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  1. Still not sold on Allen but McDermott has done a good job in Buffalo.
  2. Two thing I am certain of. 1.) That Ron Rivera will be hired again soon. 2.) Chris Petersen will be offered an NFL job a year from now once he de-pressurizes from the grind of CFB. He'll probably turn it down. But that guy is way to good not to be in coaching somewhere.
  3. My favorite Jim Harbaugh headline. https://www.theonion.com/jim-harbaugh-disappointed-to-learn-electroshock-therapy-1819579294 .
  4. An important part for him is picking who goes and who stays in the offseason. Joe D probably will have his draft strategy down pat. It's building the roster back up from within that he's got to nail.
  5. Need to use two of the first three picks on OL regardless of position.. Then sign at least another one marque FA. That today was about as bad as OL as I have seen.
  6. Things better than Gsse. 1. a Liverworst sandwich left out on a hot summer's day with onions 2. Metallica's St. Anger 3. Burgundy colored "Members Only" jackets 4. You're uncle who drives a Nissan Sentra to dates 5. Crazy methhead lady who lives upstairs and always plays Billy Ray Cyrus whenever she thinks about her ex-husband (Okay, that last one is probably about even)
  7. There's no comparison you can make to a McRib that would produce that inequality. Nothing!
  8. This team was crap before losing to an 0-11 team. IDK know why were expected to be THAT much better than the competition.
  9. Wow. Cimini is really angry. That's actually impressive. Usually hes just eternally in a bad mood. So I am glad that hes switch his demeanor.
  10. I like what Tarantino said about Hamill playing Griff. You see Luke Skywalker fighting real evil. Not make believe. Griff was actually a real soldier that Fuller knew that died a basket case in an army hospital. So in every war movie that Fuller ever did he always put a character named Griff in memory. Fuller was one of a kind. Lived three lives in one and did just about everything a human could do.
  11. The people hating on Sam for this loss...
  12. He's gunna have his mind blown when he gets old enough to see Sam Fuller's The Big Red One.
  13. Maybe... the Jets are bad... themselves? There. Do I win a prize for this amazing answer?

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