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  1. The jets front office being smart not stupid are not ruling anyone out.  McCown is on the list of possibilities and I see nothing wrong with that.  Two years ago he had 13 tds and 1 int with chicago and about 66% comp rating.  Tampa just happens to have one of the worst oline around.  There should be no way in the world they come into next year with Geno at the top of the depth chart.


    I never put geno at the top of the depth chart...But I did say there should be an open competition between Geno and whoever we bring in for that top spot...The FA qbs out there put up similar numbers to Geno actually geno has put up better numbers this past season than McCown and Hoyer surprisingly but its very close.

  2. I mean if this trade can happen I'm all for it but I don't think we get both second rounders, which even if we get this year/next 1st rounders a second for this year or next year and nick foles ill be happy...we can patch up two holes (take a corner maybe the guy from LSU his name escapes me) in the roster with one pick which would be awesome

  3. They way he kept using the term about the "value of having the sixth pick" made it seem like he wants to move back in the draft...which I am all for! if Mariota is there call Chip Kelly and take everything. just like rams did with RG3

  4. Only thing I hate is losing.  Geno Smith guarantees that, he is without question amongst the least talented, worst performing QB's in the NFL.


    We can do better, plain and simple.


    Who are we getting in this offseason that's definitively better?

    I wouldn't say Hoyer is much of an upgrade...Geno does have experience with the WRs you don't cut him this year, there's no reason. you have him compete with one of these mediocre vets we can sign and whoever wins, wins. Draft a later round qb and hope for the best that's all that will happen in this offseason.

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