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  1. What has 353 yds and a single TD? Make that 2 TD🤗🥳
  2. Cano, Diazand & Nimmo must stay healthy and step up their play. Conforto must be able to take it to the next level and keep the strikeouts down. Thor needs to dominate again & the bullpen be 100% better. Interesting article below. https://www.sny.tv/mets/news/mlb-sources-on-what-mets-should-do-with-6-potential-trade-candidates/311342982 The following six players (and four others) all have value to the Mets, but may also have value to other teams via trade. I asked two rival team executives and two people in player development if the Mets should keep or push to trade each player. Here are the results along with my reaction... Wilson Ramos MLB Insiders: 4 Keep, 0 Trade He isn't perfect. And Brodie Van Wagenen last winter clearly preferred Yasmani Grandal. However, despite a rocky start, Ramos hit .350 with 15 extra base hits during the team's final 45 games, all of which had them fighting for a spot in the postseason. More importantly, he is under contract this season, will be paid $10 million and can be a free agent at the end of the year. Grandal or no Grandal, the Mets aren't signing a 2.0 WAR catcher to that contract who can hit like Ramos with a full year under his belt working with their pitching staff. I agree with the above sources. Ramos may not have been the preferred option last winter, but he is now... Dominic Smith MLB Insiders: 2 Keep, 2 Trade Smith has gone from top prospect to big-league question mark in less than 18 months. He has shown he is a major-league player, but is there room for him with the Mets? Pete Alonso will be the team's first baseman through the foreseeable future. In the outfield next season, the Mets will have Michael Conforto, Brandon Nimmo, potentially Jeff McNeil (if he isn't at third base), and possibly J.D. Davis and Yoenis Cespedes. According to the above insiders, teams will be intrigued by Smith because he comes with nearly zero risk and a projectable upside. He can field first base, hit, is a wonderful teammate, just 24 years old, earning the league minimum the next two seasons, and he's under team control through 2024. I'd try to trade him. However, if it doesn't pan out, he can stick and continue serving as a much-needed, left-handed bat off the bench, backup to Alonso and fill-in corner outfielder. Van Wagenen can then revisit Smith's trade value next summer. J.D. Davis MLB Insiders: 2 Keep, 2 Trade Davis is a tough call. I'm not surprised it's a 2-2 split. On one hand, he's a 26-year-old third baseman that just hit .310 and 22 home runs during a sporadic 453 at-bats. He's like the new Kevin Mitchell. At the same time, because he's 26, hit .310 and had 22 home runs, not to mention he's earning the league minimum and under contract through 2024, he could be Van Wagenen's best shot at a trade that helps upgrade his pitching staff. Similar to Mitchell, Davis can play multiple positions and I have no doubt that if traded he will go on to crush 40-plus home runs and make us regret the day he was dealt. I mean, that's how it goes, right? Again, though, if he can be swapped for a promising, affordable starting pitcher, it's hard to not at least consider making a trade. Michael Conforto MLB Insiders: 4 Keep, 0 Trade Conforto, who has improved every season, is coming off 33 home runs and 92 RBI. He's also a quiet leader, has proven he can handle New York, he's played in the postseason and he's crazy competitive. I'm sticking to my prediction that, with Alonso batting around him, Conforto will soon win an MVP. Van Wagenen shouldn't trade him, he should give him a contract extension. Noah Syndergaard MLB Insiders: 3 Keep, 1 Trade I teeter on Syndergaard because it's hard to believe he isn't inches from some sort of major surgery. It's just the nature of pitching, especially given his power and mechanics. Nevertheless, here he is, defying physics and having a ton of fun doing it. He could bring in a haul of young talent if traded -- something Van Wagenen strongly suggested will not happen this offseason. Like Conforto, there is major value in guys that love New York, understand the fans and can handle the pressure of playing here. He's one of those guys and there's no lock that anyone he's traded for will have the same results. If the Mets are going to rebuild, fine, trade Syndergaard. If they're again pushing for the postseason, he has to stay and continue being a vital part of the rotation. Seth Lugo MLB Insiders: 4 Keep, 0 Trade Lugo can be a closer, middle reliever, starting pitcher and an Andrew Miller-like, multi-inning reliever and do it all to great success and without skipping a beat. Like Conforto and Syndergaard, he's done it under the pressures of New York. Lugo is the guy who, if a free agent, we'd be begging Van Wagenen to sign and upgrade the bullpen with. Well, he's already here, which is exactly where he should stay. For what it's worth, at least three of the four insiders also feel the Mets should keep pitchers Justin Wilson, Edwin Diaz, Jeurys Familia and Steven Matz. The argument being that, if Van Wagenen wants to win in 2020, he'll want to get back big-league talent for the above four -- and that's unlikely to happen in the current economy. And if he accepted back prospects, he'd then need to replace these people on the open market, which will be difficult to do given each player's upside, track record or current contract.
  3. Is Domingo German in the Yanks plan? Live arm but domestic violence accusations.
  4. Hoping we can re-sign Wheeler to tighten the market for trading for an affordable starter (Thor). Hopefully he likes the direction the team is heading in and the clubhouse atmosphere.
  5. Thank goodness that we don’t have G. Stanton hanging around our necks like the Yankees. Judge followed by Torres coming up soon. We have Conforto and Thor coming up. Much cheaper on our end.
  6. Now if Pete can become the next Freddie Freeman with power, average and glove. Rosario builds on last season, JD keeps developing and Conforto and McNeil take the next step, we have very good building blocks.
  7. At some point we need to keep our good players. If our GM's could actually draft well, we would not even be considering this unless we thought the $ would be astronomical!! I'll wait to see where Edoga is after training camp next season. He has the body of a LT.... he needs to work on his strength and footwork! If he lays off the weed, he might project as a future LT. This should not, however, prevent us from drafting a LT & C in the 1st four rounds next year. I also think VS delayed the deep route too long after "selling" the run. Sam is used to Robbie speed.... not VS speed. I also agree his angle was bad. Good summary KRL. We own the city for the next 4 years!!
  8. Being a Mets fan, I would take Cashman in a heartbeat! Be thankful for what you have. He drafts well... probably top 5 in the league.
  9. He'll sign for closer to $125m. Familia got 3 yr/$30m..... go figure!!
  10. Betts would provide proven leadership and pennant race & WS experience. We would have to agree to a contract before I would do the deal. No doubt he would want to test the market.
  11. 32EBoozer

