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  1. The NFL has only been interested in TV contracts and growing their international audience over pretty much everything else. They really have no transparency on anything and little interest wirh improving relationships with hardcore fans. (We'll maybe convincing the parents of future potential players to sign those pee wee league permission slip. But that's it.) The NFL literally makes so much money that can afford to let owners be terrible and lack accountability in personnel. The NBA, by comparison, is hyper aware of quality control in every facet of their league because their fans constantly demand action and are social media junkies. Lebron making a statement can literally cost them billions. With the Pats still on top, all the time, the NFL still makes wads of cash. With Cinci garbage, Washington a rotting cesspool and every owner cycling through "a hot candidate" every few years. That's if your local franchise doesn't take you to court and move to LA or Vegas. The Patriots aren't the problem. They are built for success and managed about as well as can be. But the league needs to look at the overall "health" of its league... not just the top but the middle as well. In the NBA: San Antomio, Toronto, the Clippers, Indiana, Portland, Utah, Miami, Houston, Boston, Memphis, Denver, Golden State... All the teams which consistently make good decisions and playoff pushes. Nothing ever skips a beat because league policy and personnel are groomed at almost every level. Big markets still dominate but the small markets are always well maintained. Fromt offices can't afford to be lazy. The "evil eye" in the organization all the time because if the players call their agents... it's all over. The NFL is a copycat league of nincompoops by comparison, always whining about the lack of good QBs and how college cant produce them any more. Bill is who he is because he's a great coach but also he never let's ANYTHING slip. No other NFL team is on that level. Look at the league, not the Pat's.
  2. Booger has only been relevant when he went in the refs for one game. Literally the whole other time hes been annoying as hell. Monday Night Football has been a trainwreck for a few years now. I seldom watch it unless it's the Jets or a West Coast matchup.
  3. Wow. Just wow. I haven't even seen Laker fans do that when I got to Blazer games in Porrland. Which is saying something given recent demographic shifts.
  4. Woody is an idiot. Johnson isnt much better. But nobody owns an NFL franchise outside of Dan Snyder (and maybe Mike Brown, who can tell) to lose. There are thousands of Jets fans with a generational interest in the franchise. No owner however removed from their fan base, isn't going to want to appease that. These guys are already billionaires. Winning in a market like this just makes the franchise infinitely more valuable. The way some of you guys talk about Woody, you'd think he was so indifferent because he's actually running a huge drug front out the back of Metlife. The reality is some trust fund baby who spent his college years drunkenly bombing toilets at UA owns our franchise. Not Robert Kraft.
  5. The NFL is an example of nepotism and cronyism. Not that much different than US Soccer to tell you the truth. American national soccer is MUCH WORSE. But in the NFL, the same group of yahoos and burnouts are up for the jobs every time. I don't see how the Johnsons are supposed to know better. They are running a business. Did they grow up family friends with the Harbaughs and Walshs? Hiring a consulting firm is just going to being you up a certain amount of candidates within a certain window. Somebody who follows NFL and college football for a generation can tell you who the best coaching candidates are. The success rate is not great and the innovators are few. High profile candidates are not often the best ones.
  6. Gunna pass on game film this week. We are currently the Titanic.
  7. I still think Gase is burned out. I have never seen a coach in almost any sport so listless both during and after a defeat. Even baseball managers can be pretty reserved but still be intense in post games conferences. If Sam was seeing ghosts last night... it wouldn't surprise me if one of them was Gase. This roster is trash but his Miami teams put up more fight against the Pats.
  8. Eeesh. Fan funded Billboards around Metlife before 2021! I can see the future!
  9. Then I hope I never find out what the Jet's forum equivalent of publicly funded therapy is.
  10. Gunna be like Frank Reynolds if somebody ever posts a "Welcome, Jets Nation! I am back!" thread.
  11. Of all the potential timelines, I think this makes the most sense. Esp if the next two games are as bad as I think they might be. That team look destroyed out there. They lose to the Dolphins and it's over.
  12. Anybody want to start a betting pool on Gase lasting till then end of the season. Hell. It would give us something to do.

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