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  1. Was just going to say that. Also, seems like they were in a private room.
  2. i'm at work so i can't watch, but why? wtf does manning have to do with ANYTHING? it's takes like this as a reason to why he got canned from ESPN.
  3. do it. i'm pretty much opposed to trading FOR people this year but he's a guy that could be a real asset for this team in attracting a good HC. i'd offer the 2nd rounder.
  4. do you really think, after have no offseason, no OTAs, no real practice, that Mims is going to matter in this game? and yes, perriman did play in that game. an injured Darnold, Becton, Crowder, Ficken. this isn't going to be close.
  5. Same team 5 weeks ago that should have lost by more. Bills are on a 2 game skid and aren’t going to lose to the Jets.
  6. To be honest it doesn’t really make sense to fire him. Yeah, we’ll all get our pound of flesh here but what else does it accomplish? I don’t want that clown Williams being the coach of this team - if anything he should be canned before Gase. Fire AG mid season we risk the “rush” like the Falcons and Texans did and will actually win a game. The damage to Sam is already done. If the first pick lands with the Jets, they’re taking Lawrence. Sam wasn’t JDs pick, he’ll move on.
  7. If you wanna call it a parting shot - good. Any criticism or shot this team is given is well deserved. They’re terrible in almost every facet.
  8. Being that cousins deal is all guaranteed, I don’t see them as a player for a QB
  9. I believe it was the episode from Monday morning but being the Jets are so dysfunctional, is it hard to believe that CJ would fire him, on say, a Wednesday?
  10. Connor Hughes reported that his guys inside the jets weren’t even giving him a solid answer that Gase would be the HC against the bills for this week on his podcast earlier this week.
  11. Also, goto the tweet and zoom in in his arm between his jersey. It says NFL MEMES. It’s 100% a fake.

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