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  1. LOL this forum is funny. The chat went from "The Rebuild Isn't Working" to "We Have Ourselves A QB" within a week. Can we not live on extreme ends of the spectrum from week to week and just watch a young team and organization develop? 

    Hey a win is a win but there is also a lot of room for improvement. Lets pump the breaks and not "hinge" the season on any one game or "guarantee" wins and just watch the progress of the team. A competitive 5-win season this year is a success in my eyes for this roster. 

  2. 32 minutes ago, Irish Jet said:

    By this logic we should have kept Mac and Gase.

    Incompetence has to be held accountable. Those winning teams have continuity because they win, not the other way round. 

    Macc and Gase were not working together. The Johnsons hired Gase because of the wonder ou Peyton Manning. 

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  3. Do you know what the winning teams have…Continuity with Front office, Coaching Staff, and the players. Jets fans have about one season of patience and then want to fire everybody. Let these guys do their thing instead of constantly doing the same crap every three years. We finally appear to have a GM and Coach working together, and they selected their qb let’s see it play out. 

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  4. 38 minutes ago, kevinc855 said:

    Zachs bad game has nothing to do with BB.

    He just made bad throws and choices 

    He’s played 8 quarters of football you guys have to relax….and yes numbers don’t lie Bill Belichick schemes well against rookies, look at the TD to Int ratio. 

  5. Also you guys are freaking out about Jets after they played Bill Belichick who knows how to make rookie QBs uncomfortable...


    "Belichick improved his record against rookie passers to 22-6 via the Patriots' victory over the Jets. Belichick's defenses have now allowed just 9.5 points per game in their last six games against rookie quarterbacks. His opponents in those contests include Wilson, Tua Tagovailoa, Justin Herbert, Daniel Jones, Sam Darnold and Josh Allen. All were top-10 selections.

    The Patriots have also allowed just 20 TD passes to rookie QBs under Belichick. They have recorded a whopping 41 interceptions during that time."

  6. On 9/20/2021 at 8:19 AM, kmnj said:

    yep that is why I posted the question -folks want u to wait though the standard 3-4 years when some of his guys are not on the team and others are not eve playing-imagine drafting a high pick wr and year 2 he can't get ahead of berrios on the depth chart

    He can't get ahead of Berrios on the depth chart because they play different positions. Mims is not a slot receiver he plays outside. Berrios is a slot receiver. 


    You guys have to relax. yes JDs 2020 draft is not looking good, his first draft as a GM. His second draft is looking much better. We need a longer rebuild because of the disaster Mac left us with. The defense that is "void" of talent allowed 25 points in a game where there were 4 turnovers. We have a rookie QB that is only eight quarters into his career and lost his qb coach midway through the offseason. Lets give him some time to develop chemistry and learn the speed of the NFL. 

  7. Macc had no options but to spend money and build a team to win now because of the pressures the fans put on the organization. It didn't work but lets see how he rebuilds the roster for longer term success...we cant keep going through GM and HC tandems because that makes you the Browns. Let's give Macc one other Head Coach to see what he does. Technically Macc Hired Bowles but it was under the recommendation of the people who hired him. Jets fans need to develop patience. 

  8. 1 hour ago, JiF said:

    Yeah but he had already won a Super Bowl, no?  haha

    I wasnt knocking him for it (well the groping part is disturbing) I was just mentioning how it was ironic he was using that example but that doesnt change the fact he's a terrible Football player.  If I was a GM, the only call his agent would get would to be to let him know I'm not interested, at all.


    Oh okay I thought you were knocking him for underage drinking... Haha other than that I think he can do as well as Fitzpatrick did last year with the Jets

  9. 2 hours ago, JiF said:

    Its funny you use this example since Georgia kicked him off their team for groping a bunch of girls in a local college bar, underage, with a fake ID.

    He's a statue who's not very good at Football so I dont really see a reason to claim him.



    I would say 95% of college kids go to bars with a fake ID or drink underage...also look at Peyton Manning at Tennessee laying his package on some trainer's face or whatever it was he did. these stories come out about a lot of college football players. Mettenberger was on the sh*tty titans who never had an offensive line when he was there, and 0 Receiving threats. I'd give him a shot to compete with Geno.

  10. Jets are wasting all their focus on Revis as other free agents go off the board typical Jets so when revis signs with another team, there will be nobody left to sign. Every offseason were just going to look at all our cap space and get excited for nothing.

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    C'mon now, for the first time in possibly longer than a decade we have a receiver that draws a double team. We have to spend money this year anyway or i believe we get hit with some sort of penalty. Mikey Mac is making good moves with the hand he was dealt....lets give him a few years and see what he does. 

  12. I dont get why people are hating this move and then the same people say keep harvin....Harvin is more of a head case and less of a talented receiver than marshall is...how can you hate this move the guy scored 3 tds in a game on basically one leg hes a stud. He will draw the double team that will open up decker and kerley. for a fifth round pick...he's better than any receiver available in the draft. 

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  13. Lolz

    If the eagles trade up, they're going to move up to a spot where they can cut in front of a team needing a qb.. So before the jets. Why would they wait? And trading to 6 doesn't make much sense given the bears, giants, falcons and Vikings are the next 4 picks.


    they arent going to trade with the redskins and it would be cheaper to trade to 6th pick than 2nd-4th.

  14. Making the trade with the eagles makes the most sense even if its this and next years first picks, one second round pick, and foles we can be in good shape...if foles is terrible we don't have to extend his contract we have a good pick again next year and a second 1st round pick where if mariota is a total bust we have two top 1st round picks. If foles is good and is a Flacco-esque qb which I think he could be, we have a consistent a little above average qb and still two first round picks. and with this years 20th pick we could solve or defensive back issue or ol issue by taking BPA at those positions. It just makes so much sense to make a deal with the eagles.


    If we sign a qb before the draft we lose our leverage with the eagles for a qb that's worse than foles...

  15. I hope they dont even waste the money. I dont see the need for a veteran on the roster that has been in the league for as long as McCown yet has just broken the 2,000 passing yard mark in 2014. 


    We've seen this movie play out a few times already and it produces nothing. Either they are way past their prime (Brunell), their body no longer responds and actually can't play (Garrard) or they are considered veterans based on their time in the league, but not based on having a history of success in the league (McCown). 


    I'd prefer to have some hungary young guys at QB and let the older coaches coach them if thats the case. If im going to go the "cagey veteran" route then that veteran should have a history worth respecting, otherwise what the hell is he here for because you obviously wouldnt want him to touch the field. 

    Great points.

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