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  1. Unfortunately this is true, i.e. Greg Hardy. Had all of his charges dropped in court, was on exempt list for the majority of 2014 and then another 4 (appealed from 10) games in 2015. Never quite understood how its possible to suspend someone of something that wasn't proven by a court but hey I guess thats the NFL we are dealing with now.
  2. I agree Geno is incompetent when it comes to reading defenses. But as much as the media and everyone here talk about Fitz's smarts, there's no way you can say that he was able to make multiple reads on a consistent basis through the first four games. Became really apparent watching the offensive breakdowns posted on JN. Cant see them making any changes right now though.
  3. STUD look at the determination to get in the touchdown zone
  4. I think this game is indicative of the confidence Bowles, etc has for Bilal if they are still forcing it to Ivory when its obvious he is not 100%. I thought coming in the season that we had some depth but maybe not.
  5. That coverage by Skrine was perfect. also, Revis is a ball hog.
  6. Despite that play, Demario is still bad. https://www.profootballfocus.com/blog/2015/09/14/cle-nyj-grades-manziel-grades-low-in-opener/ -3.5 pff grade Sunday.
  7. What am I missing? I thought AA contributed a significant amount last year notably against the Pats and the Dirty Birds especially for a 7th rounder. Is he actually fighting for a spot on this team? I thought between Landry and AA we had a decent safety position with Pryor making contributions to come.
  8. Mo Wilk is a special player, with leaders like him and Davis I think this defense can become something special as a unit for years to come. Thanks for the post
  9. The fact that this horrific article has gained so much attention on JN is quite upsetting
  10. Figured, I stopped watching ESPN years ago and don't have access to NFLN most of the time, but pretty starved for any Jets action as the season approaches.
  11. Was any of this coverage of the Jets worth watching? Or is it like ESPNs coverage of us which is always useless.. If so, is there anyway to stream or rewatch? No luck on nflnetwork
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