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  1. 32EBoozer

    Total set up

    Is that Goodell? He may be foreseeing the NFL Anthem protests! Evil personified!
  2. 32EBoozer

    Jets Waive ArDarius Stewart

    If MacDaddy screws up FA next year (no Pass rusher) and has a bad draft (fails to address OL in a meaningful way) his head will be on the chopping block if we win are not playing meaningful games in December 2019. Good possibility that Bowles & Kacy are gone if we don't win 6+ games this year. IMO
  3. Email me at bungaman57 at gee mail dot com.

  4. 32EBoozer

    Browns game bulletin board material.

    They are not mutually exclusive looks!! *$$hole get into the bedroom, please me, then get the hell out of the house!! 😍🤬
  5. 32EBoozer

    Browns game bulletin board material.

    Browns have played Pittsburgh and New Orleans, and held NO to 21. We have played a struggling Lions team and a average Miami team. We have a 50/50 shot.... I think we are pretty equal to the Browns prior to Gordon leaving. IMHO Like Pep Pep said, Turnovers and 3rd down efficiency should tell the story.
  6. 32EBoozer

    Browns game bulletin board material.

    HA-HA.... you're correct.... and so is my dinner. Thanks PK, you saved me from rushing home after work only to have my wife give me the LOOK!
  7. 32EBoozer

    Browns game bulletin board material.

    Anyone have any streaming options for the game tonight??? Will be out this evening but looking to stream on my phone. Anyone know of an IP address I can get on tonight to watch the game? Thanks, Boozer
  8. 32EBoozer

    Browns game bulletin board material.

    The Browns also have a competent Defensive Coordinator....... we have Rodgers! That alone is a 2 TD advantage to the Browns
  9. 32EBoozer

    Watching Mack again

    Fowler will be a FA in March..... Offer him "COIN" and make it happen! Jacksonville is Capped-out. If they will take a 5th on condition of a contract extension, then great. If not..... wait until March.
  10. 32EBoozer

    My hopefully rationale thoughts....

    Expect 8 man fronts and blitzes moving forward. Game 1 vs. Detroit we did a good job of picking up the blitz early. After we moved out to a big lead, Detroit was trying to stop the run as we killed the clock. Miami stuffed the box and were able to create pressure from their front 4. The OL sucked yesterday!! Cleveland will also stack the box and be able to bring a PR from their front DL. Bates had better prepare a way to create quick separation for the WR's and quick screens to the RB's or Sam will be running for his life!! Landry & Callowaqy need to be stopped and Tyrod contained. If Tannehill tore us up yesterday, imagine what TT can do!
  11. Watched a highlights film of his last year..... left me Unreal skills!!
  12. 32EBoozer

    Game Observations (MIA)

    Well, just wait until Thursday..... that Cleveland "D" is for real. We need Kearse back and that OL better improve quickly!
  13. I take it you have him on your fantasy roster? I do and am loving your prediction!
  14. 32EBoozer

    We learn a lot tomorrow

    I’d start the 2 TE jumbo package. Must protect Sammy. Short drop screens and TE passes while establishing the run. Quincy will get 8 targets in the 1st half alone Hoping ST can set Sammy up with some nice returns and the “D” giving us a short field on multiple occasions. Let Sammy settle down and settle in before opening the playbook.
  15. Private party....... Bar-mitzva!🕍.

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