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    I like some stuff
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    AJ F'n Dewey!!!!!! I was so sick over that I could not go to school for 3 days, my parents realized then that I had serious problems
  1. LMFAO!!!! That was really funny Pac! Made me chuckle one last time before I am banned.
  2. LOL, look, another one of rapelover28's screen names.....
  3. Yeah, I know I am getting banned soon, that is OK. I am recounting the facts accurately. I will say it was over a year ago that I was banned, went to another board for a while before getting banned there because a Rex lover said he wished I would die a slow painful death, and I reported it to the mods there, getting me banned. I am kind of like the Rex of Jets message boards, I just have really bad luck, nothing is ever my fault, just a lot of things go against me
  4. At least you could justify it up until the middle of 2012 with Sanchez, they did have some success with him. With Geno there is just no excuse whatsoever. The SD game should have been the absolute end of him.
  5. BWAHAHAHAHA, I got this clown on ignore, and he just cannot stop posting about me, must have really gotten under his skin good. Pretty soon he is going to start making up screen names to quote his posts directed at me so I see them, LMFAO!
  6. OF COURSE!!! This organization is so stupid, its laughable. The time to do this was 3 weeks ago, now this is just idiotic.
  7. Not sure why that really matters, I'm sure I will be banned again soon anyway.
  8. You know, the Idzik and/or Rex supporters acted like such dicks whenever anyone questioned those guys. There were many of us who respectfully questioned the two, and were attacked for it. The Rex lovers are far worse, but the Idzik lovers did the same thing. So watching these two crash and burn is definitely going to yield some, told you so, at a minimum.
  9. I see rapelover28 is still obsessing over me, even though I have him on ignore. get a grip rapelover28, I don't converse with people like you
  10. Yeah, I am being a dick, I am not even going to deny. Other than Shane and dbatesman, every one of them, including you, bashed me and made personal attacks based on my opinions. So yeah, I have a bit of a chip on my shoulder now, now that all you jackasses are being proven you don't know crap, at least not anymore than the rest of us. Sperm banned me for calling him a dick, for accusing me of sleeping with Sanchez, because I dared question Rex, that is the truth. It was a dick move to taunt me like that, than ban me, because he disagreed with my opinion.
  11. In the purest sense of the HC, Herm is a head coach, Rex is not. Herm actually was responsible for the whole team, Rex is not. Herm was a horrible HC, but he was a HC. Rex is a horrible HC, but is a good enough defensive guy to add some value to the team. They both suck, and I don't want either as the HC for the Jets.
  12. Mad props! You have horrible, horrible taste in your HC, but respect for doing this! You are good people
  13. You are most likely right, because Woody is the biggest assclown owner in football outside of the Davis' and we are Raiders East, but if there were any Idzik supporters before that press conference left, there really cannot be any left, that was about as comical as it gets. I would have had more respect for him if he threw Rex under the bus and said the players are there, its up to the coaches to get the most out of them. Instead he beat on his cock with a rusty hammer for 40 minutes and basically said we have had some bad luck and we try real hard.
  14. So funny! I love this, I am enjoying this Monday so much! Best Monday after a Jet loss ever!
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