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  1. So... Is this fool planning to let Darnold get crushed or something?!
  2. I know someone who died from one out of nowhere. Also, how scumbaggy are the Pats? wow
  3. He still thinks the draft is at Metlife Giants Stadium.
  4. Same thing they say about EVERY USC bust QB who doesn't know how to hold onto the ball because "Young!! Just need a little more experience!!!" GTFO
  5. I hope so. That dude is Sanchez Jr you watch and see ... but without the repeat afccgs
  6. whats this got to do with the draft?!
  7. And if we take Rosen we will be VERY sorry, as I expect him to be the worst, and the most short lived of them all.
  8. Which makes me think we will be getting one of the 2 Joshes so he can continue this tradition of absolute sucky QBs
  9. I fully expect that exact scenario to happen. Just like we passed on Teddy after the failed "Tankin 4 Teddy" campaing...
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