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  1. Bowles and Macc are coming back

    Kirk Cousins!!
  2. Bowles and Macc are coming back

    Broncos, yes. Chargers will be tough. Chargers are playing very well right now. Rivers is on a roll.
  3. Bills bench Tyrod Taylor

    I was watching the Redskins/Saints game yesterday. There was a play in the 4th quarter when NO sent an all-out blitz.... 3 players coming straight at Cousins' and he stood in that pocket waiting for Grant to make his cut up-field. No sooner did he release that ball than all 3 NO players buried Cousins. Play resulted in a 40 yd. TD. Very impressed with his toughness. I think Washington may very well place the 3rd Franchise Tag on him if he doesn't sign long term. I believe the next tag will cost them $30 mil.
  4. Bills bench Tyrod Taylor

    Then why do they keep placing the Franchise tag on him if they can't wait to dump him? I think the CAP HIT is $25 mil at this point. I think they were betting on him to take a discounted deal and he called them on it by sticking to his $ amount! Your Crazy!!! Washington OL has been decimated by injury. Cousin's has put this team on his back. He'd be worth the money and deserves a premium to come to this sorry ass franchise!! Cousins: 7th - Total QBR 4th - Total Passing yds./game Completion % - 66.5% 14 TD's - 5 Int 3 Rushing TD's
  5. Bills bench Tyrod Taylor

    Here we go again!!
  6. Bills bench Tyrod Taylor

    Screw this. Let's go out and be aggressive in signing Cousing. Gunslinger mentality, very good arm, accurate (compared to what we are used to) throws a great deep ball (Seattle game) and is a leader. I know there will be competition, but I don't think we'll be in a position to draft Darnold or Rosen. Let's please get this train rolling!!!
  7. NFL 2017 Midseason Awards: MMQB

    I have zero disagreements with the top picks in each category. MVP: I'd place Alex Smith over Tammy Brady (just because) Why is Fletcher Cox and Calais Campbell in the MVP discussion?? Homer reporters GM of the year for me .... Mickey Loomis
  8. When the whole squad is lit

    You sound like Harvey Weinstein!!
  9. Darron Lee is 23

    This usually happens after these players leave the Jets/Mets/Knicks and blossom with other teams!!!! Seeing Justin Turner go "Beast Mode" on the Dodgers pisses me off to no end!
  10. Fixed. I don't see AP being a good fit. Not elusive enough (ie. Davis Johnson) anymore
  11. WTF Happened to Nick Folk?

    Gostkowski will be in the HOF one day. Top kicker in the league every year.
  12. Is Macc setting up for FA QB?

    I like Cousins.... he's tough as nails and plays with a chip on his shoulder. I'm tired of "grooming".... let's get a real QB capable of putting a team on his back, build a team around him with weapons and let's make a run!! Groom a QB for when the Cousins era is over.
  13. Game Observations (JAX)

    If Petty steps up this year and shows something, MacDaddy might actually go with probably the best offensive player in the draft. Kid is a marvel! He is an Elliott type player. I'm all for finding a Kareem Hunt in the 3rd, but Barkly is special.
  14. Game Observations (JAX)

    Since we will probably drafting at 6-8 take the PSU running back Barkley. He'll be our "Zeke" and hope Petty/ Hack can be the answer.