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    Watching the Flight Boys on the sideline at Gilette Stadium in the 2010 playoffs
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    AFC Championship game vs PIT in the 2010 playoffs
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  1. really getting tired of defensive linemen being drafted
  2. heymangold

    Don't Sleep On Tevin Coleman

    gase should probably reevaluate this strategy - didn't seem to work out for him too well the past few seasons.
  3. I’m thinking the helmets are gonna be green. The titans switched it up last year, I think the jets will this year. I’d imagine the design would be something similar to what the titans did with their new gear.
  4. Thank goodness he didn’t get hurt in that 2 hand touch game they played today.
  5. it's the jets - of course they have interest in him. i'm torn on the thought of brown because he is such a difference maker. as for mileage - he's only missed 15 games in his whole career - and minus his rookie season he's gone over 1000 yds in all but 1 of them. he's a huge talent - i just don't want to give up a first rounder for him if they do make a move for him.
  6. heymangold

    Tannehill as a Backup?

    pretty sure gase didn't like tannehill.
  7. heymangold

    100 Million Dollars

    who exactly does miami have, that is available, that is talented and we would want?
  8. i'd say it's more nike's fault then the university.
  9. i'm an oregon fan, so bold isn't an issue - that design from instagram isn't bold, it's hideous.
  10. literally would change my favorite team if these were the new uniforms.
  11. heymangold

    Peyton Manning?

    Hoping to god this is sarcasm.
  12. heymangold


    reading that they might explore trading odell. what would it cost us to get him?
  13. idzik also set us up well....
  14. heymangold

    Maccagnan is demonstrably horrible

    if harbaugh is named HC, does he become GM as well?!
  15. I’ll sell my fandom on eBay. Might do it anyway.

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