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    Watching the Flight Boys on the sideline at Gilette Stadium in the 2010 playoffs
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    AFC Championship game vs PIT in the 2010 playoffs
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  1. heymangold

    Cowherd Mock

    Give me a massive trade back package first. If not, give me Bosa, Allen or Williams.
  2. heymangold

    Ty Montgomery to Jets

    well, not entirely true. he was drafted as a WR and only started playing RB when the packers needed him to out of necessity. no number was assigned. everyone seems to be calling him Bell's backup - but this doesn't seem to jive with that entirely.
  3. heymangold

    Ty Montgomery to Jets

    was just looking over the roster - any reason why the jets would list Montgomery as "WR/HB"? i wonder what their plan for his usage is.
  4. heymangold

    Petition to bring back Bilal Powell

    no thanks.
  5. heymangold

    Gronk Retires

    Just announced on his Instagram!
  6. heymangold

    Andre Roberts to Bills

    I can guarantee Meyers isn’t going to be a pro bowler next season. roberts was special for us / don’t know that he can repeat that kind of performance though. gotta imagine it was the coaching. Hopefully Boyer can work his magic
  7. I don’t care cause it’s not my design, but why don’t you like them?
  8. Saw this posted on Twitter - would love this
  9. heymangold

    RB Depth

    Looking at the list and who I’d be interested in: ware, barber, yeldon, collins
  10. heymangold

    The Le'Veon Bell Thread

    And bell is better than all of them
  11. heymangold

    Trade Candidates


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