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  1. Back when the game was played by MEN

    hit the scotch a little hard eh? lol
  2. Goodell on thin ice (finally)

    Just like every other scum sucking political lawyer
  3. Mike Westhoff back in the NFL

    I hope you get your ring sir
  4. The NFL has a big problem

    LOL Bro,,,, WHAT??? Who are you kidding?! Biggest pussy to ever perform in any kind of "sports exhibition" There are figure skaters tougher than that pussy punk would not have lasted past his first contract back in the day, that statement is straight delusional lol
  5. The NFL has a big problem

    it is now a pussy "game" and I'm not gonna watch it. I don't give the slightest fvck to watch their dancing with the stars bullshlt
  6. The NFL has a big problem

    The NFL is rigged by the corporate execs and executed by the crooked arse refs. Period. I have watched a total of almost one game this year... The Cheats game, where the refs clearly blatantly rigged it in front of our very eyes. I have not watched a moment this year before and I will no longer watch any at all until I am watching clips of Brady get clobbered. They are the Barry Bonds and are pure frauds. Period. I am also very happy I watched on a stream and denied them their advertising they wanted to brainwash me with. I hope they fail TBH. I'm not a fan of pro wrestling and I'm not a fan of this garbage. And I am not alone, make no mistake about it. It is cheating and rigged games... and now political propaganda. PERIOD.
  7. Goodell on thin ice (finally)

    Belicheat gonna be the new commish
  8. Brady doesn’t practice

    No, he's not. Not even close. I suppose Barry Bonds is the GOAT too. How bout Lance Armstrong
  9. Brady doesn’t practice

    this and what does he even need to practice?! He's been running the same shlt for 17 years He's gonna play... Jets will not touch him... His O-line will get away with holding all day and jets will lose a "close" game
  10. Cheating makes Belicheat and Brady both look better than they are. So do the refs that have held their hands up n down the field for the past 17 years
  11. We better effing lose every game

    sad and true
  12. Asking to use the bathroom more than once a day? WTF??? I suppose they expect to eat too, in a 12 hour shift. Ungrateful bastards! They need professional re-education camps!
  13. LOL... nothing but excuses since that BS contract