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  1. 32EBoozer

    No London Game for Jets

    Long flights for those California Teams.
  2. Bears have the inside track with Nagy. Howard is the starting back along with Cohen. Jets could be a good fit in many ways
  3. 32EBoozer

    How can any Jet fan not be excited?

    Add to that Rangers and Knicks for me and I am numb to the pain of disappointment!!! My 55 years of life have included 50 years worth of “REBUILDS” I am comfortably numb over Gase/Williams
  4. 32EBoozer

    Happy Birthday, Glenn!

    Great Articles Glenn. Thanks for your hard work. Happy birthday 🎈
  5. I believe it is pronounced “Bastids”
  6. Fixed! It all started with his coronation!!
  7. 32EBoozer

    Jets should talk to Mangini

    I think a large portion of Rex's problems was his players started tuning him out. In many ways like Trump. Nothing political here..... the more people keep mouthing off on everything, even those most close to them start to stop listening. Rex had to comment on everything...... other Head Coaches (Li'l Bill) and other teams players. He wore out his welcome.
  8. Man do I hate that the Draft got moved back!! April 25th is an eternity away!!
  9. Jeff: you were just in high school 5 years ago........ Won't turn 22 until early June. Nice to have a year of pro ball under your belt at that age! Looking forward to a sustained growth and development in year 2. Mayfield 24 in April...... Sammy will be light years ahead of him at same age.
  10. 32EBoozer

    3 Coordinators, No Head Coach

    Who's managing the clock and calling TO's ? Will Williams will be calling Defensive TO's and Gase Offensive TO's.... HC needs to watching when the opposing offense calls out of a play and we do not have the proper Defense to cover. Does Williams call that TO? What about "Challenges" Will Gase be watching the "D" and challenge a call? Curious to see how this all plays out.
  11. Thanks, PK. Fluff piece..... nothing on Gase and thoughts on Herndon, Robbie and Burnett.
  12. Patriot Killa will watch it and provide details. You're the man PK!!
  13. 32EBoozer

    Some food for thought

    for you, sir. Knee jerk in action
  14. 32EBoozer

    Some food for thought

    I love the new avatar..... hilarious 😂

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