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  1. Wilson: Hand to me straight, Steve, What are my chances? Young: Kid. You'd need a stiff drink first. And we know that ain't happening for either of us.
  2. Funniest thing to come from an SNL alum in the last 20 years was Andy Samberg's movie Hot Rod. I wish they'd do a sequel. One of the funniest movies I've ever seen. I mean. I knew kids like that in high school. Haven't watched the show in fifteen years but Samberg's work is usually hilarious.
  3. When they lock their draft board the night before the draft that's it. And your not going to change their opinions on their top guys inside 10 days of the draft. It's not going to happen. Unless this a time travel movie where somebody comes from the future to stop us from taking Zach Wilson.
  4. Really like Vera-Tucker from seeing USC this year... Jenkins and Dickerson as well. But have to read up more on the rest of the prospects.
  5. Nobody knows what they have this year. It'll be a great draft to have a lot of picks. Let's do this, Joe!
  6. Maybe Douglas is waiting post-draft for someone to be set free or just really believes in Morgan as a backup. If we bring in Hoyer and Morgan totally outplays him in camp... kind of solves the problem itself. I literally don't know whether to think about Morgan. Because Gase said he was "far away" from contributing. And Gase is a total idiot.
  7. I grew up in Oregon during the 80's with the children of old hippies. You want to talk about some goofy names?!
  8. First thought that came to mind: "Oh. Have we canned Griffin and I didn't see the transaction?"
  9. The definition of "guts." Sad to see him leave this great game. But kind of glad he did.
  10. I really want us to take Harris or Etienne. The only question is where.
  11. No. That's Evil Ken Doll. Mattel designed a different expression (ia malevolent grin) into every model. The prototype was literally so evil they tried to destroy it. But it escaped the factory and killed a bunch of toy designers.
  12. 99 per cent of all power ballads were garbage. This one wasn't...
  13. That kid smiles more than a Ken Doll at a Volleyball Tournament.
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