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  1. Right - just the last time the team has been to the playoffs when Sanchez was doing jets west, but that doesn’t matter.
  2. unless i'm mistaken, he was diagnosed with spinal stenosis, right? if david wright couldn't play baseball with spinal stenosis, there's ZERO chance Q can play football with it.
  3. Well like everyone says - he’s good when he has his weapons. Cooper was out. He looked very pedestrian without him. We can’t use the argument that he’s good because of his weapons and then defend Sam that he’s bad because he doesn’t have weapons.
  4. 2 key words - darnold and adams. they're killing it getting us hysterical.
  5. are you talking about the one going around supposedly by ESPN? they don't even have darnold in the top 25 and have kyler murray at 3. wtf.
  6. Sam has shown glimpses of being a good quarterback. Until now, he hasn't done much to deserve the idea that he'll make 35M a year. I'm waiting until he shows he's worthy of a big contract before he actually gets it. He too can wait.
  7. everyone keeps pigeon holing him as a safety. and everyone's idea of a safety is the guy in the back that plays the pass. there are 2 safety positions and jamal doesn't play the FS positon. he plays the SS postion. a few years back the "edge" position came out of nowhere and now everyone goes bonkers over it. like i said before, every analyst went NUTS this draft over Isaiah Simmons, a "hybrid" type, LB/SS/Nickel CB that could play everywhere. That's Jamal.
  8. there are lots of verified guys on twitter that have poor takes. don't be fooled.
  9. so then here with the jets, sam darnold's time on a rookie contract has pretty much been wasted, the team's best record so far with sam at the helm has been 7-9. i understand he has 3 years left on his deal, theoretically, but do you think the jets are winning a super bowl in the next 3 years? Wilson, 35M a year Rodgers, 33M a year Cousins, 33M a year Wentz, 30M a year these teams managed to pay their QB and be in the playoff hunt every year, how do they do it?
  10. https://www.newyorkjets.com/news/jamal-adams-named-to-pro-football-focus-top-25-under-25-list
  11. i've heard this argument MANY times, yet when we talk about Darnold all we ever say is, "give him an o-line" or "get him weapons". it what a team is supposed to do. the cowboys haven't had a losing season with Dak as their starter. last year was the worst they were, 8-8 and he had his best season. something else is wrong there, not really Dak.
  12. to everyone saying dalton is as good as dak, relax yourselves. i understand the cowboy hate, but dak had a phenomenal year last year, way better than anything dalton has put up in his career. dak was 30 TD, 11 int for 4902 yds last year, adding 277 on the ground for an addtional 3 TDs. so he put up over 5k yards and 33 total TDs. i'm not saying dak should be getting 40-45M a season, that's insane. the offer the boys gave him for what, 35M a year is reasonable and he shouldn't have declined that.
  13. stats against all DBs since he came into the league. doesn't matter if he doesn't get interceptions, he's still top of the league in literally everything else.

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