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  1. You’ll beg for death before the end.
  2. It was meant to symbolize the Jets organization groveling before our sixth championship in abject submission.
  3. Guy gets rid of the football to an open man in like 1.2 seconds and this dude says he wouldn’t have been a pro football player for any team but the Patriots, who apparently operate on some kind of magic (and not masterful quarterback play like my lyin’ eyes tell me), because he has no ability lol Incase you haven’t watched a single football game in 19 years, the Pats win because Tom blows the doors off defenses, and he does that because he’s nasty as playing football.
  4. Tom Brady is playing in his 9th Super Bowl for his 6th ring. One of his losses was on an undefeated season, and he’ll own every meaningful QB record in the books by retirement. How long are some of you guys going to keep the “Tom Brady secretly sucks” LARP going? It’s not doing any favors for your perceived football IQ
  5. The dude won a Super Bowl on a game winning drive his very first year as a starting quarterback and you say he would be out of the league in a few years without Belichick because he has no ability You got jokes. Hope you enjoy #6
  6. Are you one of those football geniuses that thinks “true quarterback talent” is in the legs? How’s that Aaron Rodgers GOAT argument working out? And how incredible is RG3 as the second coming in 2019? Tom Brady’s pocket awareness is legendary, his accuracy in his prime was laser like, his ability to find the open man and make stars out of nobody’s is greatest in NFL history, and his ability to read defenses is GOAT level according to Super Bowl championships, completion %, 3rd down conversions, and TD/INT ratio. Your analysis is laughable.
  7. Do you? Is that the feeling you get when he's confiding everything in you during your monthly fishing trips? I suppose you don't even need to know him as well as you do to piece together the fact that he must want out of the insufferable situation he currently has in New England.
  8. Keep your chin up, though. Even though we crush your dreams twice a year, you haven't been dealt Patriot derangement syndrome the worst in the league. Bronco fans flew too close to the sun and now they're unhinged conspiracy theorists and huge cry babies. They hate us cuz they aint us
  9. Was up reading Superbowl news. Brady is playing in his 8th. Crazy, man. What a ride. We have the best football dynasty ever. It's so much fun. I whistle wherever I go.
  10. New England broke your franchise on Thanksgiving, 2012. We crushed you body and soul. You'll never recover.
  11. It does sound familiar. Losers whining and rationalizing conspiracy theories is getting real, real familiar.
  12. We're going to the Superboooooooooooooooowl! Fist bump, bro.
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