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  1. With Robby likely moving on and enunwa most likely getting cut due to his injury, WR at 11 isn’t a bad idea. Unless they land Cooper in FA.
  2. Yeah - I’m a Georgia and Oregon fan. I didn’t goto a school with college football so I picked Oregon in 7th grade cause of the uniforms and my college roommate went to Georgia for 2 years.
  3. Gooooooo Georgia bullllllldogs!
  4. Sounds like this is an ongoing issue: https://www.vanityfair.com/news/2017/10/penn-state-fraternity-hazing-death football player from Hunterdon central HS In NJ died due to similar stuff
  5. Did I hear on the national championship broadcast that Brady handled 1st and 2nd down and some other dude handled 3rd down? Maybe I heard it wrong but if that’s the case, is this Brady guy all that amazing?
  6. I don’t have that kind of time, can you do it for me?
  7. guys on radio get fired for tweets like this all the time - how does he still have a job?
  8. and a choke job in the playoffs because he stinks.
  9. How is this impressive? He went up there, spewed a bunch of coach speak terminology and said alright after all his points. press conferences are stupid. Who cares what the new coach has to say?
  10. God forbid the “brass” try and set up a first time head coaches with some solid, experienced coordinators to guide him through coaching in the nfl. the panthers really messed up giving this fraud of a coach the keys to the castle, as well as paying out the nose for him to ruin the franchise.
  11. Friendly debate with a friend in one of my fantasy leagues - is wentz overrated? I think he is - I just can’t get over the fact he’s so injury prone and his team won the super bowl without him. He thinks wentz is a top 5 talent and “can make throws” most guys can’t.
  12. As for Herbert, he would have potentially been the first qb drafted last year, I doubt he’s fallen off too far from the top this year. He had a great season, a team that won the rose bowl and is a 4 yr starter. He’s going to the Chargers in the 1st I bet.
  13. Everyone gonna jump off the Rhule train when my Bulldogs wreck Baylor?

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