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  1. Other than Saleh, Ulbricht, Lefleur & Austin I am not familiar with these other names. I’ll post some of the other premium positional coaches.
  2. Maybe the Ravens take him? They have a RB playing QB. RUN A DOUBLE SPREAD OPTION!
  3. I’d be just as happy staying put and grabbing Humphrey or Dickinson By trading back from #23 to #26 - 28. One of them will be there plus we pick up another 4thto play with later
  4. Bungles passing on an OT surprises me. They have a good young Corp of receivers with Higgins & Boyd. I think protecting Burrow the biggest need. Could see them trading beck TBH
  5. Hoping this guy can unlock the full potential of our front four. We have exceptional depth for keeping guys fresh. Just need WC to figure out the best pairing of players. Zuniga needs to stick to this guy and Lawson to get on the field
  6. 4 things to know about new Jets DL coach Aaron Whitecotton https://jetswire.usatoday.com/lists/new-york-jets-aaron-whitecotton-things-to-know-robert-saleh/ Tyler Calvaruso January 26, 2021 11:33 am Robert Saleh’s first Jets coaching staff is littered with experience, but it also features a handful of young, up-and-comers in the profession. Among them are Aaron Whitecotton, who followed Saleh from San Francisco to New York after working as the 49ers’ assistant defensive line coach last seaso
  7. I’d prefer one of the 3rd rd. picks to do that deal. I think JD would like t save #34 to either move up or back. Kelsey trade would defeat that option Maybe Kelce & 70 for #66 and #154?
  8. OTC has him making $210 m over his career. Not bad!
  9. Especially no longer lining up opposite Perriman. Davis brings the possibility of being a true #1 although the jury is still out. Hoping Miles Austin can get through to him and unleash his true potential.
  10. So this is the point at which Saleh and JD may stand on opposite sides of the fence on a player. Hall & Austin played pretty well, Guidry didn’t do much statistically. Poole had a good season & played with Ulbrich in Atlanta. I say Jets stand pat at CB but select one in draft & bring Poole back on a 1-2 year deal. Having JD nix the Sherman signing provides Saleh cover for not signing him. Great player for years who is very vocal.... let JD be the bad guy.
  11. Dallas loses again. Hoping for a lottery pick. Cuban was pissed looking to the Kings.... losers of 9 straight until tonight. Porzingus 9 pts. On 3-14 shooting. What a soft player he is
  12. I think with the new nutritional and training staff we’ll hopefully see less injuries and missed games. JD took this very seriously
  13. Guy wants to stick withMets! Not certain what his value is contract wise but he’s been great after last year’s pussy back out
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