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  1. We’re supposed to believe that if the Texans hire a guy that “coached” Watson in the pro bowl that he’ll change his entire stance?
  2. Tampa was a QB away from this. And they got Brady.
  3. Neal is basically a cheaper Adams. I saw somewhere the majority of his snaps were in the “box” position. He’s got the same amount of INTs too!
  4. Holy sh!t. It never ceases to amaze me the amount of people that just can’t bring themselves to want good players. If lattimore was on this team, he’s the best CB that’s been here since revis. I’m not passing up on sending a pick to NO for him to settle for Richard Sherman “on the cheap”.
  5. Everyone loves Shenault and in 6 less games he had 200 less yards. Mims is a solid talent that with a real QB, will make plays.
  6. I’ve learned here that some Jets fans love wallowing in the SOJF mentality. They don’t want nice things.
  7. Watson, Mims, Crowder, whatever RB is back there, Herndon. you must not understand the affect of having an elite QB.
  8. yeah. trade for watson, sign thuney and at 23 draft another G. Becton-Thuney-McGovern-Rookie-Fant

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