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  1. He'll NEVER be tested again. Just like the fraud Brady who lives on HGH and roidboy Gronk was excellent watching them cry yesterday lol
  2. I hope a bird sh*ts on him and he's forced to buy a new suit
  3. I don't see the Jets spending any kind of $$ on big names like AJ Green... or Leveon Bell They are also gonna have to sign Robby and Q iirc
  4. Who on earth would be mad about this result?! lol The Jets have sucked arse and been a clown show for decades. Now have 1st franchise QB since Namath. I do not expect the D to continue that level of total dominance but if they do.... the Pasts* org may end up profiting off that 19-0 trademark after all. LOL Lets see what that trip to Chicago looks like before I get too excited.
  5. Kinda like Gronk's iron cladded AIDS arm
  6. Why do you ppl want to curse him with a meaningless and unearned nickname?! like goofy ass 'Sanchize' and that COMPLETELY LAME 'Sons Of Anarchy' ( I'll be it fitting tho, as the DL and show both had SHlTTY endings!) bad idea. IMO Let the nickname come to him. Sam Norris.
  7. I hope one of his (many) rape victims comes forward and this scumbag is shown justice, FINALLY.
  8. I think both would be good. But we got best case scenario. I was VERY afraid and bummed that we were gonna get Rosen... I REALLY did not want that spoiled brat soft hands punk
  9. not sure that's the best method for drafting, but...
  10. Bro.... half tho "official" shlt I read has all KINDS of tipo's and things galore! But this one was a but hard to read, no question! LOL How do these ppl get paid to do this?! I need to get a job as an editor for a bunch of these ppl, for REAL.
  11. LOL!!! DUDE.... You REALLY have an unhealthy obsession with pubis bush. guys too?! LOL
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