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  1. I too say pass on the human glass man and look at Tyrod Taylor or Glennon.Two stop gap qb's and possibly more and look towards the 2018 draft for a young stud and also . see what we have in Hack during the preseason.
  2. Just saw some NFL jocks saying they think Romo could be a Jet next season? Discuss........
  3. NOWAYYYYYYYYYYYYY Fire Bowles now!!!!!! No more one more year talk. They haven't played with any balls all season!
  4. Still liked what I saw. They didn't quit when they most surely could have early in the game. They still won even when allowing a 200 yard rusher. Petty threw some nice balls and if he had better time, probably could have completed even more. jf
  5. I Really liked the Jets white facemasks. What did you all think? jf
  6. I would have liked to keep Amaro one more season but Mr. Glass Milliner.........Gone!
  7. Thank you for the updates. jf
  8. Can someone tell me how long does it take a QB to be ready to step in and play in the NFL? Does it really take three years? Will Hack be ready in one? This will be Geno's third year and by all accounts he's not ready as evident by his past play. So Petty will need another year at least of sitting, practicing, and learning? Really seems like a long time to learn the freaking playbook and defenses, no?
  9. I gotta say I knew Fitzy would sign and I thought it would be sooner than later. Great news! But I have to ask.........How freaking long does it take a QB to prepare to play in the NFL? Petty has to sit for two years and then he still may not be ready? Hack sits for a year and hopefully is then ready which to me seems more like the appropriate time frame, yes, no?
  10. I would still like to see Geno work with this upgraded unit versus the unit of two years ago not to mention the coaching staff we had then versus now! I'm not ready to throw in the towel just yet. jff
  11. Pretty much with what I watched all along with PSU. Could read defenses and make adjustments at the line. Something Geno could/can never do! Hack has the potentials to be a really good QB
  12. I'd say it's a good bet if Fitz signs, then Geno is a goner!
  13. I actually like the first three picks. A fast end to end LB, a QB with potential, and a solid positional LB'er Now lets sign Fitz!
  14. Gave it a B as I believe after a year or so he will be the guy!!! I have to believe it! I just have to. jf
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