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  1. Also I think foles would be the best qb that we have a chance to get..signing mccown now we probably will lose that option.
  2. I never put geno at the top of the depth chart...But I did say there should be an open competition between Geno and whoever we bring in for that top spot...The FA qbs out there put up similar numbers to Geno actually geno has put up better numbers this past season than McCown and Hoyer surprisingly but its very close.
  3. Hope Mariota Falls to us make the trade with the Eagles and hope that Foles brings in avg but consistent qb numbers which I think he could.
  4. I'd rather enter next season with Geno and Mariota/Foles fighting for the starting job with the risk being we get stuck with Hundley/Petty than have 35 year old McCown competing for the job.
  5. I'll be willing to bet the under on the bills as the roster currently stands.
  6. Jets will sign him for some crazy long term deal and he'll tear his acl in the preseason collect all the money and we'll have a topic on here called Same Old Jets....
  7. I mean if this trade can happen I'm all for it but I don't think we get both second rounders, which even if we get this year/next 1st rounders a second for this year or next year and nick foles ill be happy...we can patch up two holes (take a corner maybe the guy from LSU his name escapes me) in the roster with one pick which would be awesome
  8. The jets will find a franchise quarterback in this draft.
  9. If we take an rb in 7th round im okay with it id rather not worry about drafting a rb this year because we have so many more positions that need a lot more help than at rb...I mean I wouldn't hate picking up Ray Rice if he ends up going on discount because of his "situation"
  10. Who cares any receiver would have scored on that play tharold simon just played piss poor defense...Seahawks have no one to blame but them selves...If LT. Dan was my running back I'd still run the ball three times...
  11. They way he kept using the term about the "value of having the sixth pick" made it seem like he wants to move back in the draft...which I am all for! if Mariota is there call Chip Kelly and take everything. just like rams did with RG3
  12. Why is this here? Rex isn't part of the team anymore...Let's move on the Jets are on to bigger and better things (hopefully)...
  13. Hope Mikey Mac has Chip Kelly on speed dial if Mariota is available lets try and rob the eagles blind.
  14. Maccagnan is going to be a little more expensive than "IDZIK" to fly on a banner attached to a plane. haha all jokes aside I really hope this works out..
  15. whoever gives him the most money is where revis will land....can't fault him for it.
  16. Who is an upgrade that we can sign? Hoyer certainly isn't and he's probably the best FA QB that will be available...
  17. You guys really want Ndamukong Suh on the team? He's a headcase.
  18. Who are we getting in this offseason that's definitively better? I wouldn't say Hoyer is much of an upgrade...Geno does have experience with the WRs you don't cut him this year, there's no reason. you have him compete with one of these mediocre vets we can sign and whoever wins, wins. Draft a later round qb and hope for the best that's all that will happen in this offseason.
  19. Quarterback isn't going to be solved this offseason unless we get lucky with a late round qb. I don't see an answer though.
  20. Trade out of the 6th pick to a team that wants Winston if he's still available. I don't think Cooper is getting passed the raiders.
  21. I would draft Amari Cooper sign Sam Bradford and take a chance on a qb in the later rounds.
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