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  1. It's fishooked isnt it I knew he was bein sneaky
  2. short for California. out on the West coast
  3. Oh I see you make a habit out of this... LMAO WHAT A BABY!!! HAHAHAAHA
  4. It cannot be stated how glad I am we did not pick that spoiled loser bltchboy Rosen I may like him even less than Tebow and he will suck probably even worse
  5. Especially the "feelings" of psycho/sociopaths ppl better beware!
  6. But... FEELINGS!! That's all that matters in this world... Feelings. Like the home invader coming to murder your family, who's feelings are more important than the lives of any innocents. I need to start cashing in on some of these feelings things
  7. It was shut down. Petty was actually moving the ball when Bowles called into Morton and told him no more passing. Was making ol Joshie look bad. not suggesting Petty is very good... he's not. But he WAS moving the ball up until that point where Bowles instructed his OC to quit. BEFORE HALFTIME.
  9. Yeah let TEDDY play. Oh wait. Only I believe Sam would have made the correct call. Which is infuriating. I'm more pissed now than I was watching that joke of a game. Called it to the T in the 1st q. Pathetic
  10. I noticed the same thing. Guarantee he saw the read and KNEW he could get a TD. BOWLES WILL NOT LET HIM PLAY Sickening.
  11. What a beast that man was. Got his face broken by Eric Smith and plays like the next week. IIRC I don't even think he dropped the ball respect
  12. Yeah and another thing. I am sick of these losers just bending over and taking this shlt all the time! From the refs to THIS BS!!! There should have been a fvcking protest from the organization and the players association. LOSRS
  13. This insulting BS is SQUARELY on Bowles. This bastard is the worst coach we may have ever had. Conservative is an understatement. Absolute downgrade from Rex and that is completely pathetic. Not even worth watching another game til this fraud is gone. Which PISSES ME OFF TO NO END bc I wanna watch Sam progress. But that is impossible because this pussy of a "coach" refuses to let the QB play no matter who it is. We all better pray Darnold has the resolve ppl touted because this scumbag will destroy the kid's psyche if he's allowed to remain and keep him handcuffed. I'm not sure I've ever been so disgusted in this "team" in my life. This ashsole should have been FIRED IMMEDIATELY following the game last year where he quit and told Morton to stop passing bc Bryce Fukcing Petty was moving the ball too well making his beloved McCown look foolish. But Nooooo... This fcking LOSER gets to make Morton the escape goat and SOME FCKING HOW IS PERMITTED TO FIRE HIM FIRE THIS BASTARD NOW DAMMIT
  14. and a "defense" full of 1st round picks that is the most overrated unit of anything I have ever seen. These guys SUCK and cannot make a stop when it counts. EVER. IT NEVER FAILS THEY WILL FAIL
  15. I was done last year, when the only game I watched, they gave up BEFORE HALFTIME and Morton was so disgusted about it he spilled the beans that this loser instructed him to quit. I like the kid but these morons WILL ruin him if given the chance. The drafting on down has been a complete joke and embarassment
  16. Not with THIS staff and GM!!! no chance in hell
  17. This BS is on MAC, "Play Calling" (what a joke) and coaching. you will never win with some of the worst management in the entire league. The Johnsons are not football ppl they are hypercorporate big pharma bottom line ashsoles who have no business being involved in anything if they plan on owning a winning team. All they care about is the bottom line. Oh and the PR dept is an embarassment all around Ppl have been hammering for O line for almost s decade. This is BS and certainly is not Sam Darnold fault. Cant make chicken salad with chicken shlt
  18. Him and Mac need to go. These people are simply NOT winners
  19. This "game" will be played by the refs. plain and simple
  20. I'm gonna have to switch to black n white if they do. I HATE those ugly ridiculous things
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