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  1. Not much to say. He got absolutely leveled out there. Hope he gets better soon.
  2. Building a quality line takes time and you have to invest a lot of picks into it. It looks like Douglas likes to buy low risk players with high upside. Interesting philosophy but it's better than Coffee Brain.
  3. Oregon State did produce a quality NFL player. I guess I owe my dad an apology.
  4. Could be worse. James Morgan's reading that post right now and weeping.
  5. Ummm.... I see a social outcast and a closet cokehead?
  6. The Bears have had fewer Pro olwl QB's than the Jets? Wow. Inpressive.
  7. Been posting in the other thread... sorry. Didn't realize we'd split into factions.
  8. McVay done a great job with Goff. When I saw him at Cal I was like... meh. Wish we had a coach that innovative. (Cries)
  9. I was listening to the Chargers official podcast a few week ago. They were making light of their problems by laughing at our coaching and ownership. It was beyond embarrassing.
  10. Spanos got one of the best lease agreements in the league too with that And totally left Kroenke footing the bill on the bulk of the funding for the project. Only thing is the Chargers don't have an LA fan base at all. Gunna take a generation before they are really accepted.
  11. Herndon is so "soft hands" it isn't even funny. Boy. What a let down. I thought TE was one position we'd be okay in.
  12. I dont usually give credit to anything from HellLa. But that's just audacious enough to work.
  13. That stadium is damn beautiful. Ours looks like a giant aluminum band box.

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