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    Finding cute little jpg and gif images to post on message boards and being wrong on the inernet

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    I am UGLY
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    I beg for change on the street

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    Monday night miracle
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    Not any more! Thanks PSL
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    AJ Duey! 1998 @Denver, 2010 Steelers
  1. Rex is right, this is a team that went 8-8 last year, and has pretty significantly upgraded it's talent level. Throw in a jump in productivity at the QB position (would be hard to be even close to as bad as last year) and this team will be a big disappointment if it finishes less than 10-6. This team will feast on the crap of the league, Oakland, Buffalo, Miami, Minn, Tenn are cake games for this team. Then they will win at least 2 or 3 of the tougher games.
  2. I just don't see tr tough schedule, it looks very weak to me
  3. I think we have a very easy schedule this year, this is easy money, team can win 8 wins in their sleep with that D line. Bet the house on this one boyz and girlz
  4. Now uve gone way too far! Oreos are the best man, never lose your passion for Oreos. Delicious chocolate cookie on the outside, cream on the inside. I'm sticking to my chair just thinking of them , oozing with passion I am!
  5. This reminds me of an old saying.... If u r not a part of the solution, u r a part of da problemo
  6. Looks like Larzy is having some multiple account fun?
  7. Larzy, your giving me mixed signals. Your sending me private messages.... You follow me around and comment on all my posts, I thought we wuz boys? Then you go off on your rant about me and unfriend me?
  8. I know right? The mods should be banning these guys for the personal attacks on me right? I don't think that not liking Rex is ground for personal attacks at all.
  9. I'm pretty sure u can attack me, everyone else does it
  10. Cool, maybe you will stop stalking me then, enjoy your "experience"
  11. why u so hostile bro? u need a hug? If Im not mistaken, they have an ignore feature here, ignore me and you can have your "experience" resumed.
  12. I don't think it's blasphemy at all. I still talk to friends from grade school only because of our Jets bond. Some of the best times I've ever had with my pops was tailgating for jets games. I look forward to taking my son to Jets games, with my Pops. I do however really want to go to one parade in my lifetime, and I don't think they have a parade for losing back to back AFCC games, or at least I missed it if they did
  13. Or one could say , if you have an average coach, you never find a better one
  14. Then Rex can change his mantra to : You take one of our flags , we will take two of yours. But never even take one retaliatory flag, cuz all talk n stuff
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