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  1. I am in the 41-50+ category. I expect the pick to be traded. I expect Sam to start while James Morgan is developed.
  2. Ryan Fitzpatrick had a QBR of 88.0 last season. Geno Smith, in the game against Oakland, had a QBR of 87.9. The performances of these Quarterbacks on the field of play last season were essentially equal.
  3. Last season Ryan Fitzpatrick had QBR of 88.0. Geno Smith Played in one game against Oakland. His QBR was 87.9 in that game. The performances of these quarterbacks were essentially equal with the personnel last season.
  4. Offense: QB Geno Smith Defense: NT Deon Simon
  5. TE Hunter Henry For some reason I have been thinking of this as a year for the Jets to draft on offense in the first round. Hunter has been referred to as having the potential to develop to be like Gronkowski.
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