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  1. Y’all stop the clowning on this dude.. that is so lame!!! Jamal been off the team for a 1 year now going on 2. We done moved on, we get it!!! we won the trade now it’s our time!!! I feel like Zach gone ball out honestly, but it be y’all type fans that causes bad luck. Then we wonder why we suck every year!!! Damn can we just focus on our team guys!!! #AllGasNoBrakes
  2. IKR I’ve should’ve known JetNation was already on it
  3. Would be Nice!!! Just Spreading some Recent News here’s the link:https://t.co/YVgVJAsC9O
  4. U sleeping on Smith!!!! That boy can play! The only one I would prefer over him is Chase but if he’s gone...Smith all day!!!
  5. I think Fant is going to surprise. He’ll at least be better than Beachum. I would bet on that
  6. We need to get Logan Ryan on a 2 year deal
  7. I think the main reason we’re looking into getting Trent Williams is so we can go WR Round 1 Juedy or Lamb
  8. I think he could be a Chris Harris Jr type of CB
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