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  1. JMD........Where would you put Cespedes & Lowery if they return healthy next year? Bench Davis for YC ? No way ! Lowery over Cano ........No way We can't even find playing time for Dom Smith next year...... he was stroking before the injury but Alonso cannot be replaced. We will have a VERY deep bench next year in case of injuries. We can make a run!!
  2. 32EBoozer

    Go Nats!

    I'd go with TB.... our old catcher (d'Arnaud) deserves a ring! LOL Morton is a stud. Time for some new teams to win... especially if the Yanks lose to TB
  3. 32EBoozer

    Go Nats!

    What is the creepy avatar about?
  4. Soscia and Boechi might be candidates as well. A lot of job availability
  5. 32EBoozer

    Go Nats!

    Veteran team with a sprinkling of young talent. Man is Soto a STUD! Kid has no fear of the big moment. Rendon should win MVP IMO.... has carried that team in a lot of ways. Hudson pickup was brilliant. Throwing smoke last night
  6. I personally think Brody will put some feelers out on some of the big names out there. Guys like Gerardi and Madden. If they don’t seem too interested he sticks with Callaway. Of course this is all going to backfire when Geraldi and Madden‘s agent will leak it to the press so they can get their dream positions with the Cubs and Angels for Madden where he was a coach for years.
  7. Great end to the season. 10 games over .500. BVW is OTC. Don’t screw it up! Hoping to see Astros vs. Dodgers
  8. Congratulations to Pete Alonso!! 53rd homer of the season over 120 RBIs and over 100 runs scored. batting near .270 while also playing a decent first base. Could we Have asked for anything more?
  9. 3rd straight solid start for Stroman Kept the ball down and away. Happy for our NY son.
  10. Way to go LFGM! Pete Alonso!! So optimistic for next year if Calaway can learn to make critical in game decisions, we resign Wheeler, get Diaz right and most importantly get Wilpons to open their wallet
  11. Let's hope so.... especially at the Catcher position. Ramos hits well enough and calls a good game (sans Thor) but his arm is below avg. 2020 last year of contract IIRC. Bullpen needs some more arms next year too!
  12. I guess you are correct. 28. New York Mets (Last Year’s Rank: #23) The Mets, led by new General Manager and former player agent Broddie Van Wagenen, have positioned themselves as – potential – contenders in 2019. And the franchise also has two top prospects ready to contribute along the way as well: Andres Gimenez looks like a young star and power-hitting first base Peter Alonso is a bonafide middle-of-the-lineup thumper. Third baseman Mark Vientos could crack the Top 100 list in a year. Left-handers David Peterson and Anthony Kay offer up some potential as #4-ish arms. It’s thin, so we’ll see how the club’s 2019 season goes. The system could get a boost with the return of Thomas Szapucki and Jordan Humphreys as well. 29. Chicago Cubs (Last Year’s Rank: #24) They’ve officially bottomed out. Years of promoting big time talent and big time trades have left the Cubs’ system all but barren. Miguel Amaya could be the top catching prospect in a year. And Alex Lange looks like a Kyle Hendricks-type clone. Beyond that, though, are a lot of question marks. Can Brailyn Marquez throw enough strikes and/or develop his offspeed pitches? Will Nico Hoerner hit enough? Can Adbert Alzolay stay in the rotation? And will Cory Abbott succeed in Class AA?
  13. Management also is a BIG consideration for managers. You have BVW vs. Epstein...... Wilpons vs. Cubs ownership. Cheap vs. willing spenders. Excellent farm system vs. depleted system! Those last 3 could push the needle Cubs way!
  14. Cardinals, Brewers vs. Braves, Nats and Phillies. Central seems to have an easier path to the division title over the Braves and Nats. He also was born and raised in Illinois. Tough call.

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