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  1. So you’re still not answering my question
  2. Is it just cause he’s a RB or is there more to the “please no”?
  3. Not sure how anyone can argue that net life doesn’t suck
  4. heymangold

    Plan B

    I’d imagine the draft is plan b. Trading up top 5 to grab one of stroud, young or levis, whoever’s there. if they end up with Richardson I’ll be pissed.
  5. Here’s hoping Carter is there
  6. The only uniform that should stay is the black ones
  7. Wingo doesn’t know sh!t, just like I said days ago. No one knows. I saw florio said the packers could wait til the draft. If so, move on.
  8. Man that was hilarious. Like a modern day George Carlin!
  9. They don’t really / no other team has even been said to have had interest in AR. If they keep pushing then JD could just say, ok never mind, then the packers are stuck with a guy they owe 60M to and they don’t want anymore.
  10. So the depth chart will be Wilson, Lazard, OBJ, Moore, Cobb? Who plays specials? TEs are CJ, Conklin, Ruckert, Lewis RBs are Hall, Carter, Jamaal Williams?
  11. I’ve hated this team since 1986 so it’s nothing new haha
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