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  1. If I could pick I would hope it was Tom Brady on a blitz!
  2. I agree with that it is only the first preseason game. Sometimes that happens. Even good solid players can have a bad or non existent first pre season game. I was basing my comment on what I thought were positives & negatives from the game.
  3. Hey guys and gals, long time Jet fan but I am a new jack here. Looks like a great cast of fans. It is very early but the positives for me were that we did not turn the ball over. Which was very nice to see for a change. Both QB's did some positive things, although Geno has to show he can get this team in the end zone more consistently. I did like to see both QB's take off and run when plays broke down. Thought milliner played well in his time. Although he dropped a sure int. The other was that we won of coarse. The negatives? D Patterson looked horrible. Did not look like a veteran at all. The O- line was a bit shaky at times. Especially the 2nd team. We did not seem to run the ball well. Stephan Hill totally disappeared again! Which is not good for him . Was kind of hoping he would show something by now. All in all I am still most concerned about the secondary. Hopefully Pryor adds something on the back and...... At least the intimidation factor?