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  1. If we lose this guy for any significant period of time. We are f-ed.
  2. I always love how they work their contracts so they receive less money if the team buys free agents. So the team can work around salary cap. Of course, if I was working for minimum wage and the boss asked me to take a lower one because of a salary cap. Sure!! I'll do it. The salary cap was introduced to save the owners money. That's it.
  3. This team still needs about two more drafts before it can reach the playoffs. I wouldn't be suprised if you see more negative things then positive things as the team gets younger.
  4. Don't see how this would work out. What with the vast difference fans, distance and time. Plus, anything that interferes with the English Premier League is not going to sell well over there. And where you going to put them, only place that would be open would be Wembley? Fat chance. Tell people in Hull to watch American football instead of rugby. HAAAA!!!
  5. You know, it takes a QB more than one year to learn a new system. Look at Aaron Rodgers, how many years did he stare at the playbook before The Ragin Cajun give up the job?
  6. He is one of the greatest safeties to ever put on a helmet. I swear nobody develops players like U of Miami does.
  7. Is too old to play even as a advisory role and signal caller on the field. We have other DB's who can do that who are younger. If he wants to coach, let him become an intern.
  8. Why don't we wait three or four years and let Idzik build the team. Then if we win a Super Bowl, we can put this matter on the top of the pile.
  9. Having seen an interview with both of them, they don't strike me as the smartest couple. Yes, it could be they have that in common.
  10. I hope they mean that Geno show progress and turns out to be a a decent quarterback. I honestly don't know if I have another 'quarterback hope' in me. Geno will stay in until the franchise thinks they have a better chance of making the playoffs with Vick. At least I think they will.
  11. Don't mean to be a party pooper, but wasn't every pissing themselves that we didnt have a better backup halfway through last season. You wan't a quality backup but you don't want him to try and start? What is that?
  12. The only thing I can see getting rid of the green stripe on the top. But that would leave it too bare. I quite like the current design, it doesn't remind me of the past. Which is probably a good thing.
  13. Don't settle for less when it comes to a number 1 receiver. If he gets released, which has a slim chance of happening, pick him up. Otherwise .....
  14. The Patriot way? What is that? Shooting people. Not winning jack ____ till 2001. Getting lucky on a sixth round pick. Cheating? Heard of the Green Bay way and the Pittsburgh Steelers way. This one has it's own smell.
  15. God. I wish camp was here today. All work and no EPL soccer or football makes Jack a dull boy. Watching the Yankees (there okay this year) and the NBA playoffs, until July. Plus the World Cup in a couple of weeks, not too bad.
  16. Must have shown something in camp. from sixth pick on, everything is up in the air.
  17. Remember when women used to use sex to insnare athletes. Wow times have done changed.
  18. Anyplace you kind find video from OTA's besides the OFS.
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