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  1. Geno F****** Suck. Tired of hearing about him this team really makes you wanna join a bandwagon it don't seem like its getting in anyone head of our organization they see his play and still believe in this guy. We need a new everything GM,Coach,and Owner they are all brainwashed. Favoritism does not beat Talent we got some soft as coaches and Idzik thinks he's such a genius and everyone he pick up is such a big catch
  2. Okay I have no hope for this year so I'm looking forward to next already give me a idea of what y'all think our Coaching Staff and Roster for next year will look like including Draft picks and FA signings...Go!
  3. Cause we are losing every year whats not to be pleased about, Woody you need to lay down some laws man and wake up ....to what we see!!! forget a great facility whats the use if we keep losing? everybody take us as a joke man people laugh when i say the NY Jets my favorite team we the comedians of the NFL and you wanna say we hard to please!
  4. so Get Amari Cooper 1st Round and then go o-line 2nd Round CB 3rd Round and 4th Round Conner Halliday from Washington State this could be a good way to go too I forgot all about Conner he's a sleeper pick but lets keep it on the low and get this pick to woody or idzik if he's still around #JetNation
  5. Say it with me! I have lost hope for this season I don't even care if we win this next game I see the problem which is QB we could also use some corners too and 1 more receiver But bring in New Coach/Gm or whatever get Mariota and watch magic happen our team is not far off its just mistakes that cause us to lose because someone watches our QB throw pick after pick and still start him and just now trying to throw Vick in smh
  6. Please get Amari Cooper a new Corner and Quarterback please I get tired of boasting about my team then we lose it really hurts mentally and financially if you understand
  7. Yeah you right I'm just confused we need a QB but I would hate for us to pass up on Amari Cooper he just too good plus I know Kevin White is gonna be picked in the Top 20
  8. I wouldn't mind this at all
  9. Round 1: Amari Cooper Round 2: Conner Cook Seems possible right! how y'all think we should go
  10. Y'all MF must like a losing team with sorry ass players
  11. Lol I say yes what can we loss besides more games lmao
  12. Trade for Johnny Manziel, let him get a feel for the rest of the season we still should have a top draft pick and should go for Amari Cooper sign a offensive lineman and cornerback thought free agency and draft a good middle linebacker David Harris is slow AF and just out there cause his name his career is over
  13. But Winston is special he never gives up play with heart and makes his team play hard Hope we take him he's a great motivator
  14. You should know more about your team and what's going on in the NFL... smh
  15. That's what I was thinking too I just don't want the Pats to get him
  16. Tell me what you think...should idzik bring in Jackson too this week so him and Percy can learn the offense together or will this not be a good long term plan?
  17. To rehab and keep him for next year
  18. Wouldn't be talking about it if Dallas wanted to keep him!!!
  19. We still need Cooper out the draft for right now till we see how Geno Smith finishes the season. Then I would prefer Mariota 1st round then Kevin White 2nd round we can take care of corners too. But to be odd and honest a new MLB would be great David Harris is done
  20. So does Dee and Dex so why not take a chance on him? I know it can happen but I highly doubt all of them will be hurt again next season or their NFL journey to various teams will start
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