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  1. My biggest issue with the defense and JDs draft is taking these college safeties and converting them to LBs. Sure it can improve coverage against TEs but I think the D loses physicality and are too small.
  2. F*** I had ketchup on my hot dog / completely forgot about that giants debacle
  3. I’ve gotta say / MetLife is the WORST for entering and exiting the stadium. It’s around so many major highways, they can’t find a better way to get people in and out ?
  4. was really hoping the line was going to be Becton, AVT, McG, and Moses/Fant on the right side at T and G. guess not.
  5. i guess it is but still, you can't hold it against him that these guys are hurt. Becton was a starter, Davis a projected starter. Perine apparently was having a good preseason and everyone here loves mims. i'm not disagreeing with you though - FA deals, while money wise have been solid, aren't performing on the field - Mcgovern, Fant, Moses, GVR are horrendous, this d-line everyone talks about hasn't been generating a whole lot of pressure, and the LBs are a bunch of converted safeties. we don't have to get into the secondary cause that's just a joke.
  6. in fairness: becton, davis, perine, clark and mann were all hurt. mims was a shock he wasn't active. zuniga is on the PS. only one not here is morgan - which i think we all agree was a terrible pick given where he was taken.
  7. he's obviously got athletic talent. this falls on both coaches and Mims. they need more weapons for zach - coaches should be getting him on the field for set plays/routes and mims needs to be learning the playbook - if that's what the problem is.
  8. i'm so tired of everyone whining about booing. these guys are PROFESSIONALS. they've been dealing with fans their entire life. if they don't like it, don't play the sport. don't be the QB of the new york jets. if you can't handle it, then you can't play the position. also, jets fans haven't been in the stadium since 10/22/19. we watched them go 2-14 last year, arguably the worst season in franchise history. apologies if we're upset that the "savior" of a QB threw 4 TERRIBLE interceptions.
  9. I thought to myself today, sitting in my over priced seats - I don’t remember the last time I went to MetLife and saw the Jets win.
  10. The Falcons might not be any good but who is stopping Ridley and Pitts? denver is gonna smoke the Jets - these little LBs won’t be able to stop Gordon and Williams, and teddy gonna shred with Sutton and co.
  11. One of my main concerns was the lack of LBs on this team / having safeties convert to LB and expecting them to be effective was a huge mistake. It was obvious on that Harris TD run when he was bouncing off these guys.
  12. The offense isn’t creative. Everything is east/west, nothing north/south. All run plays are to the sides, nothing up the middle. No slant routes, no in routes. Mims should be out there because all the WRs are the same - small and quick. Berrios, Moore, Crowder, Smith - they’re all the same guy. Need a big guy out there.
  13. Mims should be active Sunday. too many of the same type of receivers - Crowder, Berrios, Smith, Moore. Need bigger bodies.
  14. Fant was horrific at RT week 1. He's going to be horrific at LT. still amazed they started him over Moses.
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