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  1. Sooo he got Mike Maccagnan out and what else?
  2. This is a positive it let’s us know he gets the problem and he’s letting every other team know they can’t trade with us and get players for nothing anymore. I Really like this cause for years we’ve been getting the bad side of trades
  3. Yup Plays are simple and ineffective seems like players are over thinking can’t execute Make you wonder Do we even GamePlan??? But We do know we never adjust after halftime
  4. Sam Darnold garbage Scary in the pocket aNd misses easy reads only strength is extending plays outside the pocket Adam Gase ain’t making it no better his offense is too simple and over complexed I haven’t seen us run behind a Fullback all year, not enough roll out plays, no slip motions to catch defense off guard, no RPO reads ,trick plays or nothing just pathetic
  5. He knew what he was doing he wasn’t playing hurt training camp he said he felt great in a few interviews
  6. Get rid of both Take the draft capital this Team needs a need identity plus a lot cap space next year we’ll be fine this Years season is over but we’ll be fine
  7. He might not be the answer he did this last year in Miami but I wanna see what he can do with a legit coach
  8. Big Q a beast he’s just being smart no need for him to show out this year he’ll be getting sacks Nd turnovers for us to go 3 & out
  9. Super Bowl MVP LB Malcom Smith Released
  10. Can we get halfway in the season first before we start arguing about whos’s a stud or a bust
  11. Nice Depth plus he’s capable of making plays
  12. Jalen Ramsey some way somehow Let’s get it Joe we gone have to draft or sign a good corner 2020 anyways
  13. We get Trent Williams Nd a CB through trade I’m thinking SuperBowl!!!
  14. Please tell me this is not True!!! https://www.12up.com/posts/eagles-joe-douglas-reportedly-turned-down-the-jets-gm-job-01dcn70zmfz6

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