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  1. The list of players that have played so much better when they’re free from Gase is staggering.
  2. No idea how anyone could look at the rosters of teams, how pathetic the jets have been and not think this is the worst team in football.
  3. Eh for some reason I feel like the jets are gonna have some spunk in them for this - still gonna lose. 27-21 colts.
  4. Tankathon doesn’t take into account how bad the rosters are. The Jets roster is worse then all the teams ahead of them, plus they probably have a harder schedule, meaning less wins. No shot those teams go winless - I can’t see the jets going winless either but 2-3 wins is a possibility.
  5. there aren't many teams worse then this jet team. top 3 seems like a lock to me.
  6. to be honest there isn't a guaranteed win on the schedule. the team is trash. i could potentially see them stealing 1 from miami but to be honest that's it.
  7. I was too - I just don’t remember this many people on my side back then haha @Jetsfan80 knows how supportive I was of Adams, also knows I’m glad he’s gone now!
  8. Where were all you Adams supporters before the trade? also, cam ran him over for a TD in the first half, glorious to watch.
  9. So now quinnen is gonna be Peyton Manning level?
  10. When you’re the 3rd pick in the draft, you’re supposed to be a superstar right away.
  11. The 49ers had WAY more impactful starters out and proceeded to thoroughly throttle our butts.
  12. Dude throws a bubble screen, down 24 on a 3rd and 10 and now he’s blaming the defense? Unbelievable. I don’t know what it’ll take for CJ to see this guy is a dunce.
  13. They’re the literal worst team in the league. They managed to score 1 touchdown against a team missing 4 top end starters. They won’t be winning more than 2-3 games tops.
  14. If they hire a new coach that doesn’t suck I’m sure it’ll change. But with the string off sh!t coaches we’ve had here, are we confident thats even possible?
  15. He wasn’t. They lost Rhule because they wouldn’t let him pick his staff and then a bad owner took a phone call from Peyton Manning vouching for Gase, so he gave Gase the job
  16. i'm not forcing my son to like the jets. i only told him he can't like the giants and patriots. i'm trying to find a way out of liking this team so maybe he'll help me.
  17. you think Gore can handle 20-25 carries? i don't. if he does then he'll be spent by week 10. serviceable is a higher standard then what we have on this roster. berrios is a step below serviceable.
  18. Gore, Hogan, Berrios. I bet 3 randos from this board could cover that offense. Not to mention god knows who at ILB and CB2.
  19. this is because tickets are so cheap that opposing teams fans are the majority in attendance. i gave up my PSLs a few years back because i couldn't even give my tickets away the team is so bad. anytime i went i was always sitting next to opposing team fans anyway.
  20. i'd kill for a QB performance of 19/31, 259 yds and 2 TDs.
  21. i'm confused. if you're not a jets fan why are you posting on this board? your argument is that the rams aren't mediocre. sure, they've had 3 good years. but before that they were a disaster. the jets had almost 2 times as many wins as the rams did in that 13 year stretch i cited. i get it, it's all what have you done for me lately. the jets ownership is failing this team by consistently hiring poor coaches and general managers.

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