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  1. The other thing I notice is how absolutely incredible his slap tags are at second base! I’ve seen Lindor screw up several tags so far this season. Baez hand speed is off the charts.
  2. ENJOY! He is better than Lindor defensively
  3. There goes the talk of an extension.
  4. Do You place the Qualifying offer on him?
  5. https://www.mlb.com/mets/news/jacob-degrom-has-setback-with-forearm-tightness
  6. Conforto also a FA after this season
  7. We have guys on this board crapping on Becton for missing time..... maybe even you? The greatest "Ability" is "Availability"!
  8. I have such a man crush on this guy. Leader of men who makes people accountable but has his player's backs.
  9. Ashtyn Davis is quickly becoming an insignificant forgotten part of this team. He really needs to get on the field and start balling. Last year he had a plausable excuse.... this year he's missing training camp and is behind all the other young players. He'll be off the team next year at this rate if he doesn't get things figured out by the end of the season.
  10. Should have been @KRL with the Tier 2M"Field Access" pass
  11. Good enough to stay in the league all these years.
  12. Reavers is mean and capable at keeping watch over the young flock.
  13. Dodgers ALL-IN trading for Sherzer &Turner from Nats. Yanks=Rizzo, Gallo + Padres go big….. Mets=
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