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  1. I like Nick Mullens. Knows the system and had shown to be a capable starter when needed. He played well for the 9ers when he was in.
  2. Fields is going to be the starter there. He’s a good qb - much better then dalton. That offense should be good. Don’t forget, they were in the playoffs last year and we’re in the game vs the Saints.
  3. not disputing the corruption part of it - moreso the thought that union costs prohibited 2 NFL teams from building a football stadium that doesn't look like a tin can.
  4. Not this again. The jets won 2 games last year. A 6-7-8 game change is most likely not going to happen. In reality, they probably finish last in the AFCE again - I’ll be happy with 6 win.
  5. I can’t get behind that excuse. There’s unions across America. It’s not exclusive to New Jersey.
  6. The slinky in the swap... an embarrassment. Look at what the Cowboys, raiders, falcons, Vikings all built - and that was only 1 team. 2 teams in LA built one of the nicest stadiums I’ve seen. The jets and giants should have at least put a dome in - the nfl would give them a Super Bowl every other year!
  7. agree. i hope the visor is temporary cause it gives me manziel vibes
  8. i wonder why, after years of wearing #1, he's switching.
  9. those photoshops of Wilson in #2 creep me out. looks too much like Manziel.
  10. new HC trying to get the media on his side! lol
  11. has anyone interviewed any vets to ask that question?
  12. the whole area around there is amazing. i coach lacrosse in chatham, our field is right across from where nick mangold used to live. i believe Gase used to live in chatham, FitzMagic in Chatham, Rex lived in summit and i think nick moved to madison. such a wealthy and great area.
  13. they just built a new hotel right next to it, unaffiliated with the jets i believe. there are many office buildings around the place. there is a residence inn or something similar to it about a half mile down the road.
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