    Go Nats!

    NL East will be tough next season! Braves, Nats, Mets. Wilpon's need to inject some additional talent onto this roster (ie. bullpen). E. Diaz needs to get his head right, Alonzo, Rosario, Conforto, Nimmo and JD need to take the next steps in their development.
  12. Angels hired him. Working for Maddon
  13. Calloway has already been hired by another team. Don't remember who.
  14. If we can get the same type deal or better for Anderson, then I'm ecstatic. 2 x OL, & WR in first 3 rounds. Throw an Edge rusher in there and we're moving in the right direction!!
  15. BVW gets one shot to pick a manager. If Mets take a step backwards these next 2 years he’ll be replaced by a baseball lifer and we start the rebuild all over. I wanted Girardi but I could see him talking to the press if he fails to win just to get fired and move back into the booth. Beltran would work well with the young players and Cano. Perez is polished but not certain of his in game abilities
  16. Maybe the Chargers. Rivers an UFA next season..... closer to home & Giselle. I doubt Tenn. and I doubt Chicago IMO
  17. Chili was and I think still is their hitting coach unless Girardi/Beltran/Showalter wants to bring in their own guy. 1st half of season Mets were extending the stike zone. After the break they did improve on that.
  18. I took the Nats in 7 with a friendly bet with my friend. Surprised to see how strong they came out of the gate. Soto is a stud. Nats wear down pitchers with how well disciplined they are at the plate, getting pitchers into a "hitters count". Mets need to learn this next year. Too many strikeouts!!
  19. The first paragraph is something that we have known for years, no matter how much we pretend otherwise. Paragraph 2 describes something we've also known for years..... There is no better coach in devising a game plan to eliminate the opponents offense. I hate to admit it, with every bone in my body, Bellichik is a master game planner!!
  20. I actually think payroll gets bumped up 10%. After the Madoff greed scheme and subsequent penalties, Wilpons must be back on their feet in this market
  21. And let's keep it that way!! LOL
  22. Per ESPN: 3 months ago: Falah was officially placed on Injured Reserve by the Broncos on Tuesday with a torn Achilles, Ryan O'Halloran of The Denver Post reports. I don't think he played much last year either.
  23. Sounds eerily familiar! Fortunately for us, our 1st rd. franchise can make Frappuccino out of POOP!

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