY until we moved to N. Jersey in '72. So happy the Jets moved to the Meadowlands in the '80's.... and then reality hit. Other than the sack exchange and the rivalry with the Dolphin's not much to be excited for until 2009-2012. New era now that Sammy is here.... hoping to live out my years with a Patriots type run in the AFC East. Hoping Knicks get Zion, KD and Irving; Mets turn it around and Ranger rebuild is completed by 2021.
  10. 32EBoozer

    Just Joined the Forum

    Failure to reveal the list is a BANABLE offense!! Are you trying to get us to buy the book?? Ha! jokes on you.... Jet's fans can't read!
  11. 32EBoozer

    Easton to Saints

    You better believe Harrison and his agent are thinking....... “Damn boy, if I can hold the fort for 2 yrs I will make Bank” Good thing Jets locked him up at a decent salary
  12. 32EBoozer

    Easton to Saints

    Archer... you are fast on the sourcing!
  13. Sarge, why does Middleton and “Newcomer “ have a red dot 🔴 next to them? Good job! Thanks
  14. I thought it was because he played at a small school and wasn’t invited to the combine?🤔
  15. 32EBoozer

    NFL Free Agent Updates

    Meh. Now they know how we feel seeing our 1st rd picks flame out and let go in FA 🤯 Ogbuehi, 26, started 25 of 35 games over his first four seasons, all with the Cincinnati Bengals, but appeared in just two games last season. A Texas A&M product, he was the Bengals' first-round draft pick in 2015.

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