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  1. Reuben Foster, troubled Redskins star, carted off crying at OTAs By Ethan Sears May 20, 2019 | 12:22pm Enlarge Image Reuben Foster If Odell Beckham Jr. or Le’Veon Bell wanted any justification for skipping voluntary workouts, they have it. Redskins linebacker Reuben Foster suffered a left leg injury Monday morning that seems serious. Foster was carted off sobbing, according to NFL Network’s Mike Garofolo. Foster has dealt with shoulder issues in the past, along with off-field troubles that saw him play just six games for the 49ers last season. A former first-round pick just two years ago, Foster was cut by the 49ers last November after a misdemeanor domestic violence charge and was picked up by Washington just three days later. The charges were later dropped. Though the seriousness of the injury remains unclear, this could be a blow to a Redskins defense for which the Alabama product figured to play a key role in 2019.
  2. Gase trying to get a few moves in before he's banned from the Executive Lounge..... Pads the resume for when he gets fired.... he can say he has had experience as a GM!
  3. 32EBoozer

    OTAs start tomorrow

    This could get U.G.L.Y. very quickly. They'd better get the new GM in here quickly. If he's polished in dealing with the media he can diffuse a LOT of the crap that's being written about the Jets
  4. 32EBoozer

    Breer On GM Search

    This is exactly what we need .... someone connected who can make trades because he’s always talking to his peers! Mac seemed as if he had no relationships within the GM community That said, if Eagles VP Joe Douglas is willing to come, and I’m the Jets, I offer him the job tomorrow. And not only because he’s really good, but also because he’s so connected, and could, in time, build the kind of robust staff that Chris Ballard has in Indianapolis (well-regarded Philly scouting directors Ian Cunningham and Andy Weidl followed Douglas there from Baltimore). If it’s not Douglas?
  5. 32EBoozer

    Your vote for the new GM!

    Bring Ozzie out of retirement. Give him the bank to change this organization from a clump of coal to a diamond
  6. Good listen. Between his podcast breaking down his man crush of QW’s studness and now this... I’m starting to love this guy. Is he a closet Jets fan?
  7. 32EBoozer

    Clayton: jets could trade Bell

    Can’t see it! What would the cap ramifications be for the Jets? No way in heck they’re going to eat several million dollars.
  8. This is precisely the reason the OL should have been addressed in FA. Our OL will make Oliver look like the 2nd coming of Reggie White. Buffalo, who invested HEAVILY in the OL in FA will neutralize QW and make the Jets look like idiots for not making a trade down and taking Oliver later. I guess we'll just have to see what we can pickup during camp cuts and possible trades before the season.
  9. 32EBoozer

    Some random thoughts

    Welcome to the board! Really like the avatar.
  10. Or its a masterful Head Fake by Douglas to get a raise!! His agent drops a tip on a reporter and lets the fire spread. The best thing about taking the Jets job is that any competent person can't do any worse!
  11. 32EBoozer

    This Has Happened Before ...

    BAM!! And there it is.....C L A R I T Y & R E A S O N !! Thanks for that. It's a longggggg season. Let's support our team and give them an opportunity before crapping on them! There will be plenty of time for that. Dysfunction breads dysfunction. There needs to be a break in the cycle. Lets start today.
  12. Yeah, those knee braces are tough to jump in!
  13. Thinking the same thing. I think Wynn moves inside TBH
  14. 32EBoozer

    The Mini Camp Thread

    An evenly matched offense and defense. For the past decade the "D" would always dominate the "O" in camp. Seemed like the "O" was running laps at the end of every practice. Rex really let the "O" know they sucked compared to his "D" A healthy Enunwa and Trumane working hard to get back his "shut down" recognition.

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