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  1. I would draft Amari Cooper sign Sam Bradford and take a chance on a qb in the later rounds.
  2. If Harvin wants to get cut instead of restructure his contract let him walk...
  3. Not that he's the answer but why not give simms a call up and send Geno to practice squad and see what we have?
  4. So hopefully Woody Johnson isn't as incompetent as he seems and clears house a minute after week 17 game...If/When this happens who we looking to fill the spots?
  5. Anyone in the Area want to set up a bar spot to be a routine get together bar for the regular season Jets Games?
  6. This will be my second year in a row heading up to Buffalo last year I got very lucky with the weather. Hopefully this year will be the same. Parking there is a lot different because the stadium is in a residential area. They have a parking lot but homeowners there also rent out their driveways. No glass bottles in the parking lot the mountees patrolling the lot will tell you to get rid of them so just a heads up. Other than that a lot of fun trash talk between bills and jets fans plus I got to witness a guy slide down the railing on the upper deck and fall down to the lower deck (no serious injuries except the drunk losing his job).
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