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  1. Too bad that interview window closed for Bieniemy...
  2. There was a group of writers that started up a "Jordan Love is a much better prospect than Justin Herbert" narrative a few weeks before the draft. Got slammed by certain family & friends for laughing at it. Revenge is so sweet.
  3. I hope the Packers win it all. So their GM has to lie. Saying that their 2019 Draft was a trick to inspire Aaron Rodgers to take them to another SB.
  4. Well. I guess write that down as a religious script, grab some cowls at the local monk supply shop and head off to convert of some unsure & gullible Jets Nation masses. You'll be good to go!
  5. We have the "Sam is broken and can never get fixed" cult. We have the "we must draft Justin Fields above all else" cult. We have the "Sam is fixable and we must build this team through the draft" cult. I feel like Leonard Nimoy on a show explaining weird human phenomena. Four months of hot takes. Get the popcorn!
  6. I can't fault his logic. If your a GM and you pick a QB (high in the draft) it has to be one your prepared to live with. Rest your legacy on that quarterback. Although sometimes I am sure GM's draft a QB knowing that there's the very high likelihood they wont be there to see the player mature. (Except of Macc of course.)
  7. No. We got a coach who doesn't have a secret coke stash in a fake playbook on his office bookshelf. If he turns out to be competent, I hope the Niners get an extra first rounder.
  8. I was listening to a Chargers podcast with some of their key reporters. All of them had Daboli picked to go to the Charger if an East Coadt job doesn't work out.
  9. At the department store whwn I checked my Bleacher Report feed....
  10. Got to think the Chargers make Daboli their prime focus now. (Well. Apparently they are going after Saleh as well. So... stay tuned!)
  11. Well. Did you go to Rock Rock Rock.... Rock in Roll High School?
  12. In fairness to Arthur Smith, at least his jowls have their original definition. Cage wears a three day beard for a reason.
  13. My two second impression from just discovering about him and reading up for about ten minutes. Jeez. This guy KNOWS football.
  14. A luthier I used to get my guitar's fixed and modded by once asked me who I liked to listen to. And I said, "Rory Gallagher." He said, "Oh. I partied him with him once after a Rod Stewart concert once. We followed them to their hotel room and threw a brick through their window. They came out to see who was causing the racked and we ended up partying all night!" Rock n' roll hunh?
  15. Don't get me wrong. I love Peter Green. Green & Guitar was one of the first guitar albums I ever bought. But I thought the appreciation concert they put together right before he died was perfect. It showed how so many other artists love him and his music. I wish Rory Gallagher got that before he died. Instead of being locked up in a London hotel with his road gear, some records and a bunch of fading memories.
  16. I don't want to say it because he's gone. And I saw him live once. And I wish I hadn't. He was toast and never should have played live again. Make records yes. But never tour.
  17. I like Lindsey Buckingham as a guitar player. But there was only one guitar player in Fleetwood Mac who should ever have been allowed to play that song.
  18. I give Steve Nash a lot of credit for being an amazing player and person. But you gotta have rocks for brains to get between Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant. Either that or not realizing that a few million dollars isn't worth going to the Funny Farm.
  19. On a lighter note... the Brooklyn Nets just traded every good draft pick they have for the next thousand years for James Harden.
  20. Well. That was 15 years ago. It was mostly about their business practices. Radio giveaways (a way around payola) and rack jobbing. Most of what you see on the ground floor like that is just mailing, promotional data or sales information. And with so much of the industry either dead or gone to digital... nobody cares. We were really interested in pushing Mariah Carey if you want to know. I must have taken calls to dozens of record stores about her album sales.
  21. When I was in college I interned at Universal Records. They made me sign a non-disclosure agreement big enough to choke a donkey. Lord knows how big the one is when you sign for an NFL team is.
  22. I'm sure some of you guys have taken an interview when you already had another job lined up. For professional courtesy.
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