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  1. Lamar’s been disrespected his whole career - won an MVP. The jets would probably be 11-0 right now if he was the QB.
  2. wasn't berrios a literal pro bowler for returner last year?
  3. Moore just doesn't play anymore eh? I don't know that i've seen him out there yet.
  4. the jets would have beaten the patriots both times this year with mac jones at QB.
  5. I gave up on him after the denver game. He’s awful. So many yards left on the field. So many missed throws. Too reckless. Swallow it now and get rid of him. Jimmy G 2023. It even rhymes.
  6. The corpse of Joe Flacco and the I’ve never started in the NFL Mike White have shown that THEY could succeed and be productive with the same exact rosters that Zach Wilson has had. It’s time to just admit a mistake and move on.
  7. I think BT and Tiki both said they think White or Flacco would start. I might be mixing up my shows from today - all the same talk and I’m not feeling too good haha
  8. classic whataboutism. zach wilson couldn't fck his way out of a wet paper bag. the dude stinks. after the offense he "led" gain 2 yards in the second half, it's amazing to think that you're still defending him.
  9. If it’s Zach, hopefully it’s on an extremely short leash. If it’s anyone but zach, it can’t be flacco. Would just be uninspiring to watch.
  10. Wtf do the giants winning have to do with the jets benching Zach?
  11. Is fields gonna play? Wasn’t he carted off with a shoulder injury?
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