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  1. This is where recognition, audible protection and execution can save us. Zack has a lot of film work ahead of him. Lefleur has a lot of coaching to do with so many rookies, running game imperative! Offensive Line must be stout
  2. 4 potential Day 1 Offensive starters for 2021 will do that! Having a couple of pieces last year coming on will help.
  3. All you can really do is pray that the GM & coaching staff have a successful plan laid out to support Wilson and that he isn’t a deuche whom his teammates hate! (See R. Wilson) If he has the locker room and can be humble, authentic and approachable with the players from every walk of life he’s 30% home. If he has the skill set and brains, he’s 60% of the way to success. If JD/Saleh/Lefleur can get the team playing as one and stocking the cubbards with talent..... 90% The last 10% is random luck, Divine intervention and a assortment of good bounces & calls. PS..... see if yo
  4. This was Zach’s day..... no other storylines! They were there though!
  5. The AJ Brown “Love Testimonial” after Moore’s selection alone was “must watch” TV!
  6. You get your head taken off up high over the middle IMO
  7. 32 historically the Big RB #. That’s how I’ll remember. Not worried about DBs at this point.
  8. By mid-season it would be nice seeing Naggar with a Rodrigo Blankenship type trajectory heading into the last half of the season. Solid 32/37 & 43/45 XP. 2 misses in 1 game
  9. Has Crowder gotten any calls from the General? On a serious note, it would be nice if Zach is working the phones with the offensive vets too. Goes a long way
  10. Maybe some less morose anniversaries which do not fit the narrative of tying sports to life & death. Like when Jets won, USA Hockey, Mets/Yankees series etc. Lets honor the loss of those hallowed days
  11. Get up to the roof with your tablet & binoculars
  12. What the Jet design team and Eric Allen thought…..
  13. The Baron nailed my response better than I could ever express!! What he said!
  14. I think Nike was the one that went over the top to be “edgy “
  15. The convulsed jerking motion really must help you focus!!
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