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  1. Brandon Bridge

    This is our Guy.
  2. With the 6th pick...

    Trade down get Devante Parker and Perryman in the 1st then oline then Bryce Petty
  3. Updated 2015 Free Agency and Draft After Hires

    I would rather have another LB than Harris but everything else is great
  4. Jets Slated at #4 - List your guys

    Are you judging someone????... I thought that was God's job
  5. Jets Slated at #4 - List your guys

    This ain't no National Speaking League this football which he can play very well. Beast Mode ain't good at public speaking look what he does Lmao
  6. Jets Slated at #4 - List your guys

    That's the best quarterback in college right now like it or not
  7. Jets Slated at #4 - List your guys

    No Winston is the pick
  8. Ifo Ekpre-Olomu, CB, Oregon  Pick for RD 3

    I can't help he fits the system and if I would have said Kevin Johnson then what would you have came up with???? you guys trip me out
  9. Ifo Ekpre-Olomu, CB, Oregon  Pick for RD 3

    Dex is going to play Ifo should be ready by next season and Dee I'll sign someone who can lead instead of him bring me Tremon Williams,Cox, or Maxwell. And you must really like Kyle Wilson and D Walls Lmao
  10. Ifo Ekpre-Olomu, CB, Oregon  Pick for RD 3

    Man just cause you have an injury it doesn't mean the players talent is gone its a ass load of NFL players bounce back off a ACL injury. Plus these are unproven rookies so they already know its go hard or get cut which I doubt will happen. I mean really look at the lineup I just gave earlier this could become one of the toughest secondaries in the League, these are Feisty and very athletic corners that go all out every down getting hurt at practice and training camp let's me know Ifo and Dex are very competitive. I'm kind of worried about Dee though he talks instead of walks, over react on routes, and lacks confidence even though he may claim he has a great amount
  11. We gotta get this kid in the mid rounds. I expect Hus stock to go down due to the recent ACL injury so this is a pick we can't miss. I would take a chance on him, Ifo along with Dex Mcdougle both coming off ACL injuries would be up for the challenge to prove their values. I would also draft a corner 2nd round too like Kevin Johnson or sign a vet FA like Cox or Maxwell. Dee Milliner didn't pan out as expected so we should kinda shorten his leash. With CB1 Maxwell,Milliner,Cox or Johnson CB2 Dex McDougle NCB Ifo Ekpre-Olomu that's a major upgrade I know Rex would be mad since he would be gone next season. I think this is a nice scenario I like the prospects and I very high on Dex Mcdougle returning next season the kid has something special although injuries have been a major factor in his career setbacks
  12. It is not Rex Ryan fault Of the New York Jets failures this year. We should appreciate Having a coach like Rex Ryan. The failures of thus season is due to poor drafting and light additions in the free agency. We are missing key pieces of the team that would have probably improved our record by 85%. 50% of the games that was lost earlier in the season where lost by less than 10 points And could have been won if we would have had some good CB's and good QB play. We also are struggling at the O line position and could also use a #1 WR. We are not far off from being a great team, we just missed out on the key pieces for our offense and defense to work out. I just wanted to get that off my chest even though Rex is on his way out. I do not think it is the best move to fire him because we would be basically giving up one of the best coaches in the league. Rex just needs a GM that's he can get along with and a whole new front office of scouts and a whole new offensive coordinator. Marty doesn't know what he wants to do with the offense seems like he got all timers to me but just tell me what y'all think about I know me and Darelle Revis ain't the only ones that has some sympathy for Rex because of the overall situation he is in. The draft coming up and a lot of changes are about to be made so talking about the outcomes do cheer me up a little. With our future QB being out of reach now and Amari Cooper possibly could be taken before our pick. It seems like we can't get away from the bad luck. I just pray we can become the team I have dreamed of which are Superbowl Champs. So what's next JetNation? Give me a mock of the off season and the decision of keeping Rex Ryan.