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  1. 9 tackles, a PBU and the pressure to deny the 2 point conversion. I’ll take it. Unlike you’re DE in Leonard Williams that had 1 tackle, no pressures or sacks against a team missing 3 starting OL
  2. Bell has so far in his career shown that he's a special player. You cant discount what he's done in the league. Amazing how Norv Turner has made that offense into a solid one - UDFA QB, old tight end, poor WRs, but our offensive "genius" can't do anything.
  3. Nobody is safe except Sam, Bell, Mosley and Adams IMO. The entire O-line can go, every WR (which Robby should be traded this year) and anyone on defense. Total rebuild.
  4. I’m sure this eagles guy didn’t just start hitting the jets guy. Fans are idiots and start sh*t for no reason. I know if I were there I wouldn’t be talking to anyone being the jets are so god damn bad.
  5. 2-14. Maybe 3-13. anderson = overrated enunwa = overrated entire o-line = overrated the team was severely overrated going into this season. signed a couple big name guys and everyone thought they’d be decent - well the coaching stinks, injuries hit and now everyone needs to understand this is going to be a much larger rebuild. Start trading guys and getting more picks.
  6. I say they beat the skins and the phins 1 time.
  7. Crap teams? The jets are the crap team. Honestly there aren’t games I’m confident this team is winning.
  8. Confused as to why everyone in the post is so down on josh allen. I was too but the guys been pretty good this season. Their offense seems to move the ball - darnold hasn’t shown much and the offense is a total train wreck.
  9. To be honest, and I know it’s unfair to Douglas, but the draft history of this team makes me willing to part with draft picks for proven players. I’d trade picks to bring in all these guys - Diggs, Trent Williams and Ramsey. They improve the team and we don’t have to worry about picking the right guy and developing him. As for Diggs’ situation, I believe he wants out because he isn’t the focal point or as involved in the offense as he wants to be. Run heavy offense and thielen there are the issues. He comes here he’s instantly the best WR and 2nd best player on the offense. He’d get tons of targets and could do well.
  10. My problem wasn’t with last week, it’s been all year. How many god damn screen passes is Gase going to call? Draw plays on 3rd and 8-10, just lack of creativity. The offense has looked totally inept no matter who is at qb. also, you don’t think whoever is the cardinals DC was scheming to take mccaffery out of the game plan?
  11. But the panthers are playing with their UDFA back up QB and could win a game and look competent on offense. What’s wrong with the jets?

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