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  1. The question is "how more safeties can you draft?"
  2. Seen the latest Zappa doc by Alex Winter on HULU? It's really good.
  3. Hope he plays for more than just money.
  4. Is Douglas drinking any coffee? OMG it's drugged!!! Somebody get in the draft room!!!
  5. Wow. Rodgers/Green Bay rift is nuts.
  6. You seen his Instagram workouts these days? I'm worried he's going to rip some guy's arms out of their sockets like a Wookie does.
  7. Cowboys draft an offensive lineman. Bet he ends up All Pro.
  8. Well. Now this draft really does have everything. I guess.
  9. Yeah. They've quietly built up a team that can contend for the SB in the next couple of years.
  10. Joe earning another cheeseburger today!
  11. Ugh. Holland's a stud. Great hitter. Gunna hate us playing against him twice a year.
  12. Treat yourself to the best cheeseburgers in town Joe! You earned it.
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