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  1. I could see Wesco being cut if Douglas decides his ceiling has been reached as an occasional full back/H back. Those other guys are conditional on how things play out in camp. I could easily see us holding onto them because of certain positional needs.
  2. Yeah true. I am sure they don't stop telling you how great it is while you eat it. And why the high school menu brisket is like no other in the country.
  3. Oh man. That would suck! Everything would become as overrated as their college football teams!
  4. Yeah. You definately should. Taye Diggs probably has a few restraining orders out on various female fans.
  5. Thanks for the info. I always wonder where some of these insiders come from.
  6. Yeah. If it really was a mental health short order kitchen. It wouldn't be staffed half the time and the head chief would constantly be re-writing the budget for the cooking ingredients.
  7. A Giants pick that was plucked from the tree too hastily, I guess.
  8. Stefanski will turn him into the leader he was meant to he...
  9. Wow. The "baseball sucks!" attitude took two less posts to present itself then I thought it would.
  10. DeCosta did a great job of picking who to re-sign and who to release on the market. We def. benefitted from it. But he also solidified their payroll futute up enough to screw any hope some of you guys have of getting rid of Jamal. That's what I like most about DeCosta.
  11. Yeah. It's as predictable as Henny Youngman hanging onto a rubber chicken and yelling "Take my wife... Please!" At this point. Maybe not cliched though.
  12. If the Jets were a VACATION where would it be? It would be the sh*tty dive bar near the former two wood pulp mills in my hometown. Where guys talked about the one year they won the stats title over a liquid breakfast. The whiskey breakfast is the vacation from being a fan. If the Jets were a FOOD what would it be? The famous 10 egg omelet they served to brave hopefuls in the same bar. If the Jets were a MOVIE what would it be? Bar Fly If the Jets were a PHYSICAL or MEDICAL CONDITION what would they be? A psychological condition that makes it impossible to experience joy or happiness. I' come from a Potestant Germam family who viewed slightly melted Limburger cheese as indulgent... so I already know about this condition.
  13. "Why don't gve me a paper cut and poor lemon juice on it. While your at it!"
  14. Just wondering if this is a "I'm completely willing to play this out until the final check clears" thing or if be really want go fight his way back room injury. Not that I doubt his sincerity, But if I guaranteed as much as Macc dumped his way. I'd be playing thet "old college try" tune till the cows came home. Either way he gets it... but this sure sounds better.
  15. Can we put the kibosh on the JA feeder button... even the fake stuff? It's getting stupid now. And getting in the way of enjoying this website.
  16. I think Gase either massively overachieves or it's obvious he's an overpromoted, bug eyed OC. He just doesn't have much leeway with critics and writers any more. They are aware of all his methods and shortcomings. He either produces at this pont or he'll get eviscerated. Four years and one winning record... not many guys get that kind of leeway.
  17. The difference was that they were extremely cheap bastards who only pay a certain amount for certain positions. And probably even less for their general staff. The company line from Kraft was "you take less for rings." He isn't Arthur Blank. And everybody bought into that for the better part of two decades. They were so effective with that policy that they really didn't need the Brady money thet badly. Till the last few years when they got desperate for playmakers. They had the best coach in the game and a QB that everybody wanted to play with. But everybody took less to facilitate that machine. That wasn't difficult... that was standard operating procedure. Now the wheels are starting to come and you hear all these groans from press leans... "oh, the Pats were never paid me that much." Yeah. No #$@! Dingleberry. You let them. Giving up players for them was no harder then telling an employee they need their key card and their @#@ is in a box outside.. Build a winning team here for a few seasons and I bet the Jets could blow the exact same time of smoke with players.
  18. What on this board isn't fodder? My "cannon minded" friends ..
  19. Hate the GM... not the player. Hate the GM... not the player. Hate the..... Nathan Mccacg...btigerghhhd.... guuuhh.... .
  20. I just want Perriman and Mims to be consistent. You combine them with two big TE's who have shown they can catch a ball... and a slot receiver who knows how to get open. Sam can make this offense work with a decent ground game.
  21. ... there will be a more significant audience watching on TV.
  22. You know when Dabo had that press conference rant? "We don't recruit players that we don't think can play." Joe Douglas is going to have that with the Jets media. "We don't trade cost controlled players WE HAVE UNDER CONTRACT. We don't do that! Other teams that can waste good young Pro Bowl talent... They can go do that."

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