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    Watching the Flight Boys on the sideline at Gilette Stadium in the 2010 playoffs
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    AFC Championship game vs PIT in the 2010 playoffs
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  1. every media pundit thought the jets were going to be competitive this season, remember?
  2. Bad teams don’t have trap games. The jets are a bad team. They were 4-7, and were only 2.5 pt favorites against an 0-11 team.
  3. What makes you think “we should beat Miami”? They lost to them earlier in the season and Miami has looked competent (3-2) since the jets giving them their first win. It’s a pick em in my mind.
  4. So the almighty ravens beat the bengals by 6. Running back Lamar Jackson had 19 carries for 152 yds and a TD. He won’t last in the NFL. The second game against the immortal Ryan Finley he had 65 rushing yds and 223 in the air. I’m not a believer yet.
  5. Flip the OL and Sam and you’re correct p
  6. RBs don’t win the MVP often, do they?
  7. one of the worst takes i've seen on this board.
  8. Agree. Would rather draft Ruggs or a WR if Thomas isn’t available
  9. Like I’ve said. Congrats on the 3 game win streak against teams that everyone had said in the beginning of the year the jets should have beaten. They’re gaining my trust back but they need to finish out the season strong. Should be 6-7 going into Baltimore. Still don’t like the Gase hire but now I’ll judge him after the season.

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