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  1. Yeah I too hope Hank will take the buyout and a position in the front office or in public relations dept. An All-Time great Ranger We are set at Goalkeeper for the next decade IMO. With the cap savings go and get D’Angelo extended along with Giorgiev. Allows for some flexibility during draft to take on a contract if beneficial.
  2. Thanks for all the hard work Marc. You’ve been a good Ranger teammate. Good luck to you in Detroit.
  3. https://nypost.com/2020/09/22/mekhi-becton-has-been-jets-massive-draft-success-one-of-the-best-already/ The Jets may be the worst team in the NFL through two weeks. They may have been overwhelmed by the Bills and injury-depleted 49ers. They may be going nowhere but south. But there is one reason for optimism. Rookie left tackle Mekhi Becton looks like an absolute keeper, several experts believe. Take former Jets and Patriots offensive lineman Damien Woody, for instance. “I would venture to say he’s one of the best OTs in the game already,” the ESPN analyst tweeted. He was quote-tweeting a video posted by the NFL Network’s Brian Baldinger of Becton’s impressive highlights on Sunday against the 49ers when he showed Becton more than holding his own against Nick Bosa before Bosa got hurt and other plays that showed Becton dominating the man across from him. –– ADVERTISEMENT –– “.@nyjets only a suggestion. Become a ‘left handed’ team and run behind ‘Highway 77’ He makes grown men disappear @BigTicket73 #BaldysBreakdowns,” Baldinger tweeted. Geoff Schwartz, a former longtime NFL offensive lineman who works for Sirius XM, had a similar take. “Mekhi Becton has elite recovery skills in pass pro,” he tweeted in a video of Becton going up against Bosa. Pro Football Focus rated Becton as the No. 1 offensive rookie so far, grading him out at 79.7.
  4. Whatever makes that #1 & #3 more valuable I guess
  5. “..... accepted the RUMORED Cowboys offer.....” Jets couldn’t have guessed Cowboys would be bad in a weak NFC East. More like drafting in mid 20’s
  6. Did you provide the breastfeeding or guzzled the breastfeeding?
  7. Barzal is amazing on his skates. I was blown away by his speed and stick handling.
  8. @Lith Metropolitan Division will be an absolute powerhouse for the next 10 years!
  9. “Matthau! Matthau!” can never be topped!
  10. BJ you are tireless when it comes to all things Rangers. Thanks for providing all these organizational updates. When’s the Draft scheduled?
  11. Browns, Dolphags X 2 and either Buffalo or Pats win.
  12. Cleveland has way more talent than the Jets. They’ll finish with 6+ wins. Jets probably stuck at 4 this year.
  13. Has he even made one yet? And I'm not talking about the Colts on Draft Day.

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