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  1. the agent works for ZACH. not the other way around. if zach wanted this done, he'd sign and get it done.
  2. i mean my avatar is Zach, so i'm not disparaging him - i was mainly being facetious with my comment about him in my original post. i'm very disappointed that this front office couldn't have gotten this done before the first practice. it's debilitating to have this new regime start off without QB1 - and its equally as harmful for Zach's development to be missing day 1.
  3. yes i know - and other then BYU, who exactly did CC play and defeat?
  4. yeah - who needs practice when you're a rookie QB from BYU that didn't play any legit competition and really only had 1 amazing year in college?
  5. it's money owed to Wilson anyway, no? you're gonna have to pay it, so just pay it!
  6. i can't stand athletes today. they can't get over the hump and then complain they "need more dogs" as Jamal put it - and then they hold out from a contract they signed. maybe if you didn't get so greedy and sign such a HUGE contract your team would be able to bring in better players around you. aaron jones is a top 5 RB and devante adams might be the best WR in football. why can't you win Aaron? all this being said - i'd love to try and bring in Adams. say for seattles 1st and mims? probably would take a little more but i'd explore it.
  7. For what it’s worth, a fan group I’m in allegedly had Elijah’s dad, Sean, in it. He says not to worry, Zach will be done “before” Friday. Take it for what it’s worth.
  8. I’m fine to admit it, josh allen is fkn good. I was wrong on him.
  9. 14M for Maye? Seems a bit much. I was comfortable giving that to Adams. Maye seems like a 10-12M guy, if that.
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