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  1. The Braves have a very deep talent pool while we have traded away most of our top tier talent. Whether our talent would ever made a significant impact in the majors is another question. With Davis, Alonso, Nimmo, Conforto, Smith and Rosie we should be solid for the next 2-3 years. BVW might want to consider locking up some of our young talent at a cheaper cost than waiting to FA. Thor , Matz, Conforto might be a good idea. BVM needs to nail the next few drafts to fill up the talent pool.
  2. Got home late. Need to see a replay. Hoping game gets called soon and we get the easy W. THOR was dealing tonight. 75 pitches in 6 innings. Off speed was outstanding. Cubs and Nats keep beating the crap teams however. I guess @Lith didn’t root hard enough for Cubs loss
  3. Definitely worth starting a new thread for this! Even Captain Obvious is incredulous!
  4. C.mon man! Time to leave the old SOMF history in the past. New day, new team, new attitudes!!
  5. Great win last night.... this group has such a high confidence level in the late innings. New guy every night stepping up! Rosie again starts things off with a huge double in the gap, followed by a perfect sacrifice to move him to 3rd. Everyone doing the little things! Thor for the sweep tonight. He'll need to go deep tonight as we used up Lugo. Hoping Brach and Wilson can pitch tonight along with Diaz being available. LFGM!
  6. The Cano injury hurt us.... he was just starting to produce consistently. That being said he has been a great influence on Rosario! Watching the game last night and seeing Cano & Rosie laughing and talking made me appreciate Cano despite the contract. Even Raji Davis was a nice veteran pickup. McNeil will be back soon. Nimmo & Lowrie getting close..... maybe in time for the Braves series? 6 games vs. Braves; 6 games vs. Philly; 3 games vs. Nats. That's your WC right there if we dominate.
  7. I saw him in the Alamo Dome in San Antonio. His brother's band (Thunderbirds) opened . Amazing evening that lasted close to 5 hours.
  8. It was EPIC! Recorded it. Few made it look as easy as he did.... and he also had a great blues voice. Overcame his demons and thrived.
  9. Ugghh!! That is a daunting lineup of teams! We have 7 remaining with Phillies and 6 against Nats! Need to win 3/4 of those games, Beat up on Reds, Marlins and Rockies and try and go combined 3-6 vs. Indians and Dodgers. Need to be even with Atlanta.
  10. Stevie Ray Vaughn was and still is my favorite musician. Texas Flood was a masterpiece! Khalil is good depth signing... but not at that price.
  11. 38 games remaining..... Must average 1 HR every 3.16 games to tie record I'd prefer we lock up the WC spot with him hitting singles and doubles and driving in runs. Team over personal stats.
  12. I thought I read Judge hit 52. I could be mistaken.
  13. I wish I were I able to give multiple laugh emoji's for that one! One is not enough.

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