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  1. Ridley, a year for gambling. Watson, 3-4 games for 21 civil cases of sexual assault. makes sense. as people have said, MLB suspended Trevor Bauer for 2 years (324 games) under the MLB domestic violence policy for 1 case. that case was also dropped.
  2. Cause crypto is really killin it lately…
  3. Part of the reason I was hoping the pick in the 2nd was a safety. Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy with Hall but Joyner is a JAG and Davis isn’t reliable. Don’t see JD making a trade for a safety, so as much as I don’t like it, I’d assume one of them would be the starter. Maybe someone shakes free during TC. LB I’ve heard a lot about the jets interest in a potential cut Deion Jones. Is that a guy that would fill the “tiny LB” role?
  4. Nice! I’d love to not be irrelevant this year! I want to be pissed I have work on Sunday’s and miss games.
  5. was part of the trade
  6. nah - they wouldn't take pick 10 this year, i'm only offering a 2nd rounder now.
  7. breece and bryce hall - going to be super confusing
  8. don't forget about lawson coming back. only reason i wouldn't
  9. i will only believe when they make the playoffs. i guess you can call it cautiously optimistic? idk
  10. what makes you say this? dude is 31 and missed the entire season last year. and who else can you confidently start at safety?
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