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  1. And just our luck that it came right after Idzik's run as GM. Wait a minute . That's not luck!
  2. Suprised we haven't had to give an extra draft pick away for all the ex-Ravens players and practice squad guys we go after.
  3. I was online the other day looking for updated cheapo jersey renderings. At least until the seasons starts.
  4. Long as he makes it famous... anything he wants.
  5. People used to say the same sh*t about Sonny Jurgensen. Weird body, walks funny. He could also throw the ball through a brick wall. Let's wait on making comments about the Pat's new QB until Zach is out classing him.
  6. Still going to take a year or so to build up that OL depth. Yuck.
  7. A lot of people panned it but I love what Douglas did in getting Alija Vera-Tucker. Throwing out absolute draft pick value for a top player at a position you absolutely need. Because in five or six years you won't even think about a two third round pick overpay. Maybe it's not the best move. But I think it is.
  8. John Waters said something once that bears repeating. It's not your parents or grandparents you should end up hating. It's who's ever uncool. And that's usually your older brother or sisters. Because their albums and culture is whatever your rebelling against. And I think that transfers to sports. Because suddenly, idols like Lebron or Tom Shady are these assailable figures for criticism. I mean. Tiger Woods and Kobe have gotten that for better on a decade now. Obviously. They are affixed demigods now and other generations have moved on. But it is hilarious that we don't look at arguments... just generational scorn.
  9. Wilson probably knew his lot was caste in stone when Paul Allen died. That was the only person with the power and objectivity to tell Carroll to knock it off or negate some of his power. Same thing Damian Lillard is slowly finding out the Trail Blazers. When an owner as powerful as Allen dies. It just makes the people in the front office and chief operating officer unimpeachable. "Player empowerment' or whatever we want to call it. It's the flavor of the month is sports right now. Rodgers probably has some legitimate complaints too. But he bitches so much.... I am growing tired of hearing of them. And it's not like he can go to the owner. Ha ha.
  10. Not going to put up the Old Man Shouts At Trees gif. It's getting redundant now. Honestly. As a Gen Xer I feel like I am stuck between two worlds in these discussions.
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