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  1. Baker Mayfield

    I'd trade up to get him. We used a second rounder on Hackenberg, And I actually believe Mayfield might be able to get the job done.
  2. Morris Claiborne ~ ~ ~

    Denver has some decent WR's but damn he looked terrible.
  3. Macc sucks and so does Bowles. Blow it up and start again. I don't a crap what kind of lowered expectations we have. After we get crushed by the Pats, we will find out if Chris is different than his brother.
  4. Yep, they won 5 games in a league where the Jacksonville Jaguars can win 9 games. What an accomplishment. I say we keep both of them.
  5. Why are Darnold & Rosen givens?

    Love this Mayfield kid's makeup. He's got a quiet confidence that just speaks volumes. We gotta get him.
  6. (Montone voice) Same as it ever was.... Same as it ever was.... Same as it ever was.... Same as it ever was.... Same as it ever was....
  7. I hate him because the bastard stole my Whataburger than I had in the fridge last night.
  8. Sorry, but this story has that AI press conference where he yells "PRACTICE?" running over and over again in my head.
  9. Depends on if they want the new QB to sit a year. And i can't imagine Macc will automatically sign McCown given that this is the best QB FA class in years. Just doesn't make sense. But why would we want McCarron, other than having an insanely hot wife?
  10. Bowles and Macc are coming back

    Macc for sure and Bowles I am will to bet as well, esp. if he wins one more game. Got to imagine if Rogers will get the job at UT and we will make our staff over completely.
  11. WR is one of the few position groups we don't have to spend anything on. And with QB, OL and odds and ends at other positions then, Thank God.
  12. What if Geno does well ?

    Didn't see the game but as for putting Rexy in his place.....
  13. I'm more concerned about Oregon keeping Willie Taggart than to even consider the hot garbage situation down in Tempe.
  14. Don't see Harbaugh leaving Michigan. It's a dream job for him and he's happy there. He'll probably be the John Cooper of Michigan.... do well but lose the one game everybody expects him to win.