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  1. I am honored by you referencing my previous GIF
  2. I am good with that. We have a multi-billionaire and a weird, but talented, starting picture who gets into troble on Twitter. I'm good with 2 years. If he performs we can renew or let him walk & get a draft pick.
  3. Now that KC & TB has moved on to the SB..... Leslie Frazier may get hired over Biennemy because Houston has to get this coaching vacancy filled to see if Watson can be appeased. Do they risk waiting another 2-3 weeks to get Biennemy? I doubt it.
  4. Fortifying the OL would have been helpful. Once Baktiari went down they didn’t have the depth to open Rodgers clean late in the season
  5. Jan 24, 2021 Joe Thomas @joethomas73 …I think what this season proved is that coaching can make a difference in the NFL but it is about 1/10th of the difference that QB play is. The difference between the best coach and the worst coach in the NFL is small; the difference between the best QB and the worst is eons
  6. Remember that Jeopardy gig is open.... he’s guest hosting soon! 👨🏻‍🎓
  7. And I don’t give a damn if there are 15 other threads on this. 50% of those that voted want Watson.... I don’t give a crap about Buffalo/KC. I want Watson!
  8. https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/30770584/houston-texans-coaching-decision-affect-deshaun-watson-desire-leave-sources-say Cant paste the article from Schefter. Really, what option does Houston have? The horses are out of the barn and Houston has no idea of how to get them back in. The incoming coach(no matter who he is) will have a disaster on his hands even if Mngmt. refuses to trade Watson. Only winning can change things and Texans play in a tough division with no 1st or 2nd rd. picks. Frazier, Biennemy, Bowles or McCown have a decision. Lose the next 2 years with Watson and a depleted roster or trade him, restock with a new Qb, and additional pieces moving forward. Fans upset but at management. You have 2 seasons to show positive progress with two 1st rd. picks in ‘22 & ‘23. This is a no brainer. That’s a good situation for any coach to walk into. You’re choice of Qb and the ability to build around him. You may say that’s what the Jets should do...... but you have a much better situation for Watson here in NY. We still have 1st rd. picks this year and next plus 4 additional top 100 picks plus two 5th (130, 138) & pick 162 and 215. We also have over $70 m in cap space and a few key pieces in place. Add to this a complete coaching staff headed up by a passionate leader of men with great communication skills and an understanding of what it takes to win! I would get my Watson jersey tomorrow if it were available. Beef up the OL and Edge in FA, draft another top WR and CB in draft and fill in the pieces. 8-8 or better next year. Go Jets!
  9. Unless he chooses to sign elsewhere He will be a FA after all
  10. So are you implementing the $25 mil 5th year option for Sam? If you don’t what do we do in ‘22?
  11. Final results after a large amount of board input. We appear to have a clear preference for Watson! *** After 220 votes and Watson signing holding at 49% *** *** Trade #2 For More draft picks @22% *** Make it happen JD!!!!!! We know you read this board!!

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