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  1. Kind of hoping Falk pushes Siemian. Or at least shows a little more when he's out there. Webb is just wasting reps at this point. I also hope the Fins release Kiko Alonzo and we pick him up after the last cut. The guy is dumber than a box of rocks but I think would add good depth for a coach like Williams. Plus he's played for Gase before.
  2. I hope that Adam Gase is the guy to lead this franchise to the promised land. He seems to pass the smell test, a coaching obsessive who will eventually find success. But you never know...
  3. Yeah. The kicker's not currently on the roster... or anywhere else for that matter.
  4. Damn. Things should get interesting around the final cut date.
  5. I chose an 8 but consider that a 10. Since that's as good as your going to get from a Ducks fan putting faith in a Trojan's player.
  6. I saw them on the The Great Southern Trendkill Tour. Most insane pit I have ever seen. It's like half the general prison population within 100 miles showed up. Some huge biker took a beer keg and threw it into the back of a somebody's camper. Great show though. They brought out strippers to dance before they played. Phil was so f----ed up on heroin though. I can see why they eventually broke up the band because of it.
  7. We might lose Peake's invaluable special teams ability. 😨 NOOOOOOOOO!
  8. Damn. I am actually lowering myself into watching Cowherd go off on Mayfield. Definitely going to make some donations to some reputable charities after seeing this.
  9. When was the last time we had a top ranked pass rusher? Abraham? That was back when Pantera was still together.
  10. Going to take him a while to get up to speed. Harrison is probably still the starter as camp breaks. Darnold would have to say he was more comfortable with Kalil or that he has more confidence in him. And I just don't see him doing that to another team mate. Kalil will probably get a chance to start if the OL has severe lapses like they did under Long last season. And that could be one game, and it could be four games... who knows?
  11. Have to expect at least one major injury a season. But we have some depth there and we can probably pick up somebody on the waiver wire.
  12. Why the ___ would I waste time watching that PED taking Smurf?
  13. If the offense is actually keeps us IN GAMES, it won't be as big a worry. No matter how good our defense has been in the past few years it hasn't really mattered. Since the other side of the ball could never be guaranteed to put up many points. So I am not as worried about the CB situation as I would have been before Sam arrived.
  14. Definitely need to hire a witch doctor to perform a ceremony on the practice field.
  15. We need to start worrying about this rash of hamstring pulls!
  16. Turned into a really good RB coach with Seattle as well.
  17. A Giant in Sheep's Clothing. Pretty easy to see why he got behind that era.
  18. Usually I back an NFL player in his salary demands all the way. But this time...

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