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  1. U sleeping on Smith!!!! That boy can play! The only one I would prefer over him is Chase but if he’s gone...Smith all day!!!
  2. More like Harrison Smith you mean
  3. I think Fant is going to surprise. He’ll at least be better than Beachum. I would bet on that
  4. We need to get Logan Ryan on a 2 year deal
  5. I think the main reason we’re looking into getting Trent Williams is so we can go WR Round 1 Juedy or Lamb
  6. I think he could be a Chris Harris Jr type of CB
  7. He looks like he has more upside to me. I see him being a sleeper pick like Jourdan Lewis.
  8. We need to send a message to get this guy on the radar
  9. We need speed at the WR position none of those guys would scare me if I played DB
  10. Well I’m open whenever your face ready. ✊🏾
  11. Wow...You’re such a great comedian lol but just know these hands speak Graduate Level English 💪🏾

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