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  1. On 9/25/2022 at 4:57 PM, Prodigal Syndicate said:

    Joe Douglas free agent signings in general have been absolutely atrocious since the day he took over.


    ehhh absolutely atrocious is a little hard especially since most of his signings are low amount of years at lower costs. His misses don't hamstring us like the Trumaine contract, etc. After only 3 games recovering from an Achilles injury were writing off Carl Lawson... JD can't predict injuries. 

    JD also had some good signings as well. Morgan Moses, DJ Reed, George Fant to name a few.

  2. On 9/12/2022 at 11:01 PM, kevinc855 said:

    the ravens were playing without their starting RBs and a third string LT. Every team has injuries. No more injury excuse for the Jets

    That game is completely different if Zack is at QB instead of Flacco. Flacco moving around with Cinderblocks on his feet in the pocket. At least Zack would have some escapability to break off a 30 yard run etc.  

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  3. 3 minutes ago, T0mShane said:

    The hesitation you would have is Saleh is running a scheme and installing a program that marginalizes a lot of the players that are already here. If he wants a faster MLB, he should bench Mosely. If he has no use for guys like Mims and Becton, they should have traded them instead of driving their value into the ground. I get the whole idea of seeding your culture and letting it grow, but it feels like Saleh thinks he has a lot of time and an open checkbook to get it done. He can’t just coach the players he wants to coach because he thinks he has five years to flip the roster. 

    “no use for becton”??? Who said he has no use for him? The guy got hurt.

    What would you be trading Mims for? If all they were offered was a 6th round pick what’s the point? He was a 2nd round pick  two years ago.


    The Jets are better off seeing if you can get these to perform better and then trading/keeping them. The team needs to keep the young talent under manageable contracts not trade them at discounts. 

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  4. On 11/18/2021 at 10:34 AM, Pac said:

    JD has been a disaster and no..  he hasn't drafted anyone as good as Jamal yet.  Not sure how this can even be disputed.

    Let's hope some of these guys work out because the last couple years are worse than anything I've ever seen in 35 years of jet fandom.

    This is a ridiculous take. You guys have to have patience you want to fire a guy after the first two drafts in his career and where we see a significant improvement in his selections from his first draft to his second draft. Everyone was pumped for Douglas when we hired him and after one draft where you can actually identify the outcome of the players' careers (too early to tell this recent draft class) we want him fired. And we all know Douglas was stuck with the worst coach in possibly NFL history in his first year. 


    This is why the Jets are the "Same Ole Jets"; give regimes two years to turn around a bad team, and if they do they are depleted of assets and salary cap with an aging roster to have immediate success and fall back to square one after 2 seasons of success, or we just fire them after 2 seasons and rinse repeat. Let some continuity happen. Let the Jets try something they haven't done in a while and that's let a GM finish what he started. Or I'll see you in 3 years when we call for the head of whoever replaces Douglas. 

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  5. We knew this defense was going to be bad going into the season. Between linebackers, corners, and safety we have/had two players that would start on other teams. Moseley and Maye. They just played a lot better than expected those first few games because the pass rush was there. Now that we’re exposed to not be able to cover short quick throws we’re back to where we were expected to be before the season started. 

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  6. 8 minutes ago, varjet said:

    If I was a GM I would be careful about trading players who signed with you as a FA, unless they agreed or requested it.  

    I think that is a good way to discourage FAs from signing with you.

    Who cares about draft picks. 

    What players did he sign then trade away? 

  7. 5 hours ago, Green Ghost said:

    I think the only people getting ahead of themselves are those who are saying Zach would look better than Jones if they traded teams.… Then on the other hand they’re dismissing the Pats as a bottom feeder team who can only beat others like the Jets and Texans. 

    They can’t have it both ways.

    Why can’t they? You don’t think Zach would benefit from going from a rookie coaching staff to a skilled veteran coaching staff? The big thing that people talk about here is Zach not having an experienced coaching staff/Qb on the squad. Mac has both those things. You put Zach on the Patriots I think he’d be performing better. You even said yourself “Belichick and McDaniels are putting on a clinic on how to develop a qb”. Zach Wilson is way more talented than Mac Jones and there’s no debating that. 

    Now do I think Saleh and LaFleur are going to get better as a coaching staff and do I want to see them grow, 100%. I don’t believe they deserve to be fired this was expected and if you didn’t expect it you’re not thinking in reality. 

  8. On 10/26/2021 at 11:34 PM, Green Ghost said:

    Belichek and MsDaniel are putting on a clinic in how to develop a QB. Again.

    I agree with Eisen. The Pats are doing it exactly how they did with Brady. Slow and steady. Right now Jets fans are making fun, calling him a dink and dunker. Watch as he becomes more and more comfortable… and they open the offense up more and more.

    Meanwhile, Zach can’t complete those dink and dunk passes we make fun of Mac for throwing. He is out there doing what he did at BYU. Running around, throwing up prayers downfield playing hero ball. Except now the defenders are bigger and faster, and there aren’t any heroes coming down with those balls.

    7 weeks in, Wilson looks lost, and now he’s hurt. This is going great. 🙄


    The Patriots only beat the Jets and the Texans Otherwise they’re 0-4. They’ve scored 16, 13, 17, and 29 in those losses. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. 

