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  1. Just want to see who we hire to work with him as GM. Right now we are as close to the lunatics running the asylum as we can get.
  2. Nah man. I am good. Just going to stick to Dennis interviewing Glenn. Can only take about one Jets podcast every couple of days now.
  3. pdxgreen

    Manish Speaks

    If Mehta told me that I didn't need travel vaccines before heading to a tropical island then I would expect an outbreak of bubonic plague.
  4. pdxgreen

    Which Franchise is the Worst?

    The Knicks are easily top. James Dolan is so clueless he gave CDs of HIS OWN BAND to prospective free agents. I am a fan if the Trail Blazers and the late Paul Allen loved jamming so much he built a museum to Jimi Hendrix. And even he didn't do that sh*t.
  5. Chris Johnson felt they both weren't worth the trouble. Not saying Gas wasn't involved, but when there is a crater then there is usually a bomb somewhere involved. Whatever happened it was seismic enough to force the "owner in last name only" to act.
  6. pdxgreen

    Mac fired!

    Man. Just can't believe it. Wow. If it had been right after the draft it would have been one thing. But now -- talk about shocking. Gase must have sold them on Douglas. .
  7. pdxgreen

    Should the NFL install a draft lottery?

    No. The Patriots would just cheat and automatically get the first pick every year.
  8. Going over the worst moves by a sub standard GM? Nah. Not worth the time to discuss it.
  9. What a waste of a 5th round pick. Macc ____ up so much,
  10. Probably worth no more than a fifth.
  11. pdxgreen

    Fat Mike Fran

    Whenever I think of the Fat Man and the Giants current situation...
  12. Oh Robert, see why upscale hotel rooms and checking in your "bereaved niece" are standard practice in this situation. He was probably listening to prime era Stones and thought he could get away with cheap thrills for boomers....
  13. pdxgreen

    Charley Casserly

    As far as Jones goes, I was listening to the Ain't Played Nobody podcast with Bill Connolly and Steven Godfrey about a week after the draft. It was the latest episode recorded a few days before the event. First thing they talked about about was a GM convincing themselves into thinking that Jones was a first round talent without watching a good chunk of the 30 or so games he played at Duke. Think it was Connolly who said he said he was certain somebody was going to make a reach around the end of the first ten picks. Well. Gettleman fell hook, line and sinker.
  14. Once I read about the Edleman heckler incident I knew Tom would have started thread about it. Because what's another opportunity for us all to be cast in a negative light and be treated by media ike manure. Here's a Graham Parker song about the Jet's fans problems....

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