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  1. Please tell me this is not True!!! https://www.12up.com/posts/eagles-joe-douglas-reportedly-turned-down-the-jets-gm-job-01dcn70zmfz6
  2. I see them giving Lee a shot at pass rusher this season also good depth at LB if it don’t work out this season so well bt they know he is at least worthy of one last shot
  3. Right!! I like A.J. Brown this year but no chance we get him with other positions of need plus Juedy ceiling looks a lot higher
  4. Assuming we get our defense Nd offensive line in place this year. We must get Jerry Jeudy in some type of way, we could have one of the top offenses next year https://youtu.be/9WCOwewQx9I
  5. I would like McCarthy bt Rhule wouldn’t be bad at all he’s a coach Thts serious about about football Nd don’t take no sh** You guys are so quick to knock someone, these coaches in the NFL can’t coach forever they get old. Other guys have to come up Nd get a shot too just like players. I don’t get it... we be excited for the draft which are guys coming out of college bt wanna knock a coach coming from a college. Everyone has to start somewhere almost every coach started from a college or high school so please chill out!!! you guys it’s too much negative energy from us fans starting to think we may be the curse because Confidence is Big part of Success
  6. You saying Funchess is garbage is more of an opinion than fact Dude is a Huge Radius target
  7. If Funchess Garbage then you must not know what our current WRs are and Earl Thomas is a flat out baller Nd not tht old would be a good veteran presence Barr is nowhere as near tanleted as Lawrence You might be right about don’t kno too much about his attitude Bell is a must get no matter what
  8. Next year FA Targets should be Demarcus Lawrence Dante Fowler Le’Veon Bell Earl Thomas And Devin Funchess Draft OL 1st round 3rd WR 3rd OL or DT 4th LB to compete with Lee 5th CB 6th WR 7th OL This Team a be heading in the right direction With the right Coach
  9. I agree I don’t blame Darnold at all we got a garbage team and literally like 8 plays total for the offensive playbook
  10. I honestly feel like I could do a better job than Bowles and Mac
  11. This sounds about right Let’s hope Chris ain’t a punk and actually care about the organization

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