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  1. No. That's Evil Ken Doll. Mattel designed a different expression (ia malevolent grin) into every model. The prototype was literally so evil they tried to destroy it. But it escaped the factory and killed a bunch of toy designers.
  2. 99 per cent of all power ballads were garbage. This one wasn't...
  3. That kid smiles more than a Ken Doll at a Volleyball Tournament.
  4. Davis I have a lot of hope in. Heard good stuff coming out of Wilcox's camp here on the west coast about him. Zuniga... (shrugs) don't follow the Gators.
  5. His performance is huge to grading out Douglas first class. Let's hope he balls out!
  6. We could def use a Joe Klecko type on this team to offer to get down and kick anybody's ass if they get out of line.
  7. Well. I am sure they will add more preseason practices and another game, to ensure the on field product doesn't suffer...
  8. I almost wish they'd keep the current name. If just for the confusion football newbies will have when reading off team names.
  9. 21st century rebrand of the Thundercats. Most likely.
  10. Well. He's got all the weapons he needs now. And a head coach and OC the Jets fans greatly wanted. So Sam shouldn't be a bust any more.
  11. I love his demeanor. Confident but not overly cocky and respectful about any opinions people have of him. I am fine with taking him second.
  12. Trask has gotten more votes than I thought he would. Polls are fun!
  13. I can't think of a better way to start a career than Mahomes. If I was a star QB, I'd value career longevity and organizational stability above all else. He got both in being drafted by Reid and the Chiefs. Yeah. You want to get the most $$$ you can coming our of the gate. But if you are that good and can bank on your ability... that second contract can grow exponentially based on a few factors. 10 - 15 is where I'd want to go.
  14. I hope this take works out better than "Justin Herbert doesn't have what it takes because he's this quiet, detached nerd."
  15. Please can it be the 29th soon?.... Please let it be the 29th soon? ... Please will it be the 29th soon?!!??!
  16. I am fine with it as long as we spend a good amount of the next three picks on interior lineman. Listen. I know how hard #1 CB's are to get and groom. It makes sense to use the pick when we have it for something like that. But we need interior OL just as bad.
  17. Twitter media accounts are the comedy open mics of the last decade or so. Anybody can jump on amd get attention... and I imagine the "hit" ratio of meaningful dialog is about the same. But at least you could get plastered at an open mic.
  18. I see a man who can beat you in a game of lawn darts. I see a who with a HOF collection of Hamm's beer clocks. I see a man who occasionally swallows his dip while laughing at old reruns of Parker Lewis Can't Lose. Jets fans see mediocrity. Joe Douglas and I see something else!
  19. Rumor has it Ferris Bueller passed out at 31 Flavors last night too.
  20. Well. I hope it eventually wins him a championship. But at some point you have to take a chance. SF realized that with Jimmy G. At some point opportunity wanes and being prudent can seem a curse.
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