  9. 5 minutes ago, OilfieldJet said:

    I don’t disagree, BUT, adding a first time, zero experience OC and starting a QB like Zach, huge mistakes. 

    Agreed but he also hired Greg Knapp who was supposed to be Zach's mentor and even an experienced OC that LaFleur can use. I mean there is somethings you just cant plan for. It's unfortunate and it happened. Saleh tried to fill the role with Matt Cavanaugh but I don't believe it's working with him. Cavanaugh was the QB Coach for the Jets in 2009 with Sanchez during his rookie season. 

  10. 17 hours ago, Shelbyblue said:

    I truly believe some owners care less if their teams win. After hearing Woody Johnson’s constant praises of bad coaching, regime after regime I believe it doesn’t matter to him. The fanatics will always come, buy gear and tickets get media attention because bad attention is well…..attention. Every year I have to put away the Jets gear and root for my 1a. There is a reason the Jets don’t pay for a real coach and give them what they want. Belichek knew the Johnson’s didn’t hate losing like Hess did so he bounced. Bad football is big business and we fools eat it up.

    "There is a reason Jets don't pay for a real coach..." all the fans were clamoring for Saleh and after 6 games he should now be fired. There was a fan hiding in the bushes outside one jets drive waiting for Saleh' every movement. Let the man learn the job. Is Kliff Kingsbury considered a real coach? His first year he was 5-10-1. Lets see what happens. 

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  11. Everyone here wants to fire everyone again....Who we hiring? Go through the same cycle in two years? Let's just keep doing this and be miserable. What's Einstein's definition of insanity? Something like doing the same thing over and over expecting different results? 

    How about instead of firing the entire staff every 2-3 years we try having some consistency between GM and Coaching staff and let them grow into their roles? Everyone saying we preach patience with previous coaches and gms and qbs but the team has never tried patience. 

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  12. 6 hours ago, kevinc855 said:

    That’s one reliable starter. Becton will be out all season (just wait for the Saleh announcement in a few weeks) and mann is a very average punter. It’s also silly to waste a pick on a punter. So one guy he got. One, that’s Idzik type bad 

    Becton was playing at an all pro level last season as a rookie so to completely just write him off as a hit because of some injuries in his second season is crazy. Also you can’t right off Mims yet either in my opinion all these guys are only 5 games into their second season. Who in your opinion is the best GM in the league?

    People here talk about the Cardinals GM (Keim) as a guy who knows what he’s doing if JD had the same draft in 2018 as Keim did you guys would fire him. You guys are just insufferable there is not one GM who hits on every single pick he makes. I guarantee the hit rate is a lot less than 40% in draft picks for GMs. Let the man work he’s had 2 and half seasons. 

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  13. JDs good outweighs his bad as far as signings and trades. If the worst things he did was sign Ryan Kalil to a one year deal that never really affected the future of this team, not sign Robby Anderson who looked good last year but this season is meh, and didn't sign a veteran qb this year like bryan hoyer (who was only signing with the patriots anyway), then I would like to keep JD and see this rebuild through.

    Remember in his first year as GM with the little offseason he had, he signed JFM and Braxton Berrios, two huge contributors this season. In his first draft, sure he had some misses, every GM does, but he also is responsible for drafting Becton, Bryce Hall, and Braden Mann, with the jury still out on Mims. With only 6 games played I am not going to talk about the 2021 draft class/FA Signings until the season is over but there is no solid reason to fire Joe Douglas at this point.

    Also you have to remember that JD works with his coaching staffs to bring in players he views as fitting their schemes. What Saleh's scheme calls for is completely different than what Gase was running.

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  14. 21 hours ago, kmnj said:

    joe's team last year was the second worst in the league-joes team this year will be near or at the bottom again-Joe is what is record says he is-GM of one of the worst teams in football and the team has not shown improvement as indicated by the games lost and the lack of competitive plan on the field.

    Joe will be here for two more years at a minimum -as I said before, his best accomplishment is convincing some fans he needs years for his master plan to work when by now Parecells was in the AFC championship and he was handed a 1 win team. The Joe fan boys will ignore that reality and make all kinds of excuses why Parcells could do something that Joe cant even come remotely close to accomplishing.



    The goal isn't to have a team with one year of success. Bill Parcells went 9-7 then 12-4 then 8-8. Finishing 3rd 1st and 4th in the division respectively. Didn't know we were looking for Mediocrity could've kept Rex Ryan. 

  15. On 10/17/2021 at 5:25 PM, SAR I said:

    Add up all the players Joe Douglas brought to Florham Park.  Now, choose the ones that look like they would start on any other NFL team.

    ÷ 38 = 3%

    SAR I

    Mekhi Becton, Bryce Hall, Braden Mann, Carl Lawson, John Franklin Myers, GVR, George Fant, Corey Davis, Morgan Moses, AVT......Looks like a lot more than "1". 

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  16. We've been ripping apart the Jets for their 1-4 start, and we're here talking about the Cardinals in Kliff & Kyler's third season. The Cardinals went 5-10-1 in their first year, 8-8 in their second year and now are 6-0....thats why I have been preaching patience here let Saleh & Wilson work through their rookie seasons, learn the landscape of being a HC and a NFL QB. 

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