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  1. Love the whole Stump “Look” Bet the players love the guy. Good football mind and a cool vibe
  2. Same. Threw out the Hail Mary pass and got 23 pts on BYEmageddan!!
  3. Silver Avoids Jail . . . Did Anyone Expect Him to Be Lock Up? Sheldon Silver avoids jail for at least another year (NYP) Crooked former Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver caught the break of a lifetime Thursday when a judge ruled that he can stay out of prison while he appeals — likely buying him at least another year of freedom. The powerful puppet master, who used his position to swindle $5.4 million in kickbacks and bribes, was supposed to surrender Wednesday to begin serving his 12-year sentence. But Manhattan federal Judge Valerie Caproni, who presided over Silver’s trial, inste
  4. Congrats on the PSU win. I am a closet ND fan who works for PSU. I loved the fact Iowa wonQ
  5. Our defense is our best unit. A 3-and-out by Jets offense to start the game puts our D at a disadvantage
  6. That really hurts my odds as a Fantasy Champion. You put some mad voodoo curse on me…. Admit it!
  7. According to the "Jamaal Adams Guide to Contract Renegotiations" TC of year 3 is exactly the time you hold out
  8. Not when he's on your Fantasy roster.
  9. Huff, Fats, QW gonna ball out in London! #INCENTIVE
  10. YOU GO PANZER!!! 3 Jet games in 4 weeks on 2 continents!!
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