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  1. The Jets were tanking for a Quarterback last season. These stats give an idea of how this team could play if they were not tanking.
  2. The Jets were tanking for a Quarterback in 2020 and Gase did a good job at tanking. They got to draft their Quarterback and improve the offensive line. The wins against the Rams and Browns plus the beginning at New England showed what the 2020 Jets could do if they were not tanking. Douglas was able sell this to Saleh, that The Jets were tanking not a dumpster fire. The results of the 2020 season drafted four players to improve the offense and hire Saleh. The coming seasons will show how effective the 2020 season has been at improving this team.
  3. The Jets were tanking for a quarterback last season. Enough opportunities were given to Herndon to show his value to the team while securing one the top two selections in the draft. His value to the team will be determined this season.
  4. Watson and Mahomes went to teams with good defenses, offensive lines, and skill positions. Teams that were in the playoffs the previous year. The Jets had none of these. Any quarterback taken by the Jets in 2017 would be considered a bust now.
  5. I am in the 41-50+ category. I expect the pick to be traded. I expect Sam to start while James Morgan is developed.
  6. Ryan Fitzpatrick had a QBR of 88.0 last season. Geno Smith, in the game against Oakland, had a QBR of 87.9. The performances of these Quarterbacks on the field of play last season were essentially equal.
  7. Last season Ryan Fitzpatrick had QBR of 88.0. Geno Smith Played in one game against Oakland. His QBR was 87.9 in that game. The performances of these quarterbacks were essentially equal with the personnel last season.
  8. TE Hunter Henry For some reason I have been thinking of this as a year for the Jets to draft on offense in the first round. Hunter has been referred to as having the potential to develop to be like Gronkowski.
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