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  1. Happy for Lance. I've followed him for a while.
  2. Brothers missed out on joining Biff's crew in BTTF.
  3. Perfect song for him to come out to would have been Cherub Rock.
  4. Those arm angles are Elway-ish. Seriously. We are talking talking Stretch Armstrong here.
  5. Well. I have to admit. I was. So if I count of somebody noteworthy. (Blushes)
  6. Why was Herbert so slept on? Because nobody expected anything of him when he was in 8th grade.
  7. Can't we get a HOFer or something in here for the commentary gig? Nothing against DH. But jeez.
  8. Good to see one band is actually still working to a live audience.
  9. Jax accidently take Sewell. No taksies backsies!
  10. Yeah. Meyer does like to walk away from jobs.
  11. ABC intros must have been written by Lawrence's publicists.
  12. Yeah. I could see them shopping his services around real hard. But it's going to be after a lot of wheeling and dealing.
  13. More cautiously optimistic. I want to believe that there is the possibility that Zach will turn things around and a bevy of draft picks will yield a loaded roster. But after 27 or so years of being disappointed I guess I am a little bit salty. After researching Mr. Wilson and his amazing throwing ability... I am gradually coming around. How Douglas picks his candidates will make me more receptive and optimistic about where we are going. Because I don't know how things could get much lower after Gase. That guy was a moron by any definition. Man. If I could be proud of the Gang Green for one Fall. What wouldn't we all give for that?!?!
  14. 99 per cent. But hey. It's the Jets. So there is always that 1 percent.
  15. After the way the Darnold love fest unfolded for Ol' Colin... guess we are picking the right horse this time. As long as Zach is cool with playing Baker Mayfield in this scenario.
  16. Their level of alumni sport fanaticism is friggin' bonkers. I went to a local WCC basketball game a few years ago. Before I knew it I was surrounded by "1984 National Championship" t-shirts. And look alike families featuring around 10 or more people each going "rah rah rah!" It got so stifling that I decided to cut out early and there was a cable A/V truck parked outside for their regional sports network with lines of people waiting to get in. Guess a religious affiliation helps with sports branding. They supposedly want to join the Pac-12. But I think to seem to be doing fine as an independent.
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