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  1. He done got PAID! No more reason to get your lights knocked out trying to earn that next contract.
  2. Are you near Harrisburg or more towards Del. Water Gap? I'm formerly from Stroudsburg area now in Hershey, PA
  3. Yanks and Mets have a LOT riding on these Winter Meetings. Judge, deGrom could be heading elsewhere!
  4. You need more than 1 player (especially a rookie CB) to take down Jefferson. Because of Sauce’s length, he should follow him all over the field, but they won’t have him do that. 4-2-5 and we need Dalvin Cook contained by the front 6. I could see JJ & Clemons getting more playing time this week. Seal the edges
  5. A 1:2 punch at receiver is a must for any successful offense and EM & GW have that ability with quality QB play Diggs & Davis in Buffalo Hill & Waddle in Miami Deebo & Aiyuk - exceptional running game Chase & Higgins in Cincy KC is one of the few teams without a clear #1 WR but Kelce is a monster! Exceptional QB CeeDee is missing that other stud on the other side. That’s why they want OBJ Seattle with DK & Lockett
  6. Rich Eisen is must watch TV for every Jet fan. Wears his Jets fandom on his sleeve. We have finally been let out of purgatory and have once again felt the warmth of respect shining on our organizational faces.
  7. Zach & Davis should watch A Football Life: Julian Edelman Hated this guy with a passion but despite his size, lack of college offers and elite speed he still became an All Pro. Tenacity and short area quickness were his assets. Did whatever needed to be done to get on the field!
  8. Also remember the need to keep Robinson under the rushing yard threshold that makes a 6th pick a 5th. With the Bears rush D so bad why risk him breaking off a couple of big runs when Bam can take up the slack. Save Robinson for the playoff push and have a healthy 3 man rotation. Bam got a taste yesterday… he’ll be like a shark with blood in the water. Edit: Just saw Robinson only has 75 yards in 25 attempts! Disregard my post. Benched for performance issues Bam deserved the shot
  9. No Field's = No Problems for Jets Although I was worried during the 1st 3 drives!!
  10. But the trade of RW looks brilliant! They will have a top 3 pick from Denver and their own top 20 pick plus a host of others from Denver. Quick rebuild in Seattle after the JA debacle
  11. Or Jon Lester making a pickoff attempt at 1st No matter how big the lead, he was frozen
  12. Please let us know who wins the scrum
  13. I don’t think that will affect Siemian much. You need to kick him in the scrotum to eliminate production. @Adam Schefter Justin Fields, listed as questionable for Sunday due to his separated shoulder, is not expected to play vs. the Jets, per sources. Bears are expected to start QB Trevor Siemian, and the team also promoted Nathan Peterman from the practice squad Saturday to serve as the backup QB.
  14. Why exactly do you feel they need to tank? They’ll pick top 4 no matter what and they have their FQB. Don’t you think they’re now thinking culture change? If Fields doesn’t play tomorrow it’ll only be because he’s injured and they’re protecting him.
  15. @Dunnie Can you please explain why you gave the “sympathy” emoji? I’m not sure how it applies to Chazz Surrat spying Justin Fields?
  16. Now that Brian Kelly is at a SEC powerhouse, he will be able leverage this great program & pipeline to the NFL to get top talent to go with his coaching ability. He was hamstrung at ND with 2nd tier talent… & that’s coming from a ND fan.
  17. no way is Reich coming to the Jets as an assistant OC and especially not as a QB whisperer! Let’s keep our head screwed on tight
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