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  1. I'm not going to analyze all of Macc's moves outside of his last picks and FA signings. We are where we are. No use crying about spilt milk.
  2. This one won't fail. Even if there are some bumps along the way.
  3. They can put us at any number. The Giants and Dolphins being lower is all I care about.
  4. Douglas has a demeanor that is like a breath of fresh air after Mr. Coffee.
  5. Damn. Totally forgotten about Austin. It will be fitting if he actually turns into a decent player as some sort of quirky goodbye gift from the 5 or so years Macc piloted this franchise like a leaky oil tanker.
  6. Well I only really picked him cause I was hard up for a choice and I want former Ducks Arik Armstead/DeForrest Buckner to get some help. But if you want to express your hate in a physical form I will try and see if I can locate an Anti-Bosa concession from the local Seahawks fanatics (read band wagoners.)
  7. We'll see, Doc. Definitely getting a Bigfoot vibe from the younger Bosa though. He should be popular in local Bay Area political circles... (whistles)
  8. I think Nick Bosa is going to be monster on that Niners line. Add him to Armstead, Buckner, & Ford... I will be suprised if Kyler Murray lasts a full season in that division.
  9. Trevon Wesco is definitely going to get some immediate starting time now as is some other lucky contestant not yet on the team...
  10. Sure. Get rid of the franchise tag and I am sure the Player's Union would consider it. Along with a few other things...
  11. Thanks for clarifying how he got let go. I always wondered what happened.
  12. Wish I could have overhead that conversation...

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