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    WTF??? We gunna hire Haley now? It isn't Morton's fault thst Hack can't make progress.
  2. Minority owners want Tomlin out

    So many teams are desperate for coaches he'd be snapped up in a minute.
  3. SAR I is gunna be pissed he has to sit with the plebs. I think we should buy him a beer hat and fake mullet.
  4. Can Jax Beat NE & The Refs

    Belicheck game plans so well that any penalties essentially kill any chance the other team. Look at the Titans, the entire first half was literally killed by the refs. The Pats just control the clock until their offense breaks loose. Reminds me of the Oregon Kelly offense. Speed thing up. Jacksonville would literally have to play the perfect game to beat the Pats. I just don't see that happening.
  5. We are dumping Forte so I don't see how we can afford to get rid of him. Even at his age he doesn't have a ton of wear on him compared to other backs.
  6. Take a look at their roster.... Take a look at our roster.
  7. It’s Cousins AND Le’Veon Bell

    I don't envy Cousins or Bell working behind our line, even if we do draft a couple of prospects. Johnson has to go but Beachum will still be there next year despite whomever we get. I wish Macc had invested more picks in lineman.
  8. Wow. I even earned a meme. Thanks for that.
  9. Hey man, you have more stake in this conversation. But keep going, it's fun.
  10. I'm not high on Macc's drafting. But he does have a knack for finding players off the scrap heap. But you can play devil's advocate and come up with something contrary to that statement too if you want.
  11. Well at least he is proactive! Guess Leggett will get a chance to take those training wheels off next year.
  12. Have a friend who despises football that says "Goodell is doing the job of destroying the game better than I could have ever hoped for!" Gotta admit he''s right. There's a reason the league went after Silver.
  13. You mean the one where he hopes that he connects with Baker Mayfield next year? Or was that on another team?
  14. Only way Macc goes full bore after Cousins is if he is gun shy that no decent QB in the draft will fit the bill.