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    Watching the Flight Boys on the sideline at Gilette Stadium in the 2010 playoffs
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    AFC Championship game vs PIT in the 2010 playoffs
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  1. to be honest - the 2019 FA WR class isn't too inspiring. Q and Anderson should be locked up - they're probably the best 2 on the market. Kearse can walk, depending on Pryor's season he shouldn't be too expensive either.
  2. heymangold

    JN 2018 Mock Draft Team Selection

    ooof. i'll take the BOYZ
  3. heymangold

    Jets picking 10th right now: Merged

    but also if not for josh mccown we'd have beaten the dolphins for the 2nd time, pats, falcons and probably the panthers. so either way, F*** josh mccown!
  4. i feel like this isn't the first time this has been said about the jets. indictment on Bowles and staff.
  5. heymangold

    Will MetLife be this bad?

    did you see how empty the stadium was towards the end of last season? that's how it'll be this year. i literally couldn't give my tickets away.
  6. heymangold

    Craig carton arrested by FBI

    Bart Scott is the worst on the radio.
  7. heymangold


    Cookie Monsta?
  8. heymangold

    Report: Jets Shopping Forte

    amazing they wait until the end of camp to try and trade this guy. obviously they will get nothing and then cut him. more mistreatment of vets by this sham of an organization.
  9. for a team in transition and preaching character - this team sure has been in the headlines for negative things a lot this off season. multiple PED suspensions, assault accuastions, poor management decisions. looks like Macc is in over his head again.
  10. heymangold

    will you got to the games?

    no. i actually gave up my season tickets as well.
  11. NAILED IT! Taco at 28 for the Boys!
  12. heymangold

    JetNation Draft Day Final Mock

    i'm most excited to see how closely our JN mock draft is to the real draft.

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