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  1. If posters don't think this puts a target on our backs then your kidding yourself. Don't pretend every game is the same etc. Some games mean more than others to certain players and teams and even coaches. You think SF gets up for the Bills the same way they get up for the Hawks? Difference is great teams like the 49's, Pats, Hawks, Broncos etc can get up and play on the big stage. Then take care of business the next week against a team that sucks a$$hole. The jets are not a good team and this talk just smells of players fooling themselves. In turn fans fooling themselves. It's gotten so bad that Bills and Jet fans are exactly alike. Both think they'll have top 5 D's. Both think their coach is better than he is. Both think their QB's are special, special in a good way. Both think they have depth and both think they'll win the division and make a run. LOL
  2. So as it stands today I have ... 1) Pats 11-5/12-4 2) Miami 8-8/9-7 3) Jets 5-11/7-9 4) Bills 5-11/6-10
  3. Son I'm not a Pats fan. It's sad thats all you think about. It sucks that OUR team has only won as many divivsion titles as the Jags, only been out of the first round 7 times and haven't won a SB in 50 years but I dont let them run my life. Its just a game. Go Jets!!! J E T S JETS JETS JETS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. It's early August. And of course the jets are the best team in football. We have a top 5 QB, best CB in the league and the best defense. We're sweeping the Pats, winning the division and making a playoff run. Reality time. The jets have huge question marks in a lot of areas. 1) QB. Neither Geno or Vick are good enough to carry this team. Their not even good enough to win a game here and there. Both are TO machines, can't read a defense, can't go through progressions, terrible pocket awareness and in Vick's case injury prone. Both are bottom 5-10 QB's. And people that say sh*t like, "we just need Geno or Vick to be average" haven't a clue what their talking about. Average QB's don't win SB's 95% of the time. 2) The O-line is average at best. The G spot, no matter who is starting will be a weakness. Brick is solid but overrated imo. 3) The WR position is one that makes me laugh. Seriously now, who is going to strike fear in opposing D's? We have all poss wr's that don't require a number 1 cb to shut them down. 4) The LB unit is another one that gets me going. I hear people on hear and I just lol. Harris is the most average backer and Davis was one of the worst in the league last year. Bad in coverage and too many missed tackles. 5) The Secondary might be the biggest question mark besides QB. This is a bad group and that much has been shown so far in camp. Even when most D's are far ahead of the O's our DB's look bad. From the S's to the CB's we have a bad group starting. And for a team that doesn't get much pass rush that isn't good. 6) Rex. This blowhard shouldn't be a HC and he's proven it time and time again. From the bullsh*t he talks, his mismanagement in games, being far to loyal to certain vets, bad player development, inconsistent game planning and evaluation the guy should be a DC and nothing else. He admits to not giving a **** about 2/3's of the team and it shows big time. Lets stop pretending like he's the only guy who can coach D. Finally I want to say a few things. 1) I'm a jet fan by birth. Love them but can't stand the direction we're taking and mis steps we've made. I'm a FAN NOT A CHEERLEADER! 2) I don't pm guys. Some of you have been pm'n me asking me to explain certain aspects of the game to them and breaking down football type stuff. I had a bad experience a few years back where I was stalked by someone who found out my home address from pm'n. Found the weirdo waiting outside my house waiting for me to walk my dog to ask me about zone coverage and blitz pick ups. So no I don't accept them. Also no need to thank me by pm'n me either. My work here is for the masses to enjoy. I never think about charging $ even though some of you suggested I should. So let me you're welcome in advance.
  5. Just because I don't suck Rex Cock and I'm not a homer like you doesn't mean I'm a troll. I'm curious? How do suck Rex's dick and type at the same time? I mean he's trying to get his dick sucked and your always online typing on the forum during work hours.
  6. You don't catch balls with your ... Oh I see what you did there. That's super funny brah. You waering your jets pj's tonight?
  7. Exactly Joe is very overrated. He threw for tons of int's. I don't care how he "slung" it downfield lol. Slinging it doesn't get you in the HOF. He got lucky and the drunk has been riding that wave ever since.
  8. Yeah I love it when my QB is throwing Tebow balls
  9. Hill still catching balls with his stomach and knees
  10. I'm in. Email sent. When do I start?
  11. So the same fans that thought Nacho Taco was a good QB can't tell if I'm a real fan? What's your point exactly? Jet fans aren't exactly the brightest group. I never liked Rex, Tanny or Marky Mark but I bet 90% of the posters on here loved them all. Look I love the jets. I just hate the decsions we've made and direction we've taken. We've become a joke and I'm sick of it.
  12. Exactly. Top 5 QB, best CB in the league, best defense. The jets are just killing it in July. Amazing how many fools we have as jet fans. Jet fans would literally kill their mother for half of the success N.E. has had. I have to laugh when morons talk about how they haven't won a SB in 10 years. As if all the SB's the jets have won are any better. Fact is N.E. has accomplished much more in the last 15-20 years than the jets have in our entire history. Pretty sad. What's even sadder is we'll never come close to what they have done. Multiple SB wins and appearences, multiple AFCCG's, playoffs every year, division titles every year, 10-12 wins every year. It sucks being a jet fan. And now we have to fool ourselves into thinking Rex is a good coach, Geno is a good QB and our LB's and secondary are any good.
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