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  1. I really hope you did this. I'm so high on Brown right now, I just late drafted in a .5 PPR league, and since the good RBs were gone, I went with Brown in the 1st round as the 1st WR pick overall.
  2. Oh yeah, you lose very little by losing your backup QB, and Antonio Brown has been extremely consistent
  3. Jennings. Bell has proven himself to be the best RB im the Lions backfield, but he hasnt taken Bush completely out. Bush has the potential to vulture TDs which is an unnecessary risk. Jennings is a solid play and hopefully you can get TDs from the Giants when you're playing another team strong mainly in the run with Foster
  4. Yeah Im trying pick up Knile too, but mainly because I have Charles... be prepared for Kniles to potentially be a nonfactor when Charles returns
  5. I didn't start Marshall and started Kelvin Benjamin instead....
  6. No, which sucks because I had Jamaal Charles and Ryan Mathews as my RBs...... screw FF. But, Julian Edelman had a good game, so I don't feel too bad.
  7. Lol I just pulled it off. He was hurting at WR, and had some good RB depth so he didnt have too much of a choice
  8. By your team do you just mean your QB? They're not too bad, and the Giants D should continue being a joke, especially the way Palmer was using Floyd. Id play Palmer and Brady each week based on matchups and wait to see if Locker is worth it.
  9. Here's to hoping the sun comes out soon Lily, so sorry that you had to go through all of this.
  10. Depends on how many bench positions you have and whether you can afford holding onto him or not. If you have few bench positions but you think you can get into the playoffs without one more bench spit, then keep him, because he will definitely pay his dividends at the end.
  11. Don't grab Flacco for Brady lol, did you see him against the Bengals too? And 1 week based pickups are dumb. I'm choosing between Tom Brady and Nick Foles for my own team (went with Foles) btw. But for Palmer and Locker, its also looking pretty good. The only respectable defense between those three would be the Vikings, because Cowboys D is a complete joke, and the Giants crappy defense will only be made worse by the fact that Manning's going to throw interceptions, more time for Giants D, more wearing out, etc. Between Palmer and Locker, Palmer has established himself more as a QB, whereas Locker's questionable on whether or not he'll have a good game. Floyd's a good WR for Palmer, and hopefully Fitzgerald will get back in the WR mix this week. On top of that, Ellington is playing hard and should help Palmer get into the redzone, where hopefully he can get some TDs. Basically, I'd go with Palmer.
  12. Lol thanks Crusher. The vote hasn't happened yet, but I'm pretty sure that they're just gettting the details ironed out for the players to vote on before this week. Players like Welker will probably be immediately put in, whereas Gordon might have some problems, but yeah, definitely worth a grab.
  13. I think/hope I can convince someone to give me Murray for Edelman lol.
  14. If you haven't gotten Josh Gordon yet and he's still on your WW, I would suggest picking him up. The NFLPA has voted on a deal that will raise the bar for marijuana tests which will almost assuredly reverse or shorten his suspension. The reason I say shorten is there might still be a few more games suspended for Gordon because of his DUI. Even then though, once Gordon gets back, he should be a WR1 and definitely worth the pick up.
  15. Lol yeah looking back, I should have picked up RBs earlier. Also I usually get Graham pick 1 but after Charles destroyed my playoff hopes I felt like he was one of the most solid RBs. Week 1 was painful